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    Night 12

    by , 09-14-2023 at 06:29 AM (126 Views)
    I was really hoping to have "one of those" lucids this comp, kind of thing that would get me like 50-100 points, but I guess not this time.

    Dream 1: I was back at my old school, doing normal stuff when I was having an argument with a classmate over scrambled eggs or something like that. We started fighting about it and then I made fun of everyone before walking out.

    Dream 2: Todd Howard invented the same machine Michael Raduga did which was able to record dreams. Except this one was able to convert dreams to digital media and the other way around. Kinda like the Brain to Data Machine from ATNRPG. Anyways I was messing with it and it was fun. Actually talked to Raduga in this VRChat like world, but I never got lucid unfortunately.

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