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    by , 02-02-2011 at 10:15 PM (496 Views)
    I dreamt I was an old gay man who was walking along the streets at 3am. I passed a coffee shop which had closed earlier; looked over the road to a small supermarket that was also closed, though the lights were on; and returned to the coffee shop. The owner was still there (and was also an old gay man), so he let me in. In the coffee shop dozens of really open shelves filled the open space horizontally, packed with books.

    The man made me some coffee (and I wasn't sure what to ask for, stammering, although I wanted something with caramel; so when he suggested something I just went with that) which he mixed multiple times with ice cream. Apparently if they didn't do it right they'd throw it out and do it again. Seemed like a waste of ice cream.

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