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    Underwater Caves

    by , 06-08-2010 at 09:27 PM (1169 Views)
    I find myself at some sort of resort with a group of people that I have never seen before.
    I jump off of a tower-like thing into a small pond, which leads into a cave filled with sunlight. Weird. I see a friend floating in front of me with his scuba mask drifting beside him.
    --Later again--
    I'm back with the group. Apparently they're fighting over Gameboy games. I punch the games and wake up.

    That was just freaky.

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    Tags: not lucid


    1. Indeed's Avatar
      I have decided to make this in Minecraft. Wish me luck.
    2. saltyseedog's Avatar
      hey my brother plays that game and he wanted me to ask you for the ip of your server or something