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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Jack Black and a Snake

      by , 01-06-2018 at 12:24 PM
      Something about Jack Black driving in a car and racing us/street racing. Cops pull us over and we are in a jungle.Everyone saw a snake wrapping itself around my left lower leg and foot. I shook it off and ran. I remember being in a yard that was sectioned into four parts by wooden privacy (tall) fence. It was kind of like a movie set with four different locations. I was in one of the quadrants and I was holding a gun/rifle/shotgun? (lol i dont know) and trying to shoot at birds.
      I got down to the ground and saw a tiny opening in one of the fences and went to it. There was this small duck sound caller thing that a Swan gave me. lol.
    2. Little Fragments 12/30/2017

      by , 12-30-2017 at 01:11 PM
      Some Fragments
      - Something about telling somebody to give me the last two hot dogs?

      - It was my 26th birthday and was taking snapchat pictures with sister and friends. Found A gold dollar coin with my birth year on it in a pile of change from C's dresser.

      - Not sure if I was just flying or if I was an actual bird; but I was in the sky searching down below for a gas station.
      I saw an old timey one and flew down to it, complaining that it was old and probably didn't work etc..

      - I think I was near the gas pump but there was this odd wall made of small rectangular concrete blocks that I had to (for some reason) crack the code to them. There was a large beautiful tree behind me that seemed to glisten in the sun.Some male character was coming towards me.

      - In the hospital, had my left leg/knee on top of some ice. Sister says, "they must be getting you ready for surgery". I freak out a little and she yells asking the question. A person comes in (nurse I reckon) and puts a tube into my knee about an inch thick/around and pretty long, filled with cubes of ice. I guess the tube must have been through my knee/leg out on the other side because she began to 'Flush' my leg with ice. It went super fast through the tube and ice kept going through it really fast. It didn't hurt but I yelled out/groaned when it started because it startled me.
    3. 12/28/2017

      by , 12-28-2017 at 12:45 PM
      Something about Noah, maybe V and my sister too. Woke up with Raspberry Beret stuck in my head.
    4. 11/12/10 Fragments

      by , 11-12-2010 at 07:28 PM
      I think I was in a church? And I had to walk through it, and I did so with my middle fingers up in the air? lol? The people in there were looking, staring me down as I did it.

      Some kind of creature person that looked like 'she' was from a scary movie. I know there is more to that part but I can't think of any of it.

      CJ and I... and something more to do with the creature girl.
    5. 7/27/2010- Fragment(s)

      by , 07-27-2010 at 07:37 PM
      I know that I did have a lot of stuff I could have wrote down, but I kept waking up and and going back to sleep, so I didn't get to record any of it. I remember one thing, and if I happen to remember anything else I'll edit them in.

      -I was having sex with some guy in a pool.
      Tags: pool, sex
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    6. 7/26/2010 - Pterodactyl

      by , 07-26-2010 at 01:53 PM
      [my recall is like, all over the place, so I don't know how accurate everything will be, in-order wise.]


      Another dream where I am not really myself. First I see a classroom that only has 6 children in it and 1 teacher. Each child had a twin. They start talking about dinosaurs. Now, in first person view, I'm a pterodactyl and I'm flying very high in the air. I swoop down and start eating these buildings, that to me were very tiny, but that was because I was a large dinosaur. The buildings were a pale yellow, and seemed like they were made of legos.

      Other stuff
      I was in my grandmothers backyard[FL] sitting on the steps with my sister. We start smoking a joint.
      In NC at a relatives house, mother is there but its not really my mother, cousin Tabitha is there but it's not really her.
      Being in my old house upstairs in the little extra room. Opening up the roof all the way until the roof isn't there anymore.
      At some house, swimming in the pool with my brother. Some kid is acting like a little asshole towards my brother so I say something about it. I get out of the pool and walk inside the house.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. 7/25/2010 - Colorful City

      by , 07-25-2010 at 06:46 PM
      Colorful City

      I'm in a car with some people, and one of the guys has a golden sticker of the letters "bp" on his face, next to his ear. The sticker had appeared there because he took some drugs. I then take "bp", which is a pill. I'm in the backseat of the car, and we are driving on the highway. As I look out the window, I see that the city is unbelievably colorful. I see animated bright purple ribbons attaching to buildings, and gold ribbons too. HUGE Pink, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange ribbons. I say, "I never knew Jacksonville could be so colorful." I watch as the different colored patterns fly around the sky and dance and become part of the city.

      -Other stuff-
      being in NC, being in a mini cooper, being in a weird house, my sister giving me money
    8. 7/22/2010 A Satan Afterlife, and Gender Change?

      by , 07-22-2010 at 09:06 PM
      A Satan Afterlife

      I was in some kind of shelter that had posters on the walls about choosing my afterlife. One read, "Live your afterlife through Satan and do whatever you want! Just $1 Everyday!" I went into some room to learn more about it. The person handed me a brochure for Satan's Afterlife and I really liked the cover art for it. I was going to read through the contract, but then I walked to the eating room. I sat down by a guy that looked like Alexander Skarsgard, but it wasn't him. The guy was a vampire, and he showed me his fangs. We have sex on the table.

      Gender Change?

      (I looked like Jay Baruchel)

      I don't understand this dream, but I'm not myself in it at all. First person view. I'm a guy, and I'm running around some kind of huge shopping/activity building. I guess a mall, though a very large one, that sells every-freakin-thing. I'm just running around, and this lady is running after me. She's saying things like, "Stop! Security get him!" Although I see no security guards anywhere. The mall looks very futuristic, quite weird. It's like it is made of glass, or plastic, or a shiny metal. I don't know. There are no doors or any shops that i could see, but then on the right I see a staircase that goes down. I make a U Turn (lol) and start running down the spiraling staircase. I could hear the foot steps of the lady following quickly behind me. As I watched for the steps, the size of them, and the patterns seemed to change. When I was finally done and on the next or maybe the bottom floor of the building, I was in a very large hallway, much like the one above, but this was the entrance to the theater. There was one arcade racing game there, and I jumped up and down in excitement. Then the lady reaches the guy/me (I'm still a totally different person?) The guy that isn't me/Me-IDONTKNOWlol starts to touch the lady, and I guess they have sex, but I don't know because the next I see is the guy is running through the grocery store part of the building, and the lady is following him. The guy grabs her ass and then runs out the door, and the cashier yells, "He just felt her up! Get him!" And then three guys run out after the guy/me/wtfidontknowlol And one of the three guys points a gun in my/the guy's face. I/The guy says "Please don't shoot me."

    9. 7/20-21/2010 - A Time Machine, Masquerade?

      by , 07-21-2010 at 08:27 PM
      A Time Machine

      Some guy and V were with me, and a lot of other people, including some kind of teacher. She was operating the time machine, which was a door. She did something, and then the lights above the door flashed "ICE AGE". She opened the door and everyone went through. I was struggling to put on a coat.

      With the same people, I was at a really nice in ground pool. It was super fancy. I went to jump in, but didn't go in the water. I kind of just floated above the water, and when I floated over the cement around the pool, I stepped down with one foot and floated up higher and with more speed. I kept flying/floating over the pool.

      Fragments/Stuff Not Worth Going Into Detail About
      Repeated sex with some guy. Grandmothers house. Mothers bedroom. Some guy in a truck. A shed that the guy is going to fix up to sleep in.


      My mother had drove me to my old middle school. I was wearing a beautiful red dress and a sparkling red masquerade mask. When I entered the school through the gym, it was packed inside with people in all kinds of outfits and costumes. In the gym, someone had set up the bleachers. They were filled with people, all of them standing and each person had a microphone. They were singing a Christina Aguilera song, "What A Girl Wants", but the lyrics weren't right. A studio camera was filming them, and when they were done singing, they filed out of the bleachers and left. Only me and another girl were left to sing. The girl picked up two microphones, one was smaller than the other, and I chose it. Then the girl spilled her drink on me, on purpose, and I got angry.
    10. 7/17/2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 03:52 AM
      -I've gotten a notebook dream journal and have kept up with my dreams, but I really don't feel like posting all of them, so the latest one....-

      Friends, Flying, Highway
      I was getting in a little kids toy jeep thing and driving it down the shoulder of oncoming traffic on a highway, at night. All I could see were the headlights of the vehicles. I was going really fast in the kids toy jeep and I started to drive out of control. I got scared and jumped out of it, and my friend V and another girl was there, we had just came from some kind of talent show? I start running down the highway, still towards the oncoming vehicles, and then I ran across the road to the grass that was in the middle of the two roads. There was a white car driving in the grass ahead of me, and I started to run faster. Then I leaped up, and the view was looked like what you would see if you were in an airplane, (I imagine.) I see land, water, and roads.

      Then I remember trying to figure out where I was, I had asked someone "What's on top of New York?" (lol)