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    1. Sandy Landing

      by , 08-13-2012 at 12:15 AM
      I was on a mission, to what? I will never know.. I was running barefoot over sandy grounds, and through a maze of fences, when a bell rang. I can't remember much after this.
      Then I realize I'm on my back porch, and I see a duck, but my porch table is on the way so I can't see much. The duck took off, and as it did it turned into a vulture/ostrich with four legs.
      In the next dream, I was riding on the side of a white truck, like you would with a bike that has pegs on it. I rode down my street and saw a guy checking his mail, then I rode back up the street, and ended up taking off into the sky. I realized I was falling to the ground as I was holding a towel, then I shot back up and fell to the ground like a feather. I hit the sandy ground and blacked out. Then I heard people asking if I'm okay, and I told them I was fine. They seemed frustrated about my landing on the beach.
      Next thing I know I'm in a room with a friend of mine and I'm watching him play a game, then he turns around, and I call him a nigger (I'm not racist at all, I only use that name towards my friends who understand me.) Suddenly he turns into a black guy, and I wake up from my dream.
      non-lucid , memorable