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    Ultimate Power of The Ice

    by , 06-04-2012 at 12:32 AM (548 Views)
    Ok so the title sounds cool and the dream is pretty cool but not as cool as...ICE!!! (I know it was corny but needed a friendly opening)

    So i'm outside around a campfire, in the middle of the woods. Their are about 10 people with me, not including our master...the ice dragon. So the ice dragon is telling us about how we either need to practice or about how we're gonna have a competition (I can't remember right now). All I know is that I have a partner and we have to find shelter away from the ice dragon. I forgot who my partner is but I think it's my little brother. So while my little brother (12) and I (14) are running away from the ice dragon, I see him rip off someones head. (So it's kind of like The Hunger Games, except we're all against the ice dragon, did I mention he was MADE of ice) We find shelter (a small building with only 2 doors), by now I've realized that our master has succumbed into his true instincts (to kill) and I have to survive. So my little brother is looking out the window and says "he's coming". Somehow the point-of-view changes and i'm watching him kill another person. So I begin to use MY ice powers to create and pile snow against the door, and I don't mean a little bit at a time, I mean about 3 or 4 tons in 30 seconds type of creating. In the flurry of the ice I see him hitting the door and making the mountain of ice move, but i'm still creating the ice. (Somehow he's just a blue dragon now) He bursts through the door, roaring and shaking his head back and forth, so I throw ice in his face to distract him while my brother and I race out of the back door (there is like a wall sticking out from another wall that we run behind and go into the next building. We do the same thing over again BUT this time i'm creating hard ice and snow (the snow to keep the hard ice from rolling everywhere) and he continues to bang at the door, but eventually he goes away realizing he can't get in and the dream fades away.

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