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    Back in school, and driving a new car!

    by , 07-08-2012 at 01:08 PM (613 Views)
    I've been trying Vitamin B-6, it works very well.

    So I was driving my normal car, and had stopped to put some stuff in it for my friend and I to go on a trip, all of the sudden I find myself closing up the car and going down the road, but I feel like I forgot something. So I pull into a driveway, there are other cars passing on the road behind me, I open my trunk (by this time my car had changed to look different.) and everything looked fine, so I closed it, and in the house who's driveway I was parked in, I heard two people talking about me. So I turned the car around then pulled out of the driveway and went back the way I came, finding myself pulling into a school. I was greeted by my fellow classmates as I drove by, then I proceeded to park and get out of the car. I greeted them, said a few kind words, then realized I forgot my iPod at home. The next thing I know, I'm in a classroom. The teacher is going around taking notes from people to make sure they're taking notes during class, I told her I don't remember having to do so. She told me to start reading and taking notes, so I start flipping through the pages and I remember it being about planet earth, but in the pictures everything looked hexagonal. It was all so colorful, quite vivid.
    After this part of my dream, I woke up and recalled the dream to attempt to remember it the next time I woke up, I fell back asleep and had a short dream.
    I had a dream I was in tree houses high above a forest floor, and to get from house to house you had to jump. Well I noticed that instead of jumping, I just stepped from one place to the other, and the boards felt so loose beneath my steps, that I thought I was going to fall. After this I woke up again and recalled these vivid dreams.

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