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    1. First lucid since joining!

      , 01-11-2012 at 12:07 PM
      I finally did it! Immediately wrote it down when I awoke, althought I didn't get lucid until near the end of the dream.

      I was visiting a large shopping centre, in a bookshop. On my way out I was accused of stealing by the shopkeeper and she tried to grab me, I resisted because I knew I was innocent. Eventually I pushed her away from me and walked out the shop, at this point it became apparent that I was with some school teachers and I was a student. Obviously the teachers were very angry with my behaviour and started shouting at me as I walked away, ignoring them I carried on through the mall. Still walking away I noticed an old friend had come up beside me and told me that she skips school a lot with her friends. She then told me that they like to go and lucid dream when they skip school. We carried on walking until we left the shopping centre, outside it was a dark very cloudy night. Me and my friend sat on a ledge overlooking a back road down below, she told me that she wanted to jump down but she was scared of hurting herself. I looked at her and told her that it was a dream and it didn't matter, so she jumped and disappeared from my vision.

      It was then that an old style london taxi cab came reversing down the road below me, I read the last 3 numbers of the rear license plate, it carried on reversing until I could see the front license plate. I read the front plate, noticing it was different from the rear, I read it again and it had changed. This was how I became lucid.


      Realizing I was in a dream now, I read the license plate a couple more times noticing the changes. Telling myself I was dreaming over and over again helped me calm down a little. So I thought the next thing I should do is some more RC's, still sat on the ledge, I looked at my hands and tried counting my fingers and then pinched my nose while trying to breath.

      I remembered the next thing to do would be to stabilize the dream, so I started rubbing my hands together while taking my surroundings in. The sky was dark and cloudy but bright stars were still shining through casting light onto the scene. The shopping centre was still behind me and the road was below me, the taxi had stopped now. I stood up and looked back to the sky, I wanted it to be day. So I focused on where I thought the sun should be and snapped my fingers to try and change the time of day. Instead what happened was a flash of lightning. But as I watched I realised that the same area kept flashing with light, it looked like the sun was blinking on and off like a light bulb trying to turn on.

      Giving up I went into the shopping centre, where I noticed a door that wasn't there before. I was reaching for the handle when my sister opened the door and asked if I would like to come in, I said yes and squeezed past her. It was a very posh looking hotel room. She and her friends were sat on a bed counting down to midnight like it was new years.

      I'm not sure what happened really after that, I think I began to lose control of the dream and woke up not long after.