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      02-14-2024, 12:29 PM
      Thought I was going to a McDonald's that was in some old trailor house. Floor was really bouncy in spots. One spot is so bouncy I did a flip and...
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      01-26-2024, 03:39 PM
      Xanous created a blog entry Suck it up in Xanous' Dream Journal
      I had a short random lucid dream like 20-40min after falling asleep at the beginning of the night. I havent been practicing and I suspect I have a...
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      Hey, thanks a lot, Wurlman! I really appreciate that! It's great to hear that you had a good time listening to it.

      I'd definitely love to do more. Hit us up if you think of a question you'd like answered!
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      Yeah man that sounds great!
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      Oh man sorry. It will pass. Stay strong! I used to smoke and it gets easier every day. It's been about a year and a half and now the smell of it makes me sick.

      Yeah I usually sleep about 4 - 5 hours then stay up for about 30 min. I'm WBTB right now! I like to use a variation of LaBerges Twin Bodies Technique. You got EWOLD right? I skip the relaxation stuff and just focus on my physical body... mostly back of neck, face and chest. I have to have a certain amount of wakefulness or I fail. Also, I find that the more simple I keep it be easier it is. WILD is not complicated it just takes practice and patience.
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      Wurlman! Life is good. I'm glad you are back man! How are you?
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      Oh well had to ask. LOL. And yeah there is a halloweenify you or someone elses avatar thread I was having way too much fun with.
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      Does the name Arthur mean anything to you? I had a dream with you in it. LOL.
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      Glad to hear it man!
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      I had my first real WILD and the dream was epic!
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      lol yeah wakes up every 2 or 3 hrs makes it hard to dream.
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    I'm 23 and a union carpenter I believe dreams are the future to a lot of things. And I also believe that it has something to do with the afterlife as well. My opinions are always changing I'm not bold headed about anything I think I can live a happy life through dreaming!
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    Drums and dreaming
    Union carp.
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    AFTERNOON NAP "no breaks"

    by Wurlman on 09-07-2013 at 06:59 PM
    i was outside with my girl and as she was chatting up with friend I started to wander around our property and take notice to the tree. I seen in one tree there was a hanging flower pot I thought that was a good idea but as I "zoomed out a bit" I realized that the tree was half man made structure out of wood to hold even more flower pots. I wanted to tell my girl about this new find but when I started noticing were I was at it was not on my property at all, "this must b my neighbors" I thought but my home was no were around me. I started to walk very confused as to how this happened. I was now in my girls car driving b there was no breaks and a red light coming up quick i turned so not to go through the intersection I ran into a bounce blow up thing in the middle of the road..... I thought to myself this has to be a dream but I will do a RC when I get this car under control..... Then another thought why get this car under control when I know its a dream I'm laying hear sleeping with my boy on my chest. I get to excited and go to the void. I lay there still with my heart racing I calm myself and focus on the first thing that comes to mind it was a computer screen sideways I zoomed in ...... Not caring to much for this and wanting to tell xanous about my lucid I wake myself out of it and start texting :-)

    My first wild

    by Wurlman on 06-15-2013 at 06:40 PM
    Every time I started to feel the vibes I fought the urge to swallow the more I fought it the stronger the vibes got but then it was as if my body couldent resist and I would swallow without thinking about it. This took away all progress so I layed there paciently and this repeated 3 time then finally out of no were I was zooming down a road in "just my body" in the same position I was sitting on the chair in I instantly started to controls the speeds I when faster faster then slower after that I started to lose controls of the dream..... I awoke but layed there and went into another dream then backed out of that dream scene and layed there........ Then it was as if I was being electrocuted but no pain the vibs were intense and it was like someone was slowly turning up the volume on a radio and it felt as if I was going to slip off the chair I couldent relax I was to excited to feel this new feeling so I got up to text my buddy about what happen :-)

    Almost lucid run and hide

    by Wurlman on 06-15-2012 at 06:34 PM
    I was in the passenger seat with a good friend And we stopped he pointed out a man in between to cops and said that arse hole right there is taking me to court for "whatever reason" I had a 22' pointed it at the guy and riped a shot right through his head. I brought the gun and used my arm to press it up against the door to hold it. The cops just looked at me my friend said put that away in the back seat I said I got this. I may have pressed a little hard with my elbo I poped the gun up and the sherif seen it and said put that away I said something smart arsed and he said to step out of the vehicle. I looked at my friend he floored it and drove about 100 feet or so and I said pull over I don't want u getting introuble for what I did he Tryed to argue but I insisted. Just as I jumped out there was a cop on my tail I jumped on his car and smashed my head on his hood oddly his car had a huge dent in it were I hit my head like he had been in a accedent. I ran off towards a bridge the police no longer was chasing me it was a group of kids I hid behind some trees but I was spotted then I jumped off a bridge and held onto the side so that way they thought I jumped they left I got back up. Then we repeated the process again. After the second time I ran down the road toward a lake with a lot of boats in a harbor type of deal but it was borded in. I loved this peacefull area and I thought to myself well if think there going to find me they will because that's how a dream works so I Tryed to make myself believe that they wouldn't find me. Then the driver "girl" showed up were the watery entrance was and we smiled at each other I woke up then from my darn arm falling asleep!!!! Lol wish I could have had some fun but I guess my arm needing blood surculating is more important lol


    by Wurlman on 06-13-2012 at 12:18 PM
    Me and three friends I work with on a crew were packing our clothes into bags and totes I was trying to hurry because we all knew the zombies were coming. My friends dident seem fazed by anything they were taking there sweet time even after hearing the howling zombie dogs in the distance. Once it was loaded I sat in the passage seat and we headed to we're my family was staying. Not were I normally reside it was were I grew up in lp. As we left I started pointing out the grewsome seanary. There was a rabbit with its head blown off and it's brain residuals splattered acrossed the tree. Dead cats with there heads smashed in. I said to my friend now do u belief me? No response came from him. When we pulled into my home town he pointed up at a rat on a power line holding a gun lol and then there was a cat on the ground. For some reason my feet were now dangling out of the vehicle and this fat orange cat kept trying to bite my feet hissing and making loud noises. On its therd jump I kicked it in its face and realized I was dreaming but being scared I woke myself up out of this dream. Next time I'll try and relax but it was to late I was fully aware.

    Stab himself in the face

    by Wurlman on 06-13-2012 at 02:11 AM
    I was walking down a road and as I turned down a street to my left I was nearly cut off my a couple of motorcycles I got a little to close to them and my hand grazed the back of the last rider. They pulled into there home and as I walked by they removed there helmets and started shouting "why u grabbin at me fagit I'll beat ur ass" I started to run thinking my motorcycle was just around the corner. As they chased me I came apon a scooter I knew was mine but I turned to face the men becouse I dident want to try and get away on a stupid scooter after being called a fag lol. So I turned to them and prepared for a fight one had a pitch fork knife and the other a knife that had a few bends in it. The next cut seen one of the men was on the ground and I watched him literally pull the knife back and then thrust it very hard into his face I was appalled by this visual and turned to his friend we just glanced at each other and looked back at the man. He then said "I did this for u" in my mind he stabbed himself to make it looked like I did it!!!! Wtf