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    #1 Interloper.

    by , 03-16-2015 at 01:53 AM (591 Views)
    After sending goodnight message to my friend i put telephone under the pillow and was falling asleep. I had a strange feeling, was so relaxed, when suddently i noticed that i couldn't move. And i realized that i was about to experiance sleep paralysis (I knew what it is from young age, it was happening to me all the time).

    I remember the noise. Loud, unpleasant buzzing sound that was causing disturbance. Vibrating. Struggle to move was strengthening senses. I felt like someone opened the window. I couldn't turn around and look at it because i was unable to move, but i think even if i could - i wouldnt. I felt cold wind, and i heard that someone (It sounded like it was a person) climbed through the window and slowly came to my bed. I heard the steps. Breathing. I felt like my bed sligtly rises as interloper lays behind me. So close. I could feel how he touches my back. My eyes were open, staring at one point and being completely powerless. Then i sow how that person puts his hand around me as if he wants to hug me. And we were laying like that. For a while.

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    1. yungdeity's Avatar
      ive had this happen multiple times, i hate the feeling of knowing its there but you can't confront it because your stuck,/sleep paralysis. i always get too afraid and wake up.
    2. ivonaSTK's Avatar
      Indeed, that's really really scary... Because you cannot do anything about it O.o But at the same time it's interesting whats going to happen because you realize that thats not real