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    1. Weird doctors appointment

      by , 07-05-2019 at 03:53 PM
      In the beginning of the dream my mom, says that we're going to the doctors. I don't remember driving there, but all of a sudden I'm in this very small doctors office. For a while I'm confused as to what i should do. I enter a doctors office and say

      "hey could you-"

      She ignores me and is talking to herself I forgot what she says, but this doctors office is filled with a lot of other small machinery and the doctor herself is talking to herself in wonder as she swallows I think six test tubes of mutagenic serum, I would have thought it was something else, but she had that addictive look on her face. So i know what she was drinking. though for a while i thought she was drinking something else.

      The whole time this was happening I slink into the bottom left corner of the room, looking at her in amazement. She finally notices i'm there and tells me to go wait for the doctor, I leave the room, into a different looking waiting area. With this weird chair in the middle.

      I sit in it and a male doctor that's in a another seat behind me conversates with me about why i'm here. I don't remember that. I am called over to the office and while walking by over hear my mom talk about disease with a female doctor that is apparently infecting everyone in some country on the other side of the world.

      A very beautiful doctor greets me and takes me to her office. I'm pretty sure we also talk about my alignment and that it may be a very rare one. She tells me to get on the weigh machine, For some weird reason I am now a girl wearing a skirt. I have male genitals still.
      (Yeah I have no idea) I get my weight checked. I think it was some very random number in like the 300's or 500's. Then the dream fades out.

      2nd Dream: I am playing rainbow six siege with a friend, which I know is different from the one i usually play with.

      I get into a game and i am on the attacking team(also by the time I enter the round I am inside of the game, not looking at a screen), There's another weird character that has never existed, I'm pretty sure his name was a lot like fuze. I forgot his ability.

      It was a normal round. I kill one person who was peeking out of a window. I enter through that window but I can't find anyone else, I run up stairs through this dark household that had the occasional light coming from an electronic, and I see all of the enemies dead and I see two team mates there too.

      On the defensive round, I notice another weird character. His ability is this flying drone with a buzz saw running through the middle of it. It very big too. The round goes normal, and I see the drone just explode on an enemy it was very cool.

      Somewhere in the middle of the round the game suddenly switches and I'm now playing a match of battle field one. I don't remember much of the match, but I do remember hitting someone with a club on this weird standing platform.

      Everything about these dreams have a gaming aspect too them, even the doctor one. That mutagenic serum is from a game called cataclysm dda. These three are the only games I've been playing recently.
    2. failed dreamviews

      by , 07-03-2019 at 05:28 PM
      It took me about 30 minutes to write everything and then when i clicked post now, dreamviews said something about my token being expired, so i will skip out on typing my dreams again, but i will put some notes.

      I am in the process of ending my dryspell once and for all, I'm definitely not and wasn't a veteran to LD'ing, and i'm still learning lots. Right now I'm practicing 2 things, I'm doing a technique to become more self aware, the RRC and, and the ssild. I had a failed one tonight, but i got really close. I'm assuming it's because I'm fixing my sleeping schedule, it was also hard to fall asleep normally and in wbtb.

      I am also practicing a mantra, to help with recall and lucidity.

      It is wonderful that even though I am changing my sleep schedule drastically, that i was able to remember 2 full dreams and a fragment, albeit not too vividly.

      I'm getting close wish me luck
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