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    Death Game, No Ragrets

    by , 01-19-2014 at 03:40 AM (952 Views)
    If I have something that I think will help others with lucidity I'll post a link here, and I do a lot of lucidity research so I think I'l be posting link at least once week, hopefully. Here's a link that could help you with life overall and who couldn't use that? Meditation: 10 Tips on How to Do It and 5 Reasons Why You Should! - YouTube

    Dream 1: It's night time. I'm walking around with some friends I think it's one girl and two guys and my little brother. Me and the girl are partners, and the other two guys are partners. We've entered a game where you can die. (When I wake up I know that this dream is inspired from Hunter X Hunter) The game is continually at night, at some point I feel like we're at a house around a swamp, it's really smoky and you can't see far at all. We get out somehow and now it's daytime and I'm with my partner. The group got split up from some enemies and now I get the intense feeling that they'll pick us off 1 by 1. Then I look at my digital map, and one of the group member's light is flashing, it's orange or yellow and I immediately know that it's one of the two guys. I start to mentally freak out but maintain my outside composure so I won't worry my teammate. Just as I freak out his light returns to usual. I look over the field I'm in and use like telescopic vision to focus in on something horrible.
    My little brother is climbing a huge tree (which isn't odd IRL we used to do it a lot) and he's nearing the top (that would be odd we never get that high) as he balances himself on the point of the tree I perceive what he's attempting to do. I see a white bird flying around in front of him. He jumps towards the bird and it flies out of the way and now I'm watching with my mouth gaping as he's free falling towards death. I panic and out of fear I reach to try to catch him but instead I send a ball of water for him to safely land in, simultaneously I teleport to where he's falling. He lands in the ball of water safely. Whew..

    Dream 2: I'm at my grandma's house and I walk across the street into my old house. Their are a bunch of people with me, I think they might be my team from the last dream. I walk in and see a girl. I think we have something romantic beginning. Then I lie on the floor to put noodles in the microwave (?). While doing that a guy yells at me "You have to take action! You can't just wait for the nudes! YOU GOTTA GET THEM!" And I yell back "NO RAGRETS!!" And he yells with me "NO RAGRETTTSSSS!"

    Dream 1: I think that was inspired by a game in Hunter X Hunter and the brother thing was symbolizing how I don't have a close relationship with him but I'd still do anything for him, and that I find him really stupid.

    Dream 2: That I should stop waiting for romantic things to happen, not necessarily nudes but that was symbolizing trust I guess. No ragrets was my new year's resolution. It's a meme, I purposely spelled it "ragrets" instead of "regrets" just to add to the motivation.

    I'll be attempting to conquer WILD tonight using the "100%" tip, from that video. My usual problem is that I'm too lazy to get up and do anything to help with my WILD attempt, but tonight I'll get up and I'll write a DJ entry in my physical (and personal) DJ.

    Tonight's goal(s)!

    1) Succeed WILD, including writing in my dream journal and getting up to do something to help lucidity (maybe meditation or something).

    2) In the lucid dream, attempt to find Juroara, and fully stabilize the dream.
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    1. DefineMeAsOne's Avatar
      Thanks for the link. It was very informative.
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    2. LouaiB's Avatar
      Wow! Thanx!
      Tell us if you accomplish you goals for tonight
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    3. DefineMeAsOne's Avatar
      Hey LouaiB, I failed at my goal But there is always today
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    4. Lmrhone's Avatar
      I'm glad I helped! I didn't accomplish my goals but yeah there is always today! Actually I completed part of my goals, I did write in my dream journal and I did something to help lucidity, didn't get lucid though lol.
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