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    KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

    Lucid Dream 521

    by , 06-21-2013 at 04:09 AM (1556 Views)
    June 19, 2013
    Lucid Dream 521: This is a Stick Up!
    Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 12
    Technique: ADA

    I'm sitting in a small, two room, log cabin. There are four of us and we all dressed up in "western" attire (cowboy hats, boots, spurs, stirrups, etc). Apparently, we were a gang of outlaws and were about to hijack a money train that was full of gold bars. The men kept arguing amongst themselves about how hte job was going to go down as I slowly became lucid for no apparent reason. Finally, it fully hit me and I became fully lucid. I jumped up from my seat and attempted to speak with an accent fitting for the setting. What actually came out, caught me a bit off guard. My voice was the exact same as the Sheriff of Nottingham's from Disney's animated version of Robin Hood (voiced by Pat Buttrum). I said, "I've heard enough a yer yapp'n. We are just going to go down to the station an yer all going to follow my lead." One of the men began to speak and I jumped in, "And I don't wanna hear any buts about it!!" They nodded silently and followed me out of the cabin. I looked around and noticed we were in a desert town. I walked down the road and saw a train parked at a train station up ahead. There was a large crowd in front of the train. I pulled up my bandana from around my neck to cover my mouth and pulled my gun out of the holster. I looked at the gun for a bit and it looked old, but in very good condition. It was mostly made of wood and had gold plates on it. It was pistol and it had Samuel Colt engraved on one of the plates. I glanced back and noticed the other three guys had done the same as me.

    I approached the crowd and noticed there were several present day style cop cars parked around the area. With my gun up I said, "Alright everyone. This is a stick up! Do as I say and you might not get hurt." Suddenly, this tall and very chunky teenager walks up to me and says, "Are you KingYoshi?" I was a bit taken aback, but I nodded and he told me to follow him. I told the other men to watch the crowd at gunpoint as I followed the chunky kid. We walked to the front of the train and he told me, "We have been expecting you." I said, "You have, have you? And who might you be?" He told me he was hired to help us get the money train to my castle. I told him that I want to speak with his boss and he was very cryptic and told me, "You can find him when the Willow Pines." I kind of felt like shooting the kid, but decided not to. I followed him onto the front car of the train. The conductor turned to greet the kid and said, "Hey, Joseph! I just..." The kid then shot the conductor in the head and rolled his body out of the train with his foot. He said, "Just follow the tracks from here and it'll lead to the castle." The kid began to make very strange movements as if he was trying to get comfortable in his own skin/body. I knew he was a "body snatcher" and had taken on another body. I told him thanks and started moving around levers and hitting buttons. He exited back into the previous train car.

    There were tons of buttons and levers, so I just started pulling and pushing all of them until the train finally started to run. Instead of having separate connected cars, the train was now all connected by one long hallway down the middle. I walked back into the previous section of the train and it was a fancy dining area. I saw the three other gang members from before and now noticed they were James Woods, Bill Hader, and Seth Rogen. I could also see bouncers/security lined up around the doors and the area. I could tell all the security men were "body snatchers." I reached around in my pocket for a while and found what I was looking for. A blunt. I joined James, Bill, and Seth as I fired up a blunt using pyrokinesis. I asked if Seth had joined Bill and James as a 108 Star of Destiny. He said, "Yeah, I'm the Chuckle Star. Because, I love to make people Chuckle and shit." I chuckled after that one.

    I heard the train horn going off, so I went to the front of the train and could the see the castle approaching. It had grown once again and was huge. I was excited to check it out, so I attempted to speed the train up with my mind, Instead, it began to lift off the tracks. I went with it and began raising the train off the ground. Even though I was doing it with my mind, it felt heavy as shit. I managed to lift it fully, but it felt pretty unstable. I strained a bit too much and began to wake myself up. I attempted to hold on, but woke up.

    Series Details
    Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    108 Stars of Destiny
    NEW 18 - Seth Rogen - The Chuckle Star
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    1. Micael's Avatar
      Another fine moment by KingYoshi.

      How does a dream dubbie hold it's own against it's waking life counterpart? xD
      KingYoshi likes this.
    2. Flycat's Avatar
      Nice! Also, is your castle at random places, or do you always find your way to it? Also, you revisit the same place in different dreams is interesting.
      KingYoshi likes this.
    3. KingYoshi's Avatar
      @Michael - the highest and most fucked up I've ever been was in a lucid dream. Sometimes, it feels normal, other times its a crazy psychedelic experience. One hit is all it takes to get insta-high. Same goes with alcohol for me. I'll take one drink and be insta-drunk. Its something you should try for sure.

      @Flycat - When I think of my castle, I look at it like this.... There is one central location for the actual castle. However, its a dream castle, so it is able to provide clones and send them out all over the dream world. These clones act as portals to the actual castle. Since it is directly connected to me, its able to pick when I am searching for it, and it sends a clone out in my general vicinity. I just have to do a quick search and I always can find it. Upon entering the castle, its like an instant transport to the actual one.

      Yeah, I often revisit the same places while in dreams. I tend to treat dreams as if they are another world and create my own rules for how things work (like my castle above). As if, all dreams are taking place in the same world/dimension which is separate to waking life. This helps me keep some consistencies and tames the dream to do my bidding more often than not. Of course, the same environment is rarely the exact same,, but that is just the nature of dreams. If you are in a room, look at a wall, look away, and then back at that same wall, 9 times out of 10, something has changed. Even if it is slight. So, if you always accept this "dream law" as I call it, its not as hard to revisit the same locations in your dreams.
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    4. Flycat's Avatar
      So, i notice THAT is the reason your castle gets bigger. Pretty cool.
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    5. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Well, that and I expect it to grow. My 108 Stars of Destiny dream series is based on the video game series, Suikoden. Its a jrpg where you recruit members and the more you recruit, the bigger your castle gets. Since my mindset is along those lines, my castle gets bigger every time I visit it.
    6. Flycat's Avatar
      Kewl. :awesomed:
      KingYoshi likes this.
    7. Flycat's Avatar
      What will you do once all 108 are recruited? Take over the world? Eat bananas? Restart? Mess around?
    8. Micael's Avatar
      That is exciting news my friend!

      @Flycat Probably invade your dreamworld, KingYoshi is pretty ruthless I mean look at his DJ. haha just kidding.

      I got a new Yoshi LD to read... yeah buddy!
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    9. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Haha, yeah I'm taking over the dream world for sure. The recruiting is just the calm before the storm !! Its going to be some crazy stuff!
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