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    1. 09-24-12

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:49 PM
      1. I was in the backyard during a party with a bunch of people. One girl had a few awards for being in the Air Force. We began talking about how being decorated makes us feel prestigious. I told her that I could be a bio medical engineering major or I could major in psychology. She told me that it's easier to become known doing something you love, despite the stereotyped reputation.

      2. There was a family party at my house where everyone decided to get high. They rolled some huge joints and didn't know what to do with the trash. I took care of it by throwing it to the side of the house. After this, my step-mom decided to "blaze it" and smoke. She got so high that she needed me to drive her. She wanted to bang the man down the street. She told me that if I didn't find somebody for her to bang, she would bang me.
    2. 09-21-12

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:46 PM
      1. Driving home from the south and decided to stop and pick up pizza. I opened up my trunk to my dads car and pulled out my bike. I started to ride and ran into Tim and two sexy females. I decided to get my car and offer them a ride. When I came to a stop and shouted, a cop drove past my and I freaked out. I swerved into the incoming lane and came to a halt. The cop passed me on the right..

      2. I went into Old Navy to use my gift cards on a jacket. When I went inside, I acted like somebody else and dressed completely differently. I didn't want them to notice that it was me. I picked out some clothes and went to the register. After the transaction was complete, I got into my car and attempted to drive through the store. They came running and asked me what I was doing, in an effort to avoid attention, I said "I thought this was the exit." I got out and went outside and texted my friend about going to the movies. Shortly after, cops raided a parked car for drugs because it was 4/20. An old friend from high school saw me texting and texted me what I had texted.

      3. I was walking around town and bumped into a pizza delivery boy. We started talking and I decided that I didn't like him. However, I remained respectful. After some conversation, he pulled out a gun and started shooting at the store front windows a few hundred feet away. I freaked out and ran towards the movie theater. I ran into Tim and the same two sexy girls. They were playing truth or dare. The girls were dared to make out but barely kissed. Then they dared me to french inhale a cigarette. They lit it from the wrong end and it burst into flames. We all laughed and they said they thought I was cute.
    3. 09-18-12

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:38 PM
      1. Went to classes at my campus but somehow didn't have my car. I managed to borrow a previous English teachers truck. In class, I spilled something over my khakis and my boxers were visible. I asked if I could go change. I went outside to the car and put on skater clothes. I came back in and remembered Allison had wanted to go out and I was hoping she would put out. I came back into class kind of late but looked really sexy. Becky saw me but began hitting on somebody else, who tried to leave, but smashed a donut in the door.

      2. Playing a zombie game with Marisa, whom didn't understand how it worked. I told her to fight them "One at a time. Just one at a time." I was playing a sexy clad woman. I closed doors behind one lone zombie, killed him bare-handed, and picked up the loot left on their bodies. I picked up a colt revolver and began to use it to my advantage.

      3. At a LAN at my friends house. There was supposed to be a warm sunset that would make the night remain 81 degrees, explained by some scientific phenomenon and I had no complaints. I packed up my things and went to my moms car. The trunk was smaller than I thought and I had to push things out of the way for my computer. After I put in my tower and monitor, I walked back inside. Two friends mooned me from their car and I said "You guys have such cuhuuutee little butts." sarcastically. David was making fun of me for forgetting my power cable and I confronted him saying I couldn't carry everything at once.
    4. 09-02-12

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:31 PM
      1. I was in a particularly nasty Ohio winter with Brooke and some friends. She was having a going away party for New York. Everyone was trading their cards, and each had their own unique powers. I traded two monster cards for a card that mapped out Anjelica's home in Alaska. It was the part of the map that became white due to the massive amounts of snow. I gave this kid his cards and he went to piss outside. He was out there for the longest time so I went to see what happened. When I walked out, he turned and sprayed his piss over the tables of people and laughed. When he finished, I tried to get my "map" card back. He refused to trade so I tried to steal his card that gives you a hand shovel. I borrowed it and dug into the snow so I could pee without a cold Alaskan breeze.
    5. 08-26-12

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:27 PM
      1. Zombie survival with my friend Chris and another. We holed up originally in a destroyed building and set up a perfect camp. Chris was always a lone hero but I chose to group up and tag a long with him. After some time sitting around, we went into a backyard nearby and fought the zombies in melee combat. Chris held them off as they pushed down the trees to pass through. I ran towards some parks and was intent on living. My partner had given up and asked if I'd pull a grenade pin for him. We waited until zombies were near and I pulled the pin. It blew my head off but I managed to remain alive. I had the new ability to float around and talk to the living. We told Chris to get our supplies and head out. When we did, a cat saw us and stared, and almost immediately took off in fear.
    6. 08-22-12

      by , 08-23-2012 at 03:41 PM
      1. Went disc golfing with my sister and started finding all the discs that I had recently lost. We played hole four and bombed them down to the river. When I got there, I wanted to look for my lost valkyrie. I was approached by some guys recruiting for their band, the vocalist was a friend of mine, but I told them I don't have any musical inclination. They said I either should be professional at disc golf or that there are a lot of "hot bishes" here with how often I come. They asked if I play piano and I said a little. My sister came down the stairs and attempted to throw and failed until I advised her differently.

      2. There was a massive disaster at New York City and I was transported, along with many others, to a nearby shelter. When we got there, many were already injured. We were each put into little segments of office space. I was paired with a girl from the south. The leader of the aide came down the stairs and began to give a speech on equality and anti-segregation. The girl I was with attempted to burp but farted and I said "That's hot."

      3. Hanging out with my friend. We walked past a setup of massive speakers and enormous sub-woofers. Supposedly Skrillex was going to be playing shortly. We went to his YouTube account to watch his music videos. Every single one was very choppy and looked laggy. Then my friend, Isaac, commented, calling Skrillex "Lag Hrimmexks" and it was immediately the top comment. I'm out of date on my memes.
    7. 08-21-12

      by , 08-23-2012 at 03:35 PM
      1. Went to a new hookah store in my city. When I got there, my brother and everyone cool was there. My brother was getting a tattoo from the shisha lady and I checked out beef flavoured condoms. She really liked me and gave a discount that I could use the next time I came in.

      2. At a pool for a hotel. The water was really warm but it was disgusting. I swam for a while and ran into a boy holding another younger boy. Some kids were picking on them, so I called them out. They wanted to fight so I came at them. They backed out and the boys thanked me.

      3. At a friend's house in country when it began to snow. I decided to try and drive home. I encountered dozens and dozens of detours but went through them regardless. I drifted around every corner and eventually had to stop to be safe.
    8. 08-17-12

      by , 08-18-2012 at 04:35 PM
      1. At the disc golf course with my friend and some unknown disc golfer. We were playing on a course just like our home course but it was in his home country by Australia. It was the middle of the night but the course was lit up so well. According to the man, it always is a bit brighter than dusk there. I took a picture of a pond and sent it to my sister, and then continued to throw disc.

      2. A hot girl bought the house across the street and moved in. It was a girl I had previously worked with. She asked what happened to my job and I explained. She said she knows how I feel because she too was having the same issues. Supposedly, my store had called the lady that owns the entire retail chain to deal with what I had done, however this girl was cool with me.

      3. I went to Cedar Point with my mom and dad. The first thing we went to was the new ride they put up. After it was over, my dad picked out a souvenir shirt and I got a wolf blanket. We all went to the restroom and my mom said she was ditching us to have a summer "fling." I yelled at her to never talk to me again and took off.

      4. I was about to go out on a date with a hot girl I know. When I was getting ready, I got tape stuck on my eyebrow and pulled it off. When I looked in the mirror, my entire right eyebrow was missing. I didn't think about it and went downstairs. I talked to my dad about my new job and looked at myself one last time. The eyebrow had grown back but it was a unibrow.

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    9. 08-14-12

      by , 08-15-2012 at 07:20 PM
      1. Locked up at my uncles house and I knew I had to get out. I escaped and managed to run. I found my puppy and carried her away with me. I ran into a massive model city and hid inside of a flavoured horse race. After some time, I saw my uncle coming, grabbed my puppy, and took off into the woods.

      2. I arrived by foot at my brother's apartment in West Virginia. I walked through Sondra Lane, so perfectly named after his girlfriend, and towards the massive steps. My puppy tried to climb up them but she almost fell, thankfully I caught her and placed her safely above. My brother was sleeping on the couch so I woke him up, and he was installing a new and highly anticipated game.

      3. I was walking through a nearby city and everyone was driving nice cars. Several kids created a line of Lamborghinis. I remained walking and everyone was mocking me. I disregarded them and turned to get on the side street. A hot girl I recently met texted me and told me has a dirty question. She began to rant about nothing and forgot to ask.

      4. I was running down the shore-line to the ocean. On the way, I jumped into a cannon overlooking the crowded beach. I hopped into it and it shot me towards hawai'i. I barely missed the beach-goers and landed on the surface of the ocean, I began to skid over-top of the water and I made it halfway there. I swam back but decided to dive and admire the trenches.

      5. I was watching a Johnny Cash concert at a jail house. Everyone was so excited that fights began to break out like wildfire. Several people were shanked with toothbrushes. Every person had a gun and was firing into the air. Johnny walked past a hot girl that used to be a judge. In reality she was unbelievably ugly and he was mega drunk.

      6. Waiting around for a massive tour of a foundry with my friend. When the tour began, I was sliding down the railing using both my hands. He picked me up and began running through the massive building. It turned into an obstacle course and he ran with me on his back. Eventually, it turned into an outdoor course, where he dropped me off, and a hot girl continued the tour.

      7. Walking down the street with my friend. He was getting ultra drunk and it was snowing like mad. There were SWAT all over the city. He ran at a railing in an attempt to grind on it, bare-footed. The SWAT saw his move and aimed their guns at him, but upon realizing it was just a teenage, they disregarded it.

      8. I was involved in a trial of initiation with hundreds of other people. We were part of a society that revolves around being a modern ninja. I had a hot girl as my trial companion and we decimated the time trials, where we traversed rooftops covered in water. We ran into the next area and met The Wise, a young hacker. He promised us glory if we would kill the guards trying to find him.

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    10. 08-10-12

      by , 08-10-2012 at 03:57 PM
      1. Out in a city that was under siege. Parked in the central division were a bunch of air planes. There were air planes for dog fights and bombing. Somebody commandeered and weaponized the city's train. There only civilians out were hot girls. I called attention to myself and stole a plane. I flew like a champ and was doing aerial acrobatics like mad. When I landed, all the women ran to me and touched me.

      2. There was a rather large party happening atop a building. It was central in a city, but outside of the bottom floor were shops and games. I sat around chatting by the parked cars for a long while. Eventually I headed inside to get cake. In the cake-room there was a projector with movies playing. After some time, I got back on track to get cake, but it was a lie.
    11. 08-09-12

      by , 08-09-2012 at 03:29 PM
      1. Walking through some territory in Asia. The land was on sale and I was with my friend. I noted that it is the perfect opportunity to capitalize. I decided to build a shipping company and start with a headquarter. We found a building to use and searched for a room. Eventually we found it, a decent room that was cluttered beyond belief. We started cleaning everything on the floor, which was mostly tacks and pieces of a broken guitar.
    12. 08-08-12

      by , 08-08-2012 at 01:45 PM
      1. There was an underdome beneath the city. In the underdome everyone raced for their show at fame and fortune. One unnamed driver faked his death and took a leap. His girlfriend heard of the news and was upset, but she supported him. He told her she could sit at chair eight or nineteen, but those chairs often get hit by bad drivers. She decided to stand at the sidelines and watch. During the race, the shoutcasters said he raced so well that he must have trained by kidnapping children.

      2. An arena where gladiator games are played. I was drafted into a game where three guards hunt down two criminals. Before hand, we were given weapons and a few minutes to trade. I traded a wizard wand for a staff, but noticed a person that had a gun. I did a double trade, and traded back for my wand to get the gun. I went to the front of the gate, and chased as soon as it opened. We approached a playground and one of the criminals came at me. He had bottles in his hands, but I smashed them with the butt of the gun. He punched me with the glass and I went "away."

      3. There was a large-scale war going on over some plains. My friend was showing me how it can be used to our advantage. We approached some headquarters and he hacked the terminals. They opened up in a secure room. Once inside, he dissected a computer and looted the parts. When he was taking out the graphics card, the owner, my other friend, walked in. He was infuriated and they fought. After the owner won, he walked up to me, and I explained that I was simply shadowing.
    13. 08-06-12

      by , 08-07-2012 at 07:31 PM
      1. Running around on a smaller battlefield with all of my friends at somebody's graduation party. We all had a setup of our own, like Call of Duty. I would run around the entire field spraying bullets at everyone but eventually get hit. I found my co-worker there but he only came to say "Good-bye" and pat me on the back.

      2. I went to see Louis CK in Cleveland for my sister's birthday. When we got there, we were the designated ushers of the show. The crowd began to chant some phrase that we couldn't understand. My sister and I walked around to try and hear a bit better, and the phrase turned into "Louis. Louis." being chanted over and over.
    14. 07-30-12

      by , 08-03-2012 at 06:54 PM
      1. Spent time at Roscoe Ewing park to throw disc golf. I ran into a kid there that is supposedly huge in the porn industry. He doesn't exist on YouTube or Facebook but he's absolutely huge on porn sites.

      2. Spending a long night at my mom's house. When I went to leave, my car could barely drive. It lurched forward and smashed into the house. I did a donut and peeled out. My brakes were horrible and I noted that I needed to get them fixed. I then followed the road to the house I grew up in.

      3. I returned to my old high school. My crush was in one of my classes and she wanted to make bracelets. I went to get one and I got lost in the halls. Everyone there was completely different but so welcoming.

      4. I was staying at a house with my crush. She told me that she wanted to snuggle. I was playing EverQuest and couldn't kill a boss, whom was a creepy little girl that was every boss in one tiny package. I got angry at the encounter and left without snuggles.

      5. Staying at an unknown house with my family. While we were there, there was an attack on the city. The insurgents came into my house and shot my family. I broke into the garage and hotwired a truck. I managed to escape unharmed.

      6. I was walking through a store by Old Navy. There were fireworks going off above the city. Everyone had left the store to go watch the light show. I went into a clothes store and met up with my mom. I started floating and gliding everywhere. The customers kept acting strange like it doesn't normally happen.
    15. 07-29-12

      by , 08-03-2012 at 06:46 PM
      1. I was in a minecraft dungeon following a parkour session that was built by my brother. He has a weekly show where he streams our efforts. There is a killer's killer that tells others how to complete it. If you follow the path that forks right, you delve deepest and get lost.

      2. There is a trail that can be followed to a very cool park. Easy and straight-forward to follow through. My friend and I go through and encounter a lone man. The man shines a light but never sees anything. He walks over to us but we manage to slip away into the darkness. We encountered another group later as well as another man with a light.

      3. Hanging out behind an expensive SUV. There is a massive pop-out TV and huge subwoofers. Real-estate is brought up and this boy talks about how much he owns. It turns out that his dad had bought him everything he has and he is actually broke. I sat down and watched everyone swim in their respective properties.
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