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    1. 18/2/11

      by , 02-17-2011 at 10:42 PM
      Fragments of Death.


      I was talking to a man called Peter. He had three minutes to live; after those three minutes he would have a heart attack. So we talked; and he picked up pieces of party mix from a bag with chopsticks. He ate two pieces, carefully, appreciatively; a square caramel piece, and one of those green musk sticks (although when you bit into this one it would flush out air into your mouth).

      Then he went over to the road and very visibly insulted and swore at a truck driver, who came out and bashed him to death. I couldn't look; and I'm not sure if it was the heart attack or the bashing that killed him, for the truckee was ashen. I wrote a memorial speech in chalk on the footpath, beside his body.

    2. 3/2/11

      by , 02-02-2011 at 10:15 PM
      I dreamt I was an old gay man who was walking along the streets at 3am. I passed a coffee shop which had closed earlier; looked over the road to a small supermarket that was also closed, though the lights were on; and returned to the coffee shop. The owner was still there (and was also an old gay man), so he let me in. In the coffee shop dozens of really open shelves filled the open space horizontally, packed with books.

      The man made me some coffee (and I wasn't sure what to ask for, stammering, although I wanted something with caramel; so when he suggested something I just went with that) which he mixed multiple times with ice cream. Apparently if they didn't do it right they'd throw it out and do it again. Seemed like a waste of ice cream.
    3. 30/1/11

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:03 AM
      I was Dionysus. I was walking through a park at night, and getting anxious due to the lack of light. I started walking faster; but there was no light, and nobody around. I needed to get somewhere to sleep.

      But then I turned into a giant white dog, and I found the place where I slept was infested by lions and tigers. So I was really scared; they would eat me. One was wandering in my direction and I tried really hard to not get seen by it; but it kept coming. I bashed on a nearby house's window, looking at the family inside, holding up one fingerpaw to illustrate I only wanted one night.
    4. 19/1/11

      by , 01-19-2011 at 02:53 AM

      Not a total remembered dream but let's see.

      I was holding a party on some sort of rooftop, and flicking coins at a wall, to see how far they could bounce back. The first one went really far, the second not so much. Beyond a fence was a row of plants in a skate bowl arranged in the shape of a question mark, and we could see under some of them that there were thousands of coins. We considered breaking in to steal them but decided if we were going to do that we might as well break into his house and steal everything.

      Somebody's mum came to check nobody was drinking. We all switched to cider really quickly and I left because she was weirdly cheery.

      A back room, and there were six towering entrances with shifting images of ghosts and such. I was stealing a bicycle with some people; but an alarm went off and we had to run out the back door, discarding bicycle parts as we went. We considered putting the rims onto some cars to hide them, calling them "Skyrims".

      Then there was this guy who was examining the doors and a lady was warning him against all of them. There was a giant figure which lead to the spirit world, and a door which had this monster who eat beans and vomited up baked beans. He went through one which lead to Neopets, found his way back, and then went through another door with the name of his ex-girlfriend to find himself in an endless procession of massive yellow folders. Eventually he had to play Rachmaninoff on a piano that appeared to get out, with his teacher suddenly accompanying him on violin. So he got out; but then people were watching a video inside the realm. He tried to warn them that without music it would collapse; but they didn't listen. He tried to whistle, but it was artless, and the whole thing imploded and I woke up.