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    1. 7/19/19

      by , 07-19-2019 at 05:50 PM
      Dream 1: I am at my grandma's house.
      Ima skip out on details but I have sex wuth someone I don't know

      Dream 2: this dream has a fantasy game like feel to it. I am doing task for a king to unlock something. I think It was a dragon. This dream has a very big plot, I'm trying to rescue a kingdom by doing many different task.

      I choose the task by looking st a wall that shows them. Many of them are scary or weird. At one point I am observing a very small dragon(think of a very small Chinese dragon.)

      I think there was something else but I forgot.

      Dream 3: once again I'm inside of apex legends. I spawn in a town. I believe I was supposed to kill people to help someone do something.

      All of my team members were dead and I fight many teams with a R-301. At some point I am running through a forest to get to another town.

      Once again I feel closer to getting a lucid. Right now since I'm a beginner, every lucid counts. So I will list off when I feel I'm about to have a lucid. I'm sure once I'm a veteran I will not have to do that
    2. 7/18/19

      by , 07-18-2019 at 07:25 PM
      I slept at 1 last night and I had acohol in my system. So horrible recall.

      But I do remember a dream where I was playing apex with my friend A. I was inside the game as usual
    3. Lucid? Close but not

      by , 07-17-2019 at 02:24 PM
      I can't tell if I was lucid or if I had a dream about lucid dreaming.

      Dream 1: this was a very long feeling dream. I am on the bbn couch watching a video that was scary. I am surfing dreamviews. And I come across a tutorial. It was a very mysterious and weird. I think it was a technique that uses spirit. Guides as a gateway to lucidity. But I can't recall.

      I'm pretty sure this dream had a horror aspect to it. Because I remember seeing something scary, something trying to kill me.

      The tutorial. Is very long and it uses her dreams
      (the creator) as examples. Well as I read those I notice that she has two spirit guides or whatever they were. After all of that I fall asleep.

      In my dream I become"lucid" but I think It was a dream about lucid dreaming. It just didn't have that lucid feeling. (I can't remember the dream I just know i became "lucid" in it

      Dream 2: I remember a dream but it's too long to write it all down. But basically my brother and i raid these sheds to get back at people

      Dream 3: I remember a dream where I was inside of the game apex legends as watson killing multiple teams. It was also very dramatic.

      Dream 4: I also had a dream where I find some very strong tape of many varieties because my brother failed to get it(and a weird weapon that uses it. I was confused because it had no stats). As we run from the killer we tape up the doors and hiding spots so it can't get to us.

      I remembered one other dream but I forgot it as I was typing it up, I'll see if I remember later today.

      Dreams today were really chaotic. I also forgot a lot of details for some reason.
    4. Inside of my favorite game

      by , 07-16-2019 at 02:10 PM
      I know I had many dreams this night, but as I'm fixing my schedule I still have poor recall. Many things I remember are just little pieces that i can't put into anything tangible.

      Dream 1: once again I'm inside a game. One of my favorite games. Which is the last of us. I'm on the map checkpoint.

      As I start playing I notice the map is different from usual. I also had a point where I found shotgun ammo even though I didn't have one. And I also found a military sniper and used it.

      I played two rounds In total. Both i did what I usually do and shived people. I had a shorty and I think a burst rifle
      (my actual shiv class has the enforcer) I have many moments where my shiv is stolen by someone shooting the enemy.

      Another thing is that you can speak to the enemy. I've had moments where I've said sorry. And other things I don't remember

      I've had so many dreams where I'm inside a dream. But I have no idea on how I should become lucid from them. Does anyone have any advice for that? Like should I think of it as virtual reality and RC everytime I see or think of being in it or?

      Also I've been feeling that I'm getting close to lucidity again
    5. Before the great borderlands battle

      by , 07-15-2019 at 02:34 PM
      As wasn't able to get much sleep last night.

      Dream 1: I am inside the game borderlands. When the dream starts I have already completed a mission. After that. The game starts telling me something I can't remember. I just remember the part of. This woman is very dangerous. I travel to a camp and there I see a lot of bandits. But there's two special ones. A woman dressed in a odd assortment of purple armor. And a man that has red armor.

      I go to speak to them. And I see there dialogue options
      (imagine fallout new vegas's.) I have 3 options. The first is to fight. The second is to do something I can't remember. I think it had something to do with lieing. The third is to persuade them to not fight. I think for a minute and decide to fight for the loot and xp.

      I have a strategy in mind. As soon as we start fighting I get in my vehicle and start speeding away. I am driving up a hill and stop when I get into a town of sorts. As I look into the sky's a see many helicopters vehicles and infantry are filling the ground. As they are coming closer I start shooting. And the dream ends there.

      Yep I'm sad. I want some more action oriented dreams because I know I could easily become lucid from them. Pludt they're a lot of fun. I'm sure I can get my sleep schedule fixed tonight cause I won't be busy. Then I can proceed to beat the shit out of DC's

      I remember a second dream. But it's just me messing around with my best friend.
    6. More boring dreams

      by , 07-14-2019 at 05:30 PM
      Fragment 1: Fragment 1: I'm trapped with other people in some place.

      I don't remember too much of the dream. But there is a sprouting romance between me and another girl. This took place in a forest.

      Dream 1: I'm playing a game called Alex legends. And I'm playing in first person, inside of the game. In the beginning I am on the ground. There's no skydive sadly. Well I find another person(there's no teams in the dream) and he had a L-star. One of then strongest weapons in the game. I proceed to best the shit out of him with my fist. Which It took a lot of hits for him to die. I was punching so fast too each one doing less and less damage.

      The match ends. And the dude friends me. I don't remember what happens next.

      Recall was poor tonight because I also didn't get much sleep. But I'm getting more and more sleep. I should be able to fall asleep normally tonight.
    7. Another small dream

      by , 07-13-2019 at 02:16 PM
      I couldn't fall asleep easily last night due to having itches and pain last night for seemingly no reason. But I remember a dream.

      Dream 1: I'm talking to my friend about a restaurant I recently ate at. I was telling her that she wouldn't be able to even eat a salad there.
    8. Another small dream

      by , 07-13-2019 at 02:14 PM
      I couldn't fall asleep easily last night due to having itches and pain last night for seemingly no reason. But I remember a dream.

      Dream 1: I'm talking to my friend about a restaurant I recently ate at. I was telling her that she wouldn't be able to even eat a salad there
    9. A confusing and weird dream

      by , 07-12-2019 at 04:26 PM
      Dream 1: this was a weird but big dream. Almost like watching a movie.

      I'm in school or, I'm watching someone in school
      (it'a like I'm someone else or i'm Watching someone else. I'm in math class with my old science teacher(this is all in my old school, but it looks different) for some reason she makes a leader of a group of five children.

      She gives us a math question that I get wrong. But a person in my group gets right. I say I thought the solution was one 3rd for a female, not one half. After that class is dismissed, and we go to lunch.

      In lunch I have a conversation, heart to heart with principle. We talk about how everyone is different and have a personal life. Even if they seem like the average Joe.
      I eventually go and some large kid comes up to me and ask for something. I just stare up at him and say nothing. He eventually just disappears.

      The scene cuts and I am at a friends house. She's doing sexual stuff with her boyfriend. And they are on the bunk under me and some other dude. On the top bunk of the bed it turns into another room basically.

      I go to the bathroom, where my dog pee's so much it floods the bottom layer of the bath room. The pee looke a lot like oil.

      My friends mother, is apparently there. And doesn't mind. She says she'll call someone to come clean it up.

      Dream cuts. And I'm now outside the house. With my friend. This is where it gets confusing.

      He finds out that I'm a mutation master. Which I don't k own what it exactly is but they are very powerful.

      He and I eventually become friends at the spot. And I show him what it means to be a mutation master. He eventually picks up on it. And destroys a car with his palm.

      He then try's to turn me Insane by forcing some words into my head. Thousands and thousands of times. Same words being repeated in a creepy voice.

      It eventually stops and I go to him. He says he didn'y expect me to survive. And we have a monologue. Eventually we are back outside and he steals a truck. And decides to go away.

      I grab on to the back of the truck and he taunts me saying I won't survive. The truck starts flying at high speeds. And I feel it. My body feels like it's getting pulled apart. But i persevere. We eventually land next to a forest. Where my sister is.

      He lands in a patch of flowers and looks entirely different. He's struggling. In pain. And he can't move. I know what' happening. He'a having a backlash. He's not compatible enough to be a mutation master.

      I pull some electronic device out from his skin. And he is very thankful.

      Near the end I just run away super fast in then fly.

      After all of this. It shows some type of leaderboard, everyone is in the fifteen thousands or less. But one person is at 2 million. It shows time going forward and me going up the leaderboard. Eventually surpassing 2.3 million mutations.

      After this there is a scene of a young adult with a purple head and a weird shaped body. Talking to himself. He the proceeds to kill some terrorists.

      I honestly did not get this dream at all. It's the only one I can remember
    10. A very vivid Ld.

      by , 07-11-2019 at 03:04 PM
      This was a very big dream so I can't remember all of it, but I become lucid for a bit!

      Lucid 1:This dream is set in a another world, it just looks so different from our world. Like the culture is different. I am in something that could be called a hotel, but it is very dangerous as it is inflatable.

      My WL friend is getting married to his gf. And I meet him. We climb up a wall that I'd right next to the hotel and have a conversation that I do not remember. Then he gives me money.

      Somehow I drop 15 bucks in a crack on the big inflatable hotel and I climb on it to get it. Apparently I was too heavy for it. And I made it really wobbly. Causing the top part to inflate and go down. I quickly leave with m (my friend) after grabbing the money.

      Dream cuts. And I wake up, I have no idea if this was irl or if it was a FA. But I do my first DEILD. I don't enter lucid, but my heightened awareness makes the dream a lot more vivid.

      I am walking. Where too I do not know. But eventually I find myself at m's wedding. He is eating with his fiance at the wedding. Before they got married which is weird I notice, but hey.

      Right there I stop myself. A am silent thinking to myself "could this be a lucid dream" I decide to do my reality check. I do the nose plug rc, and there it is. I am dreaming! I get very excited, because this is one of the most vivid Ld's I've had.

      I get ready to this and to do that. But I stop myself. I remember what I've been wanting to do. But I don't do it. I don't need too.

      I decide to passively observe the dream. It was a weird experience, because I was lucid. But I wasn't controlling myself. It was almost like watching a movie.

      I go on to help martial set up his wedding, and watch him do it. I didn't think to eat any cake because I was passively observing, but I should of. I always wanted to eat something in a LD.

      This was honestly a new experience, because one, I always have low level LD's. This was literally like my second high level LD(and I know why. I've been practicing the RRC and it has heightened my awareness a lot. I'm also preparing to start meditation.) And two, I became a passive observer. Even though I'm new to LD'ing I didn't lose control of myself. Which in my books is an achievement.

      Also I'm pretty sure that I walked through a forest trail in the dream I just can't remember when (I walk through trails a lot in dreams)

      I have a second dream, but it was basically just me watching a couple have sex. Too boring to write all of the details down.
    11. important mall, weird hamster/guinea pig

      by , 07-10-2019 at 02:19 PM
      Dream 1: I don't remember the beginning of this dream, but i teleport to another town from my grandma's.
      This town is full of dc's. Well I'm looking on my phone and a pull up a map. As me and my brother are walking around.

      After traveling on a trail in the forest. I find some kind of wolf den on my map, and I tell my brother. He's telling me there's definitely no wolf den there
      (There's a stone platform near the dock with a small wooden bridge leading to another platform.) I jump to the platform ancross the bridge, and there it is. The so called wolf den. In actuality it had stray dogs. I pet one for a while.

      Then I see a hamster. I look at it. Then it says something. Yeah it talked. I was a little surprised at first, but I got over it. I take it too a nearby bench, and talk from it. Apparently it's from a tribe of bloodthirsty war hamsters and it ran away. Well I show my brother. He's amazed hen the hamster says hi.

      We are back too my grandma's house. I'm having a very quiet conversation with the hamster. About what we should do. I say it can stay here. It seemed really hesitant, but in the end it agrees to stay there. Eventually everyone finds out the hamster can talk. Then the dream fades out

      Dream 2: I'm traveling around in a big city full of dc's and enter a building. It's like a mall of some sort. I enter an area and there's several different sections. The biggest section is a wide area full of gemstones on display. They are all magical and have different effects.

      I notice the ones at the back are more pure. The whole time I am looking around. I'm trying to be careful as to not hit anything, because the cheapest gems cost 300 dollars

      Dream 3: I don't know if this is a continuation of dream 2, but it's similar. It's starts out in the restaurant section of this mall, I get a cheese enchilada and something, that I couldn't quite pronounce(while I was trying so hard to pronounce it, I had others go in front of me. So they could order). I don't remember eating everything. I remember after that, that I enter a small room full of weapons. I'm eyeing this magical great axe. Thing is, is that it requires 18 strength. I only have 14. Luckily I already have clothes that will bring my strength up too 18.

      I remember that I bought the axe just I don't know for how much. This axe looked cool as hell. with a magical purple fog surrounding it.

      I feel a connection to this mall. With a few changes and additions. I feel I could make this a recurring location. One that could also make me lucid. I didn't get a lucid for my birthday as I wished for. But I found something that means a lot too me. So honestly. I don't mind. I'm going to see if I can visit this mall for a while in my dreams. If so I will try to start recognizing it as a dream sign. Or maybe I'll start now.
    12. some boring dreams

      by , 07-09-2019 at 02:33 PM
      Dream 1: I am in my house, looking at social media. This girl I just got in contact with blocks me, and some dudes start texting me and giving me shit.
      In waking life I did just start talking to an old friend. But there's no fight

      Dream 2: I'm playing a weird type of game. which looks to be a mix between the last of us and mine craft. It looks like minecraft. But The game play is a lot like the last of us. With no zombies. I'm inside the game and am playing with my sister and someone else. I'm looking every where for collectibles and my sister keeps on complaining saying it's taking too much time.

      Well later on through all the adventuring which I don't remember. We fight a boss. It is very weird boss fight. You had to shoot barrels from the top of a roof inside the building. There was this dude that got bigger every time you missed and he was filled to the brim with muscles. I don't get the fight at all but dream me does. For a while we do that and eventually kill him somehow. In certain points he got almost big enough to reach us. So I had to hide behind a wall so he can't grab me.
      I don't remember if there's any thing else to the dream, but the way to reach the end is to build a rocket and to leave.

      Dream 3: That old friend is doing a karate class, this is the second time i see my old teacher. Well this karate class everyone did nothing in multiple parts of the dream. And near the end the teacher is throwing a ball at my old friend. I help her out and join. Later the dream just fades out.

      I didn't expect too much for today. That head ache was a big set back it seems. I would love to do great in the competition but I don't know. I know for a fact I'm improving, in recall and vividness, and I'm learning how to get lucid better.

      But why be so pessimistic? This competition last for a whole month, I can and will redeem myself.
    13. Worst headache in a long while

      by , 07-09-2019 at 01:20 AM
      The pain of my headache is so bad, that i decide to take my pills shower and nap. I actually fell asleep and remember a FA I had.

      FA: I remember getting out of bed since I couldn't sleep. My head was still hurting, but at a more manageable level. After I get to the living room I do a RRC and then I wake up.

      My head still hurts, but it's better. This has made me realize that I need to do a RC every time i get out of bed.
    14. sleeping at my grandma's house

      by , 07-07-2019 at 02:21 PM
      Trying to sleep here was horrible. The trains woke me up in the middle of the night, so I tried to wild. But I'm not used to them at all. So I just decided to sleep. After a while I eventually did.

      Dream 1:my first dream was boring but weird so I'm going to do a quick description of it. I was on a toilet outside. imagine a portapotty but without doors. So instead of using the restroom, I'm trying to wild while on the toliet. eventually i get frustrated and go inside.

      Dream 2: I have a false awakening. (I've began to get better at catching those and I will eventually, I've been doing RC's everyday I wake up first thing. I haven't missed a day yet.)

      Dream 3: I am watching youtubers play minecraft. It was like a weird variant of survival games, but with a very big world. At first I'm watching markiplier, but then it switches over to a different youtuber. Most memorable part is when he falls off a cliff, and someone jumps after him and dies.

      fragment: I remember this dream being very story driven. It is about some people who are murderers, are trying to become gods. Well it buds into this romance of two people who don't want to kill each other. But one is brainwashed and starts trying to kill the other. the boy has to try and unbrainwash the girl. I was an observer. Like watching a movie. I had no part at all in this dream.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    15. A fragmented LD sad I can't remember

      by , 07-06-2019 at 01:52 PM
      Bad recall last night. I had to stay up late, due to friends forcing me. I had all of these plans to do wbtb.

      Dream 1: I have started dating a dc. I have no idea as to why or what process but we did. The dream scene cuts and I'm in a car with my crush and another girl. That I do know and irl. We have a love, hate relationship. So we are definitely competitive in a way, and are enemies.

      Me and J(what I'm calling the person I know irl) are getting all flirty, and she eventually just shoves me on her lap in anger(I have no idea. But she's mad) My guilty conscious makes me take my head off of her lap, which also makes her mad. Then the dream ends. I noticed the scenery while in the car. The dream lasted way longer than it sounds. But I'd rather not say on how we flirted. I was on a road that was going to my house.

      Fragment:I am getting chased by some weird alien creature.I know this dream was on the longer side I just can't remember, I think I may have become lucid in this dream. It's just that weird feeling. It sucks that I can't remember.

      I just remembered that I had a FA: I woke up on my bed at night disappointed that my alarm didn't work. I put the phone to my ear and i ear something playing very softly.It's sad I didn't realize this obvious sign. But oh well
      I have realized something, I keep on having dreams about developing romantic relationships. Does that say something about how I'm feeling irl? Probably. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to stay up late to help my friend I'd of probably remembered my dream

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