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    10.5.16 - fun dreams!

    by , 05-10-2016 at 11:09 AM (586 Views)
    I was in the gym hall, with 2 friends playing a not normal game, you had to kick an ice hockey against the wall and hit it again. My friend was teaching someone else to play and he didn't know what to do, he did not even put any effort into it so we started to get on his back. I notice he starts to pick up the page a little bit more and each time he gets closer to the goal. He eventually hit the target. I acted as a goal keeper, didn't even know they where was one but then was asked if I wanted to be one so I said yes, sure. It was quite scary because the ice hockey was hard, they kept missing me, I was glad! Until one person shows up and had a go, as he hits it, I see the speed off it and move away, although he didn't hit me it felt as though he did.

    I'm in this big computer suit with lots of people I know from waking life. I see my old best mate Ben, and there are presents on the table, I thought I would give some to Ellis so I do, trying to look for something useful to give him, I see watches and phones and all other stuff. I begin to mess around and give him random stuff, like a pink children's phone. I go over to his desk and ask if I can have a packet of the sweets in the black and white box, he said yes. We suddenly got into a bit argument so I walked away, I notice how it is liverpool vs Manchester United and I feel this was me vs Ellis, he got his ass whopped all over the place.

    I was sitting next to this girl, we was planning on having sex but she took her time, she finally took her clothes off and gave me a condom, I put it on, she Ben over so I could stick it ln her, but she quickly moved to a position that I really hated so I refused to have sex with her. She just sat there then while I was just masturbating.

    I met a women, she invited me back to her house because I was lonely and hungry and she agreed, as we head back to hers she sits on the couch and I ask if I could get a drink, she says yes so I do. As I'm getting a drink in the kitchen,I take so long, I don't know why I start to wonder whether she thinks I'm up to something or not, so I start to get paranoid. Eventually I go back in and sit down, I'm hungry and ask her for food but she says she's hardly got any left! I see a friend from waking life in the house now, her name ia Emma, we are in the kitchen making drinks and seeing what's left off the salad and jacket patato. She mentions something and says something along the lines on lucid dreams, I tell her that "I love lucid dreams" and also to the other women in the room. I disappear and I'm in some basement, a famous actor is there covered in blood, I know he's an actor but why? I ignore it now and I hear shouting "you dirty stupid whore".

    It started out how we just ended up at this location, we where playing hide and seek in some big location, I didn't really think about who the seeker was. We just run run and run, my friend lewy and his girlfriend are the main characters aswell because she's is pregnant. It was very intense, making sure we don't make a sound, making sure we where well hidden. This was the case, where was in some room, ig had to sets of tiny stairs which led up to a small landing them another set off stairs which lead to 2 little corners so we hid there. I move and I notice how we are in the theatre, this theatre is from a game, call ot duty : black ops zombies, kino der toten. I see the sky and it's all dark but beautiful. I remember how the girl wanted the fridge so I take her. There are 2, and I go for the one on my left and was questioned by it, I said I don't know, I always go this way. There is a coffin, I imagine how if when we was in the fridge and a zombie popped out. We couldn't even get to it, there was a car, a d it drove towards us stopped so I ran and jumped on the floor and went prone. I don't know why but either way I would of got caught, so I look at the main enterance and see the number 7 and think 7 zones so I just run as fast as I can, but it's taking forever, the closer I'm getting the further more I have to run, like a continuous cycle. I'm back in the room with everyone, hiding because we now so that someone is here watching us, a keep and eye out id anyone id coming, there are different shades of glass so I move along until I find a clear shade so I can see the main entrance and see if anyone is coming in. No one, but then yes I hear the car again so I run back to where I was to go the stairs as they walk through the door, but no one was seen. Although I couldn't see him, I listened out for foot steps ot breathing or anything, nothing and was wondering which way he would come up.
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