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    To Evolve; My First Character?

    by , 11-20-2015 at 06:29 PM (562 Views)
    Last dream from my Awoken Dream Journal today

    What's interesting about this particular one was me stumbling across a post here about having recurring dream characters and how he/she made them. I instantly wanted to do this for two reasons: to help with lucidity, and to have a companion alongside my adventures whenever I start becoming lucid in most of my dreams. So I wrote vivid details down on what I want the character to look like. I remember before going to sleep, I meditated for 30 minutes and started thinking of the character I wish to start seeing often. So normal routine, sleep, wake up in middle of the night and head back to sleep, and this is what happen, straight out of the awoken dream journal.

    First Dream: A odd dream that started with these girls trying to evolve to better versions of themselves. It mostly took place in my house. Can't really remember much else, just toward the end of me and my mom getting cheesecakes, and this girl messed up so me and Squall had to fix it. A lot of people were mad at her, But I helped to make things right.

    Woke up at this point, drunk water, and went back to sleep.

    Second dream: A dream of meeting this girl named Aelita Power. She was a red orange haired girl who looked like a 3DCG anime character, but in real life. I walked up to her and she gave me a calm smile. She seemed to had been reading a book whilist sitting on a rock. We were in a very thick forest with large trees as far as I can see. She introduced herself keeping a nice smile and I did the same. I soon noticed her sword on her back and asked about it.

    "I am a human, demon hybrid, it's essential for me to have it."

    That reply kind of surprised me at first, but she then said to sit next to her and not to be afraid. So I did. She kept reading and I took her all in. Even though she looked like a CGI anime character, she looked stunning and realistic. Her skin looked pale but very soft, Her eyes were black as coal but seemed to have fit her. Her hoodie was white with black digital camo vinyl, like a military painting. Jet black paints and white, orange shoes like low top converses. She also had a white scarf that wrapped around her neck blowing south along with the wind. it covered her mouth which looked cute for some reason. I noticed her hands had Theta symbols that were Cyan in color and a red amulet that appeared to look important. She closed the book and sat it on her lap.

    "you like it?" holding the amulet.

    I didn't think she noticed.

    "It used to be my mother's, but she gave it to me on her birthday."

    She didn't seemed to be bothered by my presence so at least she is social, she looks like a fierce girl but seems soft spoken and really nice. Her voice kind of reminded me of Ruby Rose from RWBY. The more I looked, the more she seemed to look like Ruby, just a different appearance. We seemed to talk about many different things such as philosophy and just different subjects in general. it seemed like hours.

    "Hey, would you mind if I kept seeing you?"

    I couldn't think when she said that, but I just looked at her warm smile, and I became warm inside. soon afterwards I woke up. (HOW THE HELL DID I NOT BECOME LUCID..*sigh* oh well)


    So, this dream was very very Vivid, unlike the first, so I was able to remember a lot of details, some eluded me of course. But this dream was eye-opening because she looked exactly like what I wrote down in my notebook (besides looking like Ruby, but I'm fine with that). It was a wonderful experience even though we just talked. and her last response seemed to just hit home.

    This dream happened on Nov. 7 so it was a while back. so far I only caught a glimpse of her once in a short dream, but nothing yet. But for a DC to say that she wants to see me again kind of shocked way more than it should because I didn't really write personalities for her or anything, just a visual concept, but she seemed to think and had a great personality, almost like a independent being. So it was nice to see that and anxious to see her again.

    Well that's my interesting dream. Non-Lucid, which I have no idea I wasn't Lucid but great nonetheless

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