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    Beyond the Horizon


    by , 12-29-2010 at 01:44 AM (355 Views)
    I was at some random house for a party, but I didn't know anyone there. Something happened to one of the people, something bad enough to worry about a police officer walking past outside. It transformed into daytime and I was in Team Fortress 2, after playing it IRL the first time last night. There was a weird twist to it though; when someone damages you, you start transforming into them.

    For example, one guy was a walking tree (lol) and he got shot by some red guy, and half his health was gone. He transformed into a half-red human, half-tree. Towards the end of my dream, I switched classes to one that had dual machine guns. I killed to guys before waking up.

    Looking back on it now, I don't like that I was just a mindless killing machine

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