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    by , 09-25-2012 at 03:46 PM (500 Views)
    1. Driving home from the south and decided to stop and pick up pizza. I opened up my trunk to my dads car and pulled out my bike. I started to ride and ran into Tim and two sexy females. I decided to get my car and offer them a ride. When I came to a stop and shouted, a cop drove past my and I freaked out. I swerved into the incoming lane and came to a halt. The cop passed me on the right..

    2. I went into Old Navy to use my gift cards on a jacket. When I went inside, I acted like somebody else and dressed completely differently. I didn't want them to notice that it was me. I picked out some clothes and went to the register. After the transaction was complete, I got into my car and attempted to drive through the store. They came running and asked me what I was doing, in an effort to avoid attention, I said "I thought this was the exit." I got out and went outside and texted my friend about going to the movies. Shortly after, cops raided a parked car for drugs because it was 4/20. An old friend from high school saw me texting and texted me what I had texted.

    3. I was walking around town and bumped into a pizza delivery boy. We started talking and I decided that I didn't like him. However, I remained respectful. After some conversation, he pulled out a gun and started shooting at the store front windows a few hundred feet away. I freaked out and ran towards the movie theater. I ran into Tim and the same two sexy girls. They were playing truth or dare. The girls were dared to make out but barely kissed. Then they dared me to french inhale a cigarette. They lit it from the wrong end and it burst into flames. We all laughed and they said they thought I was cute.

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