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      by , 09-15-2023 at 05:18 PM
      Dream 1: Like a normal dream in September, I was on Vecterra (Starfield Moon). There was a story being passed around about how I helped a kid go from nothing to a badass soldier god with a minigun and stuff. It was all well, before I saw Koschei as a background character. She's from the PR and I know this so I get lucid immediately. I tell her "Koschei, I've missed you so much. You have no clue how much I've missed you.." before she says "I have no clue who you are". I think that it might be cause we're not really in a PR world yet, and this is Koschei just playing out another role. I tell her "You are Koschei the Immortal. An Explorer of the Voidway, you fight off Satan's Cult with me and Nairu. Ring any bells??" before she claims that she's "retired". I grab her by the shoulders, look her in the eyes and say "You are Koschei, from the Voidway PR." as a sort-of mantra. Then the light in her eyes change and she remembers. "Welcome back Frank." she says. I say "Thank you so much... I've got a plan! Nairu's still in Earth A, right?". "Definitely. Back at my place". So I close my eyes and open them back in Koschei's lodge. Nairu is there, I can hear her but she's invisible for some reason. I give her a hug and tell her I missed her as well, and that I found where the panacea is to cure her cancer. It gets a bit weak so I try grounding, but wake up anyways.

      Dream 2: I was recommending a number of old games to everyone and it generally lead to a complete revival of them. For example I raised awareness on DASE 2 for its modding capabilities and it got on an SCP Illustrated video. I actually managed to get my dad into undertale just because of mettaton. Even though he tried the game and hated it before. It was surreal. I discovered something groundbreaking that I canít recall before waking up.
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    2. Day 13

      by , 09-15-2023 at 03:22 AM
      Funny, thought after I ordered high end noise cancelling earplugs I wouldn't be irritated in my late sleep anymore.

      1 dream: I was basically just going through the starfield campaign again. Joined UC Vanguard but didn't like it. Remember killing some people before waking up.
    3. Night 12

      by , 09-14-2023 at 06:29 AM
      I was really hoping to have "one of those" lucids this comp, kind of thing that would get me like 50-100 points, but I guess not this time.

      Dream 1: I was back at my old school, doing normal stuff when I was having an argument with a classmate over scrambled eggs or something like that. We started fighting about it and then I made fun of everyone before walking out.

      Dream 2: Todd Howard invented the same machine Michael Raduga did which was able to record dreams. Except this one was able to convert dreams to digital media and the other way around. Kinda like the Brain to Data Machine from ATNRPG. Anyways I was messing with it and it was fun. Actually talked to Raduga in this VRChat like world, but I never got lucid unfortunately.
    4. Night 11

      by , 09-13-2023 at 03:06 AM
      This one was cool kinda

      New walking dead season came out, but it was god awful. Michonne becomes really bad for some reason and I am in the movie so we shoot at eachother. I kill her, and then we find out that the whole apocalypse is a simulation run by Dale, with thousands of scenarios. Apparently finding him destroyed the whole universe so we time traveled and found him again but brought everyone with to just enjoy normal life. Then I wrote some notepad thing about how terrible the walking dead series was lol
    5. Days 7-10

      by , 09-11-2023 at 09:30 PM
      Went somewhere this weekend so I haven't posted in a bit

      Dream 1: I was packing to go to St. Louis, was pissed at my roommate for triggering my condition so I went to speedrun SCP Containment Breach to enjoy myself. I got to this weird town that looked nothing like St. Louis where people made fun of me for no reason, so I go to some house where I see this black and white cat that could talk and was really manipulative. Telling us to do stuff in his worship. I refused and he threatened to kill me. I negotiate, when my own cat comes in and they start fighting. I go out and plant some trees and everything's cool. I'm working out when the cat turns into this plant demon that strangled me with vines. I found a gun and tried shooting it but my aim's horrible. Found a wrench instead that I whacked it with and jumped off a balcony before waking up.

      Dream 2: The zombie apocalypse happened but it wasnít that bad. We just killed zombies for fun. No threat. I killed like 200. Then I was programming and I decided to join gus fringís gang. I did bad stuff, and it ended with me on a rooftop cornered by a swat team. I was dead no matter what, but I stole the grenade from a guy's pocket and ran out in front of everyone. Made it back to my house in 2014 where I lived in the basement. Going down, I saw some kid living there and woke up.

      Dream 3: I watched the Mario Movie 2. It was good, but I have no recall of the occurances. I remember being inspired by the ending so I met up with this drug dealer looking guy that was growing plants in these wooden boxes. Touching them made me experience another plane of existence or something, and I was messing with them until I woke up.

      Dream 4: I was in the femur breaker room from SCP Containment Breach, playing Starfield on the Steam Deck. Got to some cool point in the main story but woke up.
    6. Days 5 and 6:

      by , 09-08-2023 at 05:44 AM
      At the time of writing my sleep/misophonia earplugs arrived so hopefully I have more sanity to LD more often now lol

      Day 5: A new mmorpg came out. Literally named something like "The world's perfect mmo". Generally fun, like a mix of Starfield and Zenith. I had a problem when I named my character after one of the PR characters however. I got an achievement criticizing me for some reason and the NPCs were more aggressive than usual. Woke up while writing about it.

      Day 6: Was with a friend and we were just having fun. I gathered a list of memes for us to laugh at, but got occupied with Starfield instead. I was in Neon (one of the in-game cities) when a character looked extremely familiar for some reason, despite me never seeing them before. I asked about it and she just said "I moved on." Stopped playing and watched some Mario 3 speedruns.
    7. Day 4

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:32 AM
      The world was in the hands of an insane dictator, and it was near impossible to travel because his military was trying to kill me while driving. He went to me and said that he'd make it up if we negotiated in person. Then sent out a bunch of these "morphed" things which were really bloated strong aggressive people to kill us. Me and a couple friends were fighting against them. One of my friends slashed it's neck with some pliers and it "fell apart" along with all the other ones. We just ended up leaving before waking up.
      memorable , non-lucid
    8. Comp Day 2 and 3

      by , 09-04-2023 at 05:34 PM
      Both mediocre cause I didn't get much sleep recently

      Day 2: For context I had a friend who tried getting into game development but it didn't work out. In this dream he finished a project of his but it was really weird, when characters died they kinda just flew upward and the first half of the game you're looking for a sacred knife in this greenhouse. When I got it I woke up.
      Day 3: I was held captive by this witch lady who had these drone things that were super fast and shot at me. I found a sword but it was really dull and bent a lot so I smacked it into them while running off. Found a DVD of the little mermaid which I threw into the ocean for some reason before waking up lol
    9. Comp Day 1

      by , 09-02-2023 at 03:47 PM
      Great start!

      Dream 1: I had a lucid but it was pretty railed, Was driving somewhere when my car almost goes head on with a truck but I kinda just walk away from it. I did some stuff with a friend and then I was rick grimes from the walking dead, trying to convince hershel to come back to the farm (which Iím doing in a subway instead of a bar). He agrees and me, carl, and hershel are out when a car hits me completely head on and I roll over. Wake up at a gas station when I try to imagine this whole scenario as a meme, and then drive away before going to a barber. He tells me that he got a note from Koschei saying ďsorry for hitting your carĒ. Koschei is a PR character so I get lucid, I ask him where I can find her but he says he knows nothing else so I go away but lose lucidity. Teleporting to a house where the truck guy who isnít Koschei apologizes, and I wake up.

      Dream 2: Not lucid this time. Was driving to Oregon with a family member where I was describing the last LD, and later woke up.
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    10. Comp Night 15 (14? idk)

      by , 06-15-2023 at 09:12 PM
      Dream 1: I was in a park riding a bike. There were these really toxic, irritating kids though that kept harrasing me so I ran over them and they cried to their parents. They didn't care lol
    11. Night 14 Comp

      by , 06-14-2023 at 06:22 PM
      2 Lucids!
      Night 1: It wasnít necessarily a game of Melting Passion (a project I'm working on), but more or so that mixed with real life. The gameplay loop started with me in a warehouse, traveling between areas begging for people to see my work. If it worked out, I attended a business meeting with them. One time I was waiting for a meeting with the OmniLucid staff, and some dude on my discord server kept sending links to torture videos. These things got me lucid, but I just wanted to continue the plot so I banned the people who did it but went to the place. Mzzkc was running things and I gave my business proposition. I was then brought to a room with several other people, including a friend of mine and his brother (who's an asshole). Sat next to this guy but he was sweating like all hell, so I moved to another seat and played with this fidgety thing until it was my turn to go. There was a mirror, it was hard to get the right view of it, but eventually I was sucked into a sci-fi world that I owned. I could ride these coaster things that sped to different parts of the city, with the radio saying my name. It was amazing, though I spent the next couple days with my mother helping her plant a garden.

      Night 2: My parents were following a cooking tutorial from youtubers and it was a disaster. If I let them keep it up, they were gonna burn the house down. I saved it and actually made a pretty good meal. Then I was playing a VR game where I was Golden Freddy being repaired. The controls were strange, but I got the game on. Similar to Security Breach I had to destroy all of the animatronics one by one. I left the vr game, and it was time to go to Oregon. I was on the plane and got lucid from the conference. Sadly, I for some reason thought it was the 16th in real life and woke myself up to get there "early"
      lucid , memorable
    12. Comp Night 12/13

      by , 06-13-2023 at 05:16 PM
      Night 12:
      I was with my family at this apocalypse shelter, cause there was some kind of radioactive stuff outside. Me and my brother in law went out and drove to the movie theater to watch Ruby Gillman, which was in amazing 4k.
      Night 13:
      Me and my family were back in russia. It was some neighborhood, and there were 3 cars parked. One of them was broken, there was a red truck that I drove to the grocery store. The other one everyone else drove. We were going to depart to the US so we were driving in our cars except some little girl jacked mine and I was stuck on a gravel road. Though they didn't get far, immediately crashed into a lake. I managed to walk to my destination, feeling good about that karma.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Comp Night 11:

      by , 06-12-2023 at 03:36 AM
      Dream 1: I got hired for this job in archeology, and it was bad. This co-worker of mine kept complaining about what I thought, and so I shot her with a glock. It was so satisfying that I accidentally fell into the boneworks void, specially a location called the "heaven bloodgates". There was a door and a portal that switched me from heaven to hell. I had to get the key from hell in order to open heavenís door (hellís door just had a wall in the middle of a road that was blocked with barbed wire)

      At heavenís door was an arena where I fought this witch lady. The first time I died, and the 2nd time I killed her, took a right, and got back to reality, where one of my friends was a military soldier.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Comp Night 9

      by , 06-10-2023 at 04:01 AM
      Dream 1: I was in OL VC playing Isaac with Jacksepticeye and many different people. Jacksepticeye was teaching the art of making decent Coffee. It was fun, and the game ended when Isaac took 14 pills. I was then brought to an office where some guy was mocking me for not paying attention by making coffee. I critiqued his coffee making skills and woke up
    15. Comp Night 8

      by , 06-08-2023 at 03:29 PM
      Fun Lucid!
      Dream 1: I was in Security Breach ruin DLC, wandering around the empty halls of the building. I heard the moon walking around and woke up shortly after
      Dream 2: It was pre-established in the "story" that I had this cousin that had cancer and had to get chemo. My parents were supposed to drive him to the hospital but drove into a ditch. They called me, and I had to use this tow truck to get them out. It was super fast though and I had to drift to make sure I didn't drive us into another one. Later, I played Containment Breach and was about to enter a room before it turned into the hospital where my cousin was at. He was unconcious. I woke up shortly

      Dream 3: It started when my dad announced that one of his pet birds had eggs and they were gonna hatch. I was pissed cause I hate his birds. When they hatched, all of the birds were normal, but one was really messed up. We took care of them at my friend Charles's house, and we found out that the messed up bird was turning into a human. Everything was going fine, and then she broke her neck by running into a wall. I went away and got to work on these pipes that led water to a cooler. The bird girl showed up and started complaining that she was bored. I said that I couldnít help with that, and she started asking me questions like what kind of games I play. I list a few, and she says Iím boring before walking away. I was gonna go downstairs before Walter White went up, and asked my dad about where Jesse was. This got me lucid. I asked him ďWalt, Koschei should be here. Where is she?Ē He replied saying the Utility closet. I looked around the closet but couldnít find her, and was ready to teleport to A before I grounded yet had a brief false awakening before waking up
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
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