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    The Fourth Factor

    Musical Metamorphoses

    by , 07-04-2023 at 04:35 AM (172 Views)
    All the most interesting dreams from this week involved music in some way. These included:

    -Applying a temporary tattoo of the notation for the amen break to my face, apparently for some event I was going to attend.

    -Working on a piece of music. As the dream progresses, the different parts become associated with characters, and a story plays out among them. The characters all travel somewhere special, like the moon, a number of times. I think it ended with everything being absorbed back into the composition again. Unfortunately, I canít remember many of the details as I woke up to one of the cats getting ready to cough up a hairball and had to immediately turn on the lights and make sure she didnít do it on my bouzouki.

    -Programming a couple weather patterns on something that looked suspiciously like a groovebox. Iím doing this at somebodyís request, at the shop he owns. Thereís a sense of the machine making the process much simpler than it would be otherwise, just a matter of pressing a few buttons. When Iím done, I make a mental projection of the future to check that my proposed patterns wonít screw up the weather in other places, and since everything looks OK, I confirm them.

    At some later point in the dream, I gain lucidity flying over a place thatís a cross between a highway and a waterway, with cars going one way and ships going the other. I decide to go back to the scene from the earlier dream, and I speak with the man to find out if he has anything else I can do there. It strikes me as an interesting thing to do while focusing on maintaining lucidity. I woke up not long after, though, which wasnít surprising as it was actually getting rather late into the morning.

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