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    First taste of flight!

    , 02-10-2012 at 03:47 PM (630 Views)
    Had a really short lucid this morning. I woke up for about 20 minutes and decided to try another MILD as I was still pretty tired.

    I was in a big house, looking at the view from the window it made me think I was on the third or fourth floor. The impression I had of the house, even without seeing it from the outside was that it looked like a traditional childs doll house, big pointed triangular roof, white picket fence etc. The room I was approaching was clearly a childs room, all soft colours, soft toys and a crib in the corner.

    As I walked through the door, I suddenly became lucid. I have no idea what triggered it, leaning against the wall I randomly told myself 'I'm dreaming' and it worked. So I did an RC, pinching my nose again. I can never remember to do any others for some reason. So far I haven't needed it but I know I should try to use them.

    Anyway, I tried shouting 'dream stabilize' and 'clarify' because it didn't feel stable, it felt like I was really dizzy or drunk. Things were blurry and I had trouble walking straight. I'm not sure if that's common. The dream did get more stable after a bit and I began to think about what I wanted to do with my time here. The first thing I saw while looking around the room was a high window showing a bright blue summer sky. The window was really thin but spanning the width of the room. I wanted to fly out of it, not thinking I'd be able to do it, I just lept up, arms in front of me and aimed for the window. Slowly, I glided to the window, almost like I was on a rope. Unfortunately when I got to the window I began to lose control of the flight and went off to the right, nearly crashing into the wall. I gave up on it when I got back to the ground and went to explore the house.

    After that I don't remember what happened, I probably started to lose lucidity. As I said it wasn't very stable. But this is the motivation I needed, just experiencing the buzz you get from it has reinvigorated my focus. Hopefuly it'll lead to more success.

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