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    2nd April 2014 - The beginning of LucidJordan's Dream Journal

    by , 04-02-2014 at 02:44 PM (329 Views)
    Hello, welcome to my personal Dream Journal. I will try to recall my dreams as well as I can here. After having a dry spell of not being able to remember any of my dreams over the past couple of days I tried the method of writing out a waking day journal which was suggested by MasterMind in THS thread. I will also report my sleeping hours, my alarm hours, and the times I naturally wake up in between. I aim to get 8 hours sleep a day, but I usually end up with 9 or 10. I have been recording dreams on and off in my phone, but my recall efforts were so good this morning that I found it was taking a long time to write this stuff up on my iPhone's notepad app like I usually do, so here I will keep my journal from now on. I will use italic red to signal things that really exist, or to comment outside of the dream.

    Also, I tend to go out with friends and stay in town a lot sleeping on couches and not getting much sleep for a few consecutive days. This is something I am not willing to give up, so it naturally interferes with my efforts to lucid dream. All journals here will be done when I am at home, or when I am in a comfortable state when I'm out and about.

    Got into bed at 1:30am
    Lay on my back and relaxed for a good while and did some slow breathing techniques, then after becoming relaxed decided to go onto my side to sleep. I always sleep on my side, I cannot think of a single time I have been able to fall asleep on my back except for when I was extremely tired one day and had a midday nap, having what I can only think of as the spark that got me interested in Lucid Dreaming. (I'd been lying on my bed, absolutely knackered, and I closed my eyes because it felt really nice, but I wasn't trying to go asleep, just enjoy being comfortable for a few moments. Then all of a sudden I felt a euphoric feeling overcome me and I could see my room spinning around me vividly, this lasted about 5 seconds and then I panicked not understanding what was going on at all thinking I was really awake, and I opened my eyes and suddenly found I was still and not spinning at all. I was left feeling very confused and excited, in a very WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED mood).

    Alarm was set for 8:00am
    Fell asleep around 2:00am
    Woke up naturally at 7:50am
    Time asleep: Roughly 6 hours

    Dream 1
    I was in a room with 3 of my good friends [Jay, Lloyd and Ash], and for some reason we got onto the topic of discussing who could beat the others physically in a fight. They were arguing between themselves when I interrupted and said I could beat them all up. They laughed it off and my friend Jay got my in a headlock.

    Dream 2
    I was at a music venue, sort of half behind the stage but mostly on the side of it. Someone was playing to a crowd but the main focus of the dream was my friend Charlie who was standing in a smart white shirt and suit pants with a tie to the side of the stage. After the musician finished, Charlie announced that he had written a Superman story and that it was being published to comic. Everyone was excited and cheered. Then Lloyd shouted something from the crowd to me about me laughing my ass off, at which point the focus was on me, and I was laughing my ass off. I don't remember why.

    Dream 3
    I felt like I was watching a documentary play out. It was about the people of the old city "Nyag". It was an old abandoned Asian town that felt like it had once been heavily militarized, but now empty of people. Two people were holding a chicken down and discussing an old method of stunning it so it could be prepared for death and cooking. The focus sort of went on to this old machinery that was a swinging motor with a stunning rod attached, but this dream faded off here.

    Back to sleep at 8:00am
    Woke up at 11:40
    Time since last awakening: Roughly 3 and a half hours

    Dream 4
    There was a knowing in my head that I had to attend a local music awards ceremony because I was receiving an award (albeit, a low ranking award). I showed up outside the building and my friend Lloyd came outside to meet with me, he gave me a bear hug and we went inside. The guy at the entrance desk asked me for my ticket, and I told him I was receiving an award, he proceeded to give me a ticket. Then me and Lloyd walked inside to a bar on the right hand side, and he left me there on my own. I can remember trying to see a television above the bar but a man sitting in front of me was blocking the view with his head.Then my cousin James showed up, and he had two drinks in his hand, vodka and lemonade it looked like, but I didn't find out. We walked on through to the awards hall and the same man who was on the entrance desk was here, I passed him my ticket and James passed him his, and one of us said "Thank you Mr Wallace". (I have no idea what this is a reference to). Then we went inside where I split up with my cousin and sat at a table with a bunch of fancily dressed people who I didn't know. I can remember not really enjoying their company, they seemed like snobs but I don't have any recollection of what they were doing. I must have been drunk or clumsy in the dream because my phone, passport and other things were scattered on the floor, but I picked up my things and headed over to my cousins table across the room. There was a sense that I had left the snobby people for the much more comfortable friends and family table, I felt much more at home there. I never ended up receiving my award but I remember the friend I had beaten by 1 vote had made me aware of my close win. The dream ended with discussions (that I can't recall) at table with my cousin and friends.

    Dream 5
    Me and some friends were raiding some building in what appeared to be a First Person Shooter. I was in the upstairs part of the building defending against these ghillie suited up enemies that were swarming down from higher ground, the walls of this building seemed to have been bombed or knocked down, and it was all overgrown with vegetation. After I took out a lot of enemies I noticed one guy jump down the balcony and I jumped over with him in an effort to save a friend he was attacking. He bought down two pickaxes on a friend from above and i did the same to him in sync, but he didn't take any pain from my actions. Then it felt as though he was the last of the enemies and my friends grabbed him and held him down. There were 4 "good guys" now, me and 3 friends. Just as they went to take this last enemies life he threw a molotov cocktail and in a panic we all jumped into different areas to avoid it. It landed in the exact room me and a friend decided to jump into, fortunately it missed me completely but my friends legs were badly burnt. Then there were loud police sirens and suddenly the building became a modified version of my old house, and it was quickly going up in flames. Sirens started sounding louder and then we all knew the police would be here soon and we had to get out and flee the area. The friend with the burned legs couldn't escape and the other two didn't want to help, they left without him. I couldn't leave him behind so I picked him up and dragged him into the back garden, then I placed him on a chair and carried the chair across the garden (dat logic). We seen our two friends in the distance and they looked at us for a moment and then fled. I climbed a fence to the next garden and lifted the chair my burnt friend was seated on over to the other side, and repeated this into another garden. But this was fatiguing me greatly and there didn't seem a way for us to both escape. He looked at me thoughtfully and made me know that I had done enough, that I could leave and he was thankful for his life. Then I started super jumping over many gardens and came onto a road that was 20 or 30 meters away from my house. The sirens were louder than ever now and I knew I had to get out of here. Behind my row of houses there is really another row, and behind this row there is a place we really call "the backies", a grass area with a fishing lake that leads onto farms. I started heading for an entrance I knew about, and passed my cousin James' house (his house is on this row behind my row of houses behind my old home in real life). My cousin Sarah was playing in front of their house with some friends, she called me over as I passed and told me to look at what she was doing, which was jumping into the air and then crossing her legs and landing on the grass. I told her to stop because she might hurt herself, then kept on walking. An old friend Andrea appeared a few meters on and asked about what my cousin Sarah was doing, I explained the full lotus position and how it can hurt people who aren't flexible enough. Then I continued down the road, the sirens reminding me that I needed to escape. Looking for the entrance to the backies I found myself in a dead end, and had to hide behind a jeep to avoid a police car that pulled into the area.

    Looking for the entrance led me back onto the row of houses my home was on, and there was a body of water separating the rows behind now, but I could see where I wanted to get to. It was as if the row of houses at the back weere now on a piece of land that was floating on the water. I went back the way I came and passed a friend called JohnDonaldson, he waved and said hi then disappeared. Then I found myself on this floating land area. This was nothing like the backies though, all of a sudden the place didn't resemble my old streets, it was like a little garden utopia that was floating on water. As I walked over this beautiful padded green vegetation with two strangers I found myself in a garden party and girl shouted over for us to stop walking on her carpets that she had just had laid down, these carpets were beautiful vegetation though. I suggested she put up a wooden sign to tell people to stay off the grass.

    Then as I walked through the hordes of people I found myself walking into a building that was a space adventure center for kids. There was now a woman ushering me about, and I sensed that my goal was to escape and I was getting distracted, so I tried to leave, she then pushed me into a small room with two men and the door closed behind us, one of the men was a security man. I started panicking thinking I had been caught, but they told me not to worry. A door on the other side of the room then opened and we walked into a huge stadium sized half dome which was a cinema. We were on the back row which was the highest, and we were in the middle. It descended down in rounded rows to the bottom. The security guy was 10-15 rows in front of us and I started thinking about how I could escape whilst looking over all these people seated in the room. Two kids to my right started laughing at me and then I spotted a fire exit right on the bottom left, I immediately started jumping rows to get to it and took chase from several security men. I made it to the exit and came out into the streets of Liverpool City Centre, then there was some focus on the security guy who said he was unhappy I got away, he said he was using me to test out an alien device, so it turns out he had nothing to do with the police danger.

    The dream ended with me contemplating how water tap systems might work (I have no idea why) and I seen 5 holes on top of one another, with the hole at the top being the smallest and the rest of the holes getting progressively bigger, and then a device that switched its connection to each of the holes according to the pressure being demanded, different size holes for different water flow. Then I thought this is system was overcomplicated, and imagined a lens shutter type eye which could collapse on itself and open to dictate how much water flows through.

    Total time slept: 9 - 9 and a half hours
    Total alarms used: 1
    Total awakenings from alarms: 0
    Natural awakenings: 1
    Method used to log down dreams between awakenings: Quick tag method, with some small detail added.

    EDIT - I almost forgot the best part. I also had a strange experience at some point that didn't feel like a dream, but more of an awareness whilst in a sleeping state. I felt like I was playing music and moving my hands to make the music, the feeling of moving my fingers wasn't present but it felt like this feeling had been replaced, and when I tried to move my hands or fingers it felt like music would play, and I felt like I was in a perfect state of harmony and rhythm whilst playing. I can't remember the sounds, only the experience. This is one of the most surreal things I have ever felt, I can't explain it too well. I hope it happens again!


    WELL, that wasn't very exciting, I have definitely had more exciting dreams in the past. But I enjoyed recalling some vivid dreams for a change and I'm sure it will become much more easy to use reality checks if this vividness stays. I'm sure once I get control of my dreams things will become much more interesting. Cannot wait until I can log my first proper lucid dream that lasts more than 10 seconds!

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