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    WILD attempt, dream control and exploring

    by , 04-02-2012 at 07:38 PM (560 Views)
    I woke up and went back to bed in an attempt to WILD.

    I had trouble falling back asleep so I got out of bed and reality checked but no luck. I gave up and went back to bed and let my thoughts wonder and fell asleep. When I woke up, these people are around me and I'm in a hospital bed! They said I was better now and I could leave when I wanted to. I thought how long was I asleep? I looked at my clothes and they were rags. I looked like a hermit or poor helpless hobo. I walked out of the room and then I remembered I was going to bed before this and was wondering what was real and what was a dream. I decided to reality check. I looked around and everything was crystal clear, no flaws anywhere. My hands were fine. Signs didn't change when I looked away and looked again.

    So I looked at a small clock on a reception desk in the hospital and reached out toward it and it started shaking. I stopped and saw two people staring at me, "how did you do that?" I ignored them and started lifting pencil cups, papers and other small things. I then reached for a bench and I couldn't lift it. I then focused on one of the two people and tried to lift them but couldn't. I can't figure out why this is. I reach for the pencil cup again and it floats flawlessly. I give up and run down the hospital hallways and come across a big open basketball court. I practice flying around in it and then leave the hospital.

    I go out of the hospital and into these city streets and fly up above it and observe. I see this massive city and the site is awesome. I then get an idea and fly back down to the ground, get a car, and drive it and try to pull the steering wheel up and it starts flying! I am now flying a car around the city at incredible speeds. I crash land back in the city and go to a theater. There is nothing going on but there is a lot of people there. I find these punk rock college students and they invite me to hang out with them and I decide to go since I was tired of flying anyway.

    We go back to a place that looks like the hospital I was in and we talk about stuff and I show off my telekenesis. Then I found a ball and I started throwing it at some of them and then curving it with my powers and then they caught on and we all started throwing it at each other but when someone threw it at me I would make it stop in front of me and they would get mad at me and we would laugh, reminded me of that movie Chronicle .
    Woke up shortly after.
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    1. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Nice! I think I now wanna fly a car or something in my dream and invite DCs on the adventure to see how they react! xD
    2. joshdamighty's Avatar
      I notice that the more telekenesis I use the more people follow me lol
      The beginning was weird for me because the explenation of why I couldn't remember how I got their was believable, an accident caused me to forget. Glad I didn't fall for it.
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