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    1. #1 Interloper.

      by , 03-16-2015 at 01:53 AM
      After sending goodnight message to my friend i put telephone under the pillow and was falling asleep. I had a strange feeling, was so relaxed, when suddently i noticed that i couldn't move. And i realized that i was about to experiance sleep paralysis (I knew what it is from young age, it was happening to me all the time).

      I remember the noise. Loud, unpleasant buzzing sound that was causing disturbance. Vibrating. Struggle to move was strengthening senses. I felt like someone opened the window. I couldn't turn around and look at it because i was unable to move, but i think even if i could - i wouldnt. I felt cold wind, and i heard that someone (It sounded like it was a person) climbed through the window and slowly came to my bed. I heard the steps. Breathing. I felt like my bed sligtly rises as interloper lays behind me. So close. I could feel how he touches my back. My eyes were open, staring at one point and being completely powerless. Then i sow how that person puts his hand around me as if he wants to hug me. And we were laying like that. For a while.
      The New Girl In The Block-nightmare.jpg