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    KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

    A journey into the mind of KingYoshi.

    1. Lucid Dream 176: The Freaks Come out at Night

      by , 02-09-2011 at 07:47 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 5, 2011
      Lucid Dream 176: The Freaks Come out at Night
      Series: The Land of Dreams, Episode 1
      around 6:00am

      Category - WTF

      I find myself in a high school classroom. I'm talking to one of my friends and a new student. The new student is Kurt from the show "Glee." The bell rings as Kurt was saying he was going to try and start a Glee club. I told him that he could count me in, and I asked him where we should practice. He said, "Don't you have football practice?" I thought, "Oh shit, I'm going to be late." I started walking through the school (which was much like my old high school, but 10x's larger). I walked through the weight room and there are absolute giants working out. Actor Terry Crews is doing running exercises with giant round weights attached to his ankles. I recognize a few people, but they are several times larger than their waking life counterparts. Several of these people are at least 10 feet tall. I felt like a midget walking through the weight room (gym). I remember justifying this situation thinking, "This is the biggest weight room in the state." I got down to the locker room and was putting on my shoulder pads, when my friend Mike walked up and said, "The championship is next week." I then responded, "Yeah, too bad we have already graduated and don't really have practice." I instantly became lucid after saying this.

      I was a little bummed about it at first. I really miss playing football. I then shook it off and proceeded with the LD. I began flying through the school. As I passed doors in the hall, I glanced in to see what was going on. There were several normal classrooms and several oddities as well. I'm pretty sure there was a live donkey show about to go down in one of the rooms, but I decided against the disturbing nature of the situation and kept flying. I passed a room where cheerleaders were stretching. I stopped and enter the room. There was a very hot brunette laying on her back. It was Santana (Naya Rivera) from Glee. I knelt down and began performing oral on her. I could hear a teacher (cheerleading coach?) saying, "What do you think you are doing!?!" I just kept going for a while, until the dream began to get fuzzy. I backed off and performed some stabilization. The environment stabilized, but I was now in a different area of the school. I noticed I was in the front lobby. I noticed (out of the corner of my eye) a few odd looking characters following me as I exited to the front lawn. It was dark outside. I saw the flagpole and decided to climb it. As I climbed the pole, I saw there was a large group of people gathering around me. One was Wayne (a big dude who directed the little league sports programs among other things), the others were random people, and several freaks from the movie, Freaks (1932). Wayne attempted to push me off the pole, but only spun me around it as I ascended out of his reach. As soon as I reached the top of the pole, I heard something breathing behind me. I turned my head and saw a guy that was the same height as the flagpole. It was the giant, Mathew McGrory. He scared me a bit. I then leapt of the pole and landed away from the large crowd (which was started to annoy me). A couple of the freaks ran up to me and invited me to eat at McDonalds with them. I agreed and told them to meet me there (so they would leave me alone). The giant said, "You will be one of us." They all sang, "One of us, one of us, gooble gobble, gooble gobble..." as they head toward McDonalds. I then took flight to get the hell away from everyone around me.

      The sky turned into an internet page. As I flew into the page. I was now inside the internet. I flew through internet page after internet page, most of which appeared to be google search pages (or other search engine results pages). I flew through dark-outer space like areas with flying envelopes (which I assumed to be e-mails or instant messages). Every now and then I flew through some viral infected pages. I could see areas of the page covered in a glowing red/orange web. There were small guys with spears and winged hats that were attacking the virus, which fought back swallowing some of them up. I woke up while I was still exploring the internet.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What exactly does it mean to be KingYoshi? To find out, stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    2. Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge....

      by , 02-04-2011 at 08:31 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 3, 2011
      Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge
      Series: Star Power, Episode 1
      around 6:30pm

      I had a few uninteresting normal dreams last night. I decided to attempt a WILD during a nap and this is what happened...

      I began to feel the body buzz and soon SP fully set in. There were flashes of a beach and ice cream and some other random stuff I can no longer remember. A dream scene started to slowly come into focus. It was blurry, but I could see a man hovering over me. A narrator began to speak as the man started raining hay-makers, rocking my head against the ground in the process. Narrator, "Everyone has those moments...where they feel like all is lost...like their down and out...your life flashes before your eyes and you think about all the choices you have made to this point...wondering where you went wrong...many accept defeat...killing themselves from the inside out...me...I do things differently..." The dream had seemed to have stabilized.

      Since I was absolutely getting my ass kicked the entire time the narrator was speaking, I thought it would be silly to just stand up like nothing was wrong. I slowly rolled up to one knee and the guy (who appeared to be a gang member) kicked me in the face, knocking me flat one my back. I spit out a mouth full of blood and rolled over to my side. I spotted a good size shard of glass laying on the ground next to me. I stealthily snatched it and began to laugh at my attacker. He up beside me, hovered over my face and said, "What the f*** is so funny b*tch? You haven't had enough?" I immediately spit in his face and sank the glass shard into the back of his foot. I then ripped it through his achilles tendon, causing him to topple over in agony. I scrambled to my feet and scanned the area. I pulled a nearby road sign out of the concrete and beat the guys head to mush. I took his gun and began performing some stabilization techniques. Everything seemed very clear and vivid. My friend Ryano came running up to me and asked if I was ok. I told him that the guy had pistol whipped me before I could get any information from him. Ryano looked at the dead guy and muttered, "Damn!" I then took off down the street and soon the dream scene changed.

      I was in a building with white walls that were lined with a zebra-like black stripe pattern. I came upon a section of the building that had many mirrors set up. I heard someone approaching, so I ducked down behind a structure and located the person using the mirrors. It was Ryano. He was talking on a radio to someone. Ryano, "Russell couldn't get the job done...No, he is dead...I don't know, his brains are splattered along the f***ing sidewalk...Don't worry I handle it myself..."
      Somewhere around here I lost lucidity. I snuck around behind Ryano and put a gun to the back of his head. I whispered in his ear, "Traitors burn in hell." I then pulled the trigger before he could get a word out. He dropped dead, face first. There wasn't any actual gunfire, noise, or a wound, but he was dead. I grabbed his pistol and took off running toward the front of the building. 5 well dressed agents closed in on my position and we engaged in an intense gunfight. Again, no actually shots were fired, but people dropped whenever I hit them. After taking care of the agents I hauled ass toward the front of the building. I suddenly fell fast first, because I had been shot in the back of the leg. As I hit the ground, I turned a shot the agent who had popped me. I scrambled to my feet and began limp/running to the front of the building where I heard, "Aaaannnndddd CUT!" There was a film crew and the front and we all had been acting out a movie the entire time. The director spoke for a few moments, but I don't remember what it was about.

      The next thing I remember, I am at a very fancy movie theater. I'm with Cort who was wearing a white dress, white gloves, a diamond necklace, and a diamond tiara. She looked absolutely stunning. I was wearing a suit. We were watching a movie scene that contained myself, Denzel Washington, and Ian Mckellen. We were in a office that looked like it belonged to a very wealthy man. Mckellen was sitting behind a desk, me and Denzel were standing in front of the desk. My character was watching the door and Denzel began to speak. (I don't remember all of the dialogue, but here is some of it)...Denzel looked pissed as he spoke, "Did you really think you could just ship me off and the past would never catch up to you?" Mckellen replied, "It was to protect you. We..." Denzel interrupted with an angered voice, "Protect me from what? You weren't protecting me. You were protecting yourself!" Mckellen was now raising his voice. He slammed his fist on the table and stood up, "We raised you like you were our own. Gave you everything you could ever want! Loved you like any parent would!" Denzel smiled and replied, "What about Teressa...Jermaine...little Michael? You left them to die. Never even mentioned they were my family." Mckellen sighed and calmly said, "It couldn't be helped." Denzel then pulled his gun and pointed it at Mckellen's face. Mckellen gave a faint smile and spoke, "Are you going to shoot your own father?" "You aren't my father." replied Denzel as he pulled the trigger. Mckellen fell face down onto the desk. My character spoke, "We need to go...NOW!" There were some action scenes next with some gunfights and whatnot. The movie abruptly stopped during the action scenes.

      Some people in the theater began screaming and pointing at the ceiling. There was a massive crack in the roof and it was slowly growing. We exited the theater immediately, and I met up with Chris R, Sardaddy, and Just H. We took a smoke break and talked about the movie (which was the premier of my first big supporting role). The movie was called "Warranted Revenge." I awoke during the conversation.

      Series Details
      "I thought I told ya...I'm a STAR...you see that ice...you see them cars...." In the dream series, "Star Power," I take on some of the most glorified positions in the world. Living the life of the rich & the famous. A movie star, nfl star, rock star...you never know what I will be next,so stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    3. Kingdom Hearts Dream Pack...

      by , 02-02-2011 at 07:36 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      I finally finished my keyblade, so In celebration, I decided to release my Kingdom Hearts Dream Pack (lol). It consists of four Kingdom Hearts related dreams. Two are brand NEW entires of dreams that I had while I was away (173 & 174). The other two are Kingdom Hearts dreams from my original Dream Journal (59 & 152). Hope you all enjoy!

      May 2010
      Lucid Dream 173: Swallowed by the Darkness
      Series: The Heart of all Worlds, Episode 2
      daytime nap

      Category - Action/Horror

      I thought I had posted this one in my old DJ, because it was written down in my notebook for May 2010. I must have already left the site then. Anyway, time for the world exclusive (lol)...
      I remember drifting off at my Grandpa's house while watching westerns with him. As I began to doze off, my body slipped in and out of SP several times before I was able to hold on to it. I can't remember the HI/HH I experienced, but entered the dream and found myself in the same place I had fallen asleep. I looked around the living room and something was different. There were five random people in western attire (cowboy hats, boots with spurs, etc) sleeping on the floor around me. I kicked the nearest one in the ribs and woke him up. I asked why he was sleeping in my floor and he seemed confused. He looked around and then looked back at me and said, "No I wasn't." I then picked him up off the ground and launched him through the window. He scrambled to his feet and pulled out a revolver. I slowly walked toward him as he fired shot after shot into my chest. I was bleeding pretty profusely, but the bullets felt like small pillows. I dove head first out the window and grabbed the guy in the process. Never touching the ground, I took flight and flew a couple hundred feet into the sky. I hovered for a moment and then dropped the cowboy. He plummeted to the ground and in a comedic turn of events, put a deep, cartoon-style, outlined indention into the ground. I landed back down below and noticed the sky started to get dark.

      After a few moments a large cloud rolled in and I noticed it looked a lot like Darkside (large black boss from Kingdom Hearts 1). Suddenly, the cloud spread apart in the center, forming an open circular. It was as if a giant vacuum had sucked the center of the cloud out from above it. The circular hole swirled and formed a heart shape. I could see, what appeared to be, black snow falling from the hole. As the snow got closer to me I realized it wasn't snow at all. I threw out my hand violently, spread my fingers wide, and imagined my keyblade. I felt cold steel touch my fingertips just as the heartless landed in front of me. My keyblade (crown-like handle, with razor sharp pot leaves, and vines curling up the shaft. The key notches is a large gold pot leaf). I began slaying them one after another. After battling for a good while, I looked up and saw endless amounts of black specs floating down toward me. I knew I had to attack the source or they would never stop. I took flight, battling heartless in mid-air as I ascended to the large heart-shaped recess in the clouds. The moment I entered the recess, the clouds slammed all around me, pitting me in complete darkness.

      I looked around, but I couldn't see anything. The air was frigid and I began to feel little frightened. Something flashed in the corner of my eye. I wheeled around to see what it was, but there was nothing but black. The exact moment I turned back around, there was a hooded ghost (looked like a dementor from Harry Potter) a few feet in front of me. Before I could react it launched itself toward me and penetrated my body (through my chest/abdomen). For a moment, I could feel it swirling around inside of me. It was rather creepy, but then I felt an enormous sense of power. I raised my keyblade in front of me and it was now glowing a bright gold color. The vines that were wrapped around the shaft had turned into green snakes. I watched them for a moment as they continuously curled around the body of the key. Every now and then they would let out a hiss and snap at the air. I swung my keyblade and blew away the dark clouds that surrounded me. I could see several heartless flying around the area, so I took off toward them. I had let my excitement grow too strong and the dream began to fade. I'm pretty sure I managed to stay in the dream, but I lost lucidity soon after...

      Late 2010
      Lucid Dream 174: The Keyblade's Dark Secret
      Series: The Heart of all Worlds, Episode 3
      in the a.m.

      Category - Action/Boss Battle

      I was on vacation in some Spanish-speaking country. I was in a large group that was walking through a forest area. There was an extremely attractive girl walking in front of me, so I decided to become friendly with her. The group had came to a stop, but I purposely was looking away and bumped/walked into her. She turned around and looked a bit startled, I quickly said, "Oh shit, I'm so sorry about that." She didn't seem upset when she replied (I don't remember how the conversation went exactly, but this is pretty close), "Well, you should probably pay attention to what you are doing." I apologized again and said, "I'm pretty sure I saw an ocelot walk by over there (my excuse for bumping into her ). She got excited and said, "Ooh really?" I said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure...though I am a little high at the moment." She smiled and said, "Yeah, I can tell...your eyes are really red." I smiled back and said, "Anyway, you want to go check it out (I pointed in the direction of the non-existent ocelot?)" She looked a little hesitant so I finished out my scheme, "I need to lag behind anyway, so I can smoke this blunt. You can tag along...might see something cool in the process..." She agreed and we snuck away from the group. We sat down and began smoking the blunt. She looked at me and said, "An ocelot huh? You must think your pretty clever." I laughed and said, "Nah, I'm just pretty high." After a bit we began kissing and she moved on to blowing me.

      I can't remember how we got back or what happened during this time, but the next thing I remember we were back with the group. Me and her were talking and she said something about lucid dreaming. As soon as she said it, I looked around and thought, "Where the f*** am I?" I did a quick nose pinch and realized I was dreaming. I already knew what I wanted to do, so I grabbed the girl by the hand and took flight. We flew above the forest and I began singing a whole new world (I do this a lot, lol)..."I can show you the world...shining shimmering splendors..." After singing for a bit, we touched down and I told her, "Watch this!" I threw out my hand and summoned my keyblade. As soon as I summoned it, one of the snakes stretched out and bit her arm. She toppled over to the ground and began twitching as white foamed poured from her mouth. "Shit. I think I killed her." I looked at her and she was definitely dead. I thought, "Damn, I should have sang...'I can show you the Underworld." My snakes covered her and quickly devoured her body. My keyblade began to glow and I could tell it had just increased in power. I then set off to find more people for it to devour when I was attacked by heartless (mostly neo shadows). With my newly found power, my keyblade devoured heartless after heartless until it was glowing so bright, it hurt my eyes to look at. I then swung it around and shouted "super-duper crazy attack!" (lol). A huge golden flash, boomed out of the keyblade and completely annihilated the surrounding area. All the trees were cut in half and heartless remains were scattered all over the placed. I had black heartless goo all over myself. I wiped some on my hand and smelled it. It smelled like black licorice. I picked up an arm and squeezed the goo into my mouth. It tasted like unflavored pudding (if there ever was such a thing). After milking the arm dry, I took off running through my newly formed path of destruction. Before I could reach the other side of the woods I woke up.
      I have since renamed my attack "Souler Flare." I thought it was a bit cooler than super-duper crazy attack.

      ....and now for the dream in which I first summoned my own unique keyblade, "The Cannabis Key"....

      February 16, 2010
      Lucid Dream 152: Into the Shadows
      Series: The Heart of all Worlds, Episode 1
      around 1:30am

      Category - Action

      An excerpt from the dream...
      ...We were in a large field and it was very dark outside. I looked out to the horizon and made the sun rise. As soon as the sun rose completely a large dark, misty cloud moved in and blocked off the sun. A pitch black shadow was cast all around us. Suddenly black figures began to form within the shadow. The shadow had grown to an enormous size making the ground pitch black as far as the eyes could see. The sky began to swirl with dark purple and deep orange. The figures began to rise out of the ground and I noticed they had an all too familiar symbol on their chests. They were heartless! The demonic looking heartless began to surround me and Cliff (the heartless were much more sinister than the heartless from the Kingdom Hearts games). I looked over toward Cliff and gave a quick nod. We then held out our arms and summoned keyblades out of thin air.

      My keyblade was awesome (I plan on drawing it and posting the picture in my DJ...eventually ). The shaft and handle of the ketyblade was extremely shiny and appeared to be solid gold. A green, twisting vine with razor sharp pot leaves curled up the keyblade Note: In my later dreams, green snakes twisted up the shaft of the keyblade instead of vines. The ridges for the end of the key was a large razor sharp pot leaf. The handle had large emeralds and diamonds encrusted in the gold. The handle was a (king's) crown shape that folded over my hand as I held it (like a protector/shield for the "sword" hand. It felt light as a feather and I began attacking the heartless. My buddy Cliff's keyblade was pretty cool as well. It was flaming on the end and there was a white spiraling metal that curled all the way up the shaft of the keyblade. The ridges on his keyblade looked like a normal key, but I couldn't really tell because they were engulfed in flames. The spiral made the keyblade look similar to a joint. He also had some razor sharp pot leafs here and there.

      We fought the heartless for a while, but they just kept multiplying. Cliff looked at me and said, "Shit! There are too many of them." I looked at him and said, "Try this!" I backed up a few steps and felt energy growing inside me. I then unleashed and allowed the energy to burst out of every square inch of my body. My clothes turned black and blue as did my keyblade. I saw a strange nearly invisible veil fall over me. I had turned into the wisdom form (from KH2). I began shooting white balls of fire (as wells as stars, beams, and other shapes of a white hot flames). After battling the heatless by flying around and shooting and also performing some crazy acrobatics and shooting, I awoke from my dream.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, The Heart of all Worlds, I use my trusty keyblade, The Cannabis Key, to battle heartless and find the true meaning to their existence. The goal is the Heart of all Worlds, but what will I do when I find it...who will I meet along the way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    4. New!!! Lucid Dream 172: Aqua Riders...

      by , 02-02-2011 at 12:16 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Yeah, so I changed my mind. Instead of posting some of my old journal entries, I decided to just leave them be (there were way too many that I wanted to bring over, lol). So, from now on these will only be new entries. Hope you all enjoy.

      Late 2010
      Lucid Dream 172: Aqua Riders
      Series: Friends, Episode 1
      in the A.M.

      Category - Action/Light Mischief

      Though I haven't been recording my dreams since I have been away, I do remember a few of them quite vividly. This is one them.

      I am in a large school building with a couple of my friends (JT & Zach G). I could tell the building was old, but had been renovated several times. We are running to class when the late bell rings and we all stop and let out a few expletives. JT looks at us and says, "Dude, f*** this, I'm not getting b****ed at for being late again. Let's just skip today." We agreed and took off stealthily down the hall. After dodging a few authority figures we exited the front doors. We immediately stepped out onto a dock. The school was located in a small cove right on the shore of the lake. The dock we were standing on was quite extensive for the small cove area.

      There were many rows of boats anchored around the dock. We decided to hijack one and take a ride out to the main part of the lake. I spotted a boat that looked perfect, but once we got closer, the motor was gone. Most of the boats looked like floating ottoman's with motors. Finally after the third motor from an actually boat disappeared, I suspected I was dreaming. I looked at the school and saw a large crest depicting a man slicing off another's head. The words, "For the Greater Good" were enscrawled a at the bottom. Huge letters that read "Warrior Academyy" were written above the crest. I laughed at the thought (and the two "Y"s). I knew I was dreaming.

      As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I heard a crash, and the front door to the school had slammed open. The glass in the windows shattered and rained down onto the dock. The sound was magnified and sounded awesome. I began hastily searching/trying to summon a boat, as Mr. Greer (my old high school history teacher) came running across the dock after us. I remember thinking, "Damn, everyone is so fast in my dreams." He was closing in on us as I looked at the surrounding area. At the end of the dock was a large, half submerged, wooden shed. We hauled ass and leapt from the end of the dock and grabbed the ladder that attached to the shed. I climbed into the upper most level of the two story shed and saw two dirt bikes. As I got closer, I saw that they had ski/wheel hybrids instead of normal tire wheels. I told them to take the bikes and I'll find another one. The bikes had pull-string motors on them. After JT and Zach had taken off, I pictured one in my mind and began searching. I pulled a large piece of board off a pile of junk and saw one of the bikes. I picked it up and notice it was a bi-pedal one and didn't have a motor. I cursed as I heard noises from behind me. Mr Greer had made his way up the ladder...his nice clothes were soaking wet (I take it he didn't make the jump to the ladder, lol). I hopped on the bike and pedaled off the top floor and splashed into the lake. I was traveling at about the speed of a big wheel when I heard engines start up behind me.

      I glanced back and saw 5 or 6 guys on some crazy looking souped up bikes that had the words, "Aqua Riders" in shiny gold letters going down the sides. They all shot off the top floor at the same time and flames shot from their tailpipes. I thought, "Where the f*** did they get those!" I began pedaling as fast as I could, but was now going "nursing home wheel-chair" speed. I put my hands up as I was soon surrounded by the riders. They all had on black leather jackets and were each armed with mp5's. Mr. Greer was on the coolest bike of all. It had chrome spikes jetting out of the sides and the handle bars were twisting horns. I started to imagine a way out. I focused my attention on the water behind the men. Suddenly, the area I was looking at erupted and a huge sea dragon surfaced. Some of the riders were knocked from their bikes and the others were terrified. I leapt from my piece of shit bi-pedal and drop kicked Mr. Greer into the water stealing his bike in the process.

      His bike was fast a shit. I caught up to JT and Zach. The lake had now become a large "Wave Race" style course. The waves were huge as we raced around the track. The rack was marked, complete with short cuts and everything, lol. Several times I caught massive air on the waves. A couple times I flew so high that I wiped out upon landing. The handling on the bike was superb and very fluid. After racing for a while, I awoke from the dream.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    5. KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

      by , 02-01-2011 at 02:53 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Welcome to my world. Here you will read things that will make you smile, laugh, cringe, fist pump the air, ask yourself what the fuck you just read, and generally leave you wondering how this could come out of a sane person's mind , lol. I have had a lot of experience with lucid dreaming and have made my way back to the site after a 8 month hiatus. Check out my signature for all my old journal entries. I will start out by transporting many of them here (the significant ones & my favorites). Hope I can entertain you all as you take a trip into my mind. Peace! Stay High!

      Normal Dream State
      Lucid Dream State
      My Comments

      My first ever lucid dream. I had this dream the same night that I discovered lucid dreaming and joined DreamViews.

      November 3, 2008
      Lucid Dream 1: The Master of Dreams
      around 3:00am

      Category - Exploration

      For some reason I was having false awakenings all night. With each false awakening I forgot the previous dream, but then it finally happened. The first part of the dream I remember is that I was a video game designer and I was creating a role playing game (RPG). After a few short moments the scene changed and I was in a Hotel at the beach with a couple of friends.

      I noticed the hotel was the one from my game and I knew I could alter the elements around me (I'm not Lucid yet, but close) I pulled out a palm pilot and began placing monster in the hotel. I set up 2 poisonous plants in the lobby, but I didn't tell my friends what I was doing I just told them to run as the plants grew out of the floor. As we were running I used a palm pilot to create Skeletons with pirate swords chasing after us. We ran outside and down to the beach, where I stopped and said to myself, "I wonder if I can control them and make them play a game of touch football with us." (I'm still not Lucid. I didn't think I was dreaming I just thought the palm pilot controlled the skeletons). So we began all playing touch football.

      I can't remember many details of the game, but I know my team won and we were celebrating, when it happened! I jumped in the air to celebrate and performed a back flip. After landing I thought, "Wait a minute. I can't do a backflip!" So I tried it again, but with no success. I then attempted to fly. I tried to hover but it didn't work. I even tried the invisible ladder technique, but it didn't work either. I was about to lose hope when I remembered I had just played a game of football with skeletons.

      I was Lucid. I wasn't sure what to do so I ran at superhuman speed up the road. I badly wanted to run up a mountain and jump off like I had read about on this site, but for some reason I couldn't get enough speed to do it. Instead I decided to run into a nearby house. It was like 4:00am dreamtime and everyone in the house was asleep. I thought about waking them up and scaring them, but I decided not to. I paused and tried to think of what to do when I came up with an awsome idea. I wanted to fly to Japan and compete in ninja warrior. I had to get out of that house first though. I was looking for a way out when I started to feel like I was about to wake up, so I started spinning in circles and to my astonishment IT WORKED!!! I just sat there for a while in amazement that I could remember things from the real world here in the dream world. After running through the house for a bit, I saw that every window was a stained glass with paintings of angels on them. I must have lost some Lucidty as I started to worry if I could even get out of the house, then I remembered I was dreaming so I just jumped into them and they popped out completely intact. It made a loud noise and it woke up the residents. I hid on the roof and watched as they walked outside. I saw a large shadow come up behind them and then out of the shadow came a large three headed dog and a man who resembled Merlin. The great beast walked toward the three people. Each head devoured a person and Merlin raised his staff and summoned me towards him. I couldn't control my body it just floated toward him. After landing I attempted to fight him, but as i swung my fist, he punched my fist with his fist and caused me to collapse. I thought he was gonna kill me but instead he told me to follow him. While following him, he explained the world of Lucid dreams and told me I would soon use dreams as my playground. I came to the realization that this guy is the most powerful Lucid Dreamer alive, He was the master of dreams. (Anyone else have a character in their dreams who is all powerful? I found this to be weird in my dream. I suppose I just lost some Lucidity)

      He took me to a cook-out of all places. It was a cookout for Lucid Dreamers in a clearing, with a pond, surrounded by woods. I saw a guy hovering around and I asked him why I couldn't fly. He said "You can't fly yet? You must be new." We talked for a while, but I can't remember what we said. He then told me to focus on a branch that was hanging over the water and pull myself to it with my mind. It worked the first time. So I kept doing it. My accuracy wasn't very good though I kept missing the branches and falling into the pond lol. I had trouble with long distances as well. I came to the conclusion that flying is hard, so I decided to ask Merlin to teach me. When I began to wake up. I tried to hold on, but I was so excited to write this in a journal that I kind of just let myself wake up.
      I'm so excited this worked and even though I couldn't fly yet I plan on mastering that tonight or whenever I have my next Lucid dream.

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