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    Teeth Fragment

    by , 05-22-2012 at 07:59 PM (1427 Views)
    A recurring "subject" of my dreams are teeth. A few days ago, I experienced the next dream fragment in a non-lucid state.

    I stand in some sort of a jail, I think, with another guy. I don't pay any attention to him and move toward a window.
    The window looks out on a river passing right by the buildings' wall. There's a kid across the river. He notices me and throws something towards me.
    I manage to catch the object and inspect it. It's a golden necklace or something like that. There's a row of teeth hanging on it, with jawbone and all, fully made out of gold.
    It looks like a series of teeth as if it were to come from a person that would get multiple teeth renewals.

    As you can see here, a baby's adult teeth are already there, waiting for renewal.

    In the particular case of this dream, there was a line of 4 teeth, attached with bone, though all made out of gold including the bone structure.
    I can't remember doing anything after looking at the teeth.

    I have already dreamed about teeth before. Once I dreamed that my teeth were falling out for no apparent reason. I run to the bathroom (the house looked pretty much the same as my real house as far as I can recall) and watch into the mirror. I see myself as I was expecting, nothing special. I open my mouth and blood slowly pours out. It runs into the drain. Can't remember anything further than that, dream happened a long time ago.

    I notice that these teeth dreams mainly appear when I'm experiencing stress or sadness in the wake life...

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