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    Days 7-10

    by , 09-11-2023 at 09:30 PM (106 Views)
    Went somewhere this weekend so I haven't posted in a bit

    Dream 1: I was packing to go to St. Louis, was pissed at my roommate for triggering my condition so I went to speedrun SCP Containment Breach to enjoy myself. I got to this weird town that looked nothing like St. Louis where people made fun of me for no reason, so I go to some house where I see this black and white cat that could talk and was really manipulative. Telling us to do stuff in his worship. I refused and he threatened to kill me. I negotiate, when my own cat comes in and they start fighting. I go out and plant some trees and everything's cool. I'm working out when the cat turns into this plant demon that strangled me with vines. I found a gun and tried shooting it but my aim's horrible. Found a wrench instead that I whacked it with and jumped off a balcony before waking up.

    Dream 2: The zombie apocalypse happened but it wasnít that bad. We just killed zombies for fun. No threat. I killed like 200. Then I was programming and I decided to join gus fringís gang. I did bad stuff, and it ended with me on a rooftop cornered by a swat team. I was dead no matter what, but I stole the grenade from a guy's pocket and ran out in front of everyone. Made it back to my house in 2014 where I lived in the basement. Going down, I saw some kid living there and woke up.

    Dream 3: I watched the Mario Movie 2. It was good, but I have no recall of the occurances. I remember being inspired by the ending so I met up with this drug dealer looking guy that was growing plants in these wooden boxes. Touching them made me experience another plane of existence or something, and I was messing with them until I woke up.

    Dream 4: I was in the femur breaker room from SCP Containment Breach, playing Starfield on the Steam Deck. Got to some cool point in the main story but woke up.

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