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    The Eyeball

    by , 08-18-2014 at 08:59 AM (664 Views)
    The Eyeball
    Lucid #36


    I attempt WILD (It might have been a FA because I think my curtains weren't there)
    After the HI settles I find myself in my room. I do a RC and I am certain I am dreaming. I keep laying on my bed to stabilize the dream. I yell "Stability" and "Clarity" and my voice sounds like I am speaking in a slow motion video. Although the dream quality doesn't change. I look at a poster of a soccer-player I have in my dream-room and the dream calms and gets really vivid. I decide it is time for me to stand up so I start with sitting on my bed and slowly get up. The dream vividness fades a little when I move but I ignore that..
    I remember the eyeball task and stare straight ahead. I take my right hand and move it to my right eye. I take all my five fingers and push it arround the eyeball and it comes out with slight discomfort but no pain. It makes a squishy sound and I have an eyeball in my palm. It looks pretty realistic and I get a little freaked out, although I keep looking at it. It is white with green-brown eyes
    (I have really dark brown eyes in WL). I can make out some little blood-vessels and the optic nerve is still attached it and fans out in litlle sub nerve endings leaving it looking like a red fern . I also notice some liquid in my palm but then quickly decide to throw that thing away . It hits the wall and I decide to wake myself up to journal (Worst decicision ever)...

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    Tags: eyeball, gross, totm
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    1. charlila's Avatar
      lucidmats - about the time of this dream of yours, my "lazy" eye got worse. it's ups and downs all the time - but this time worse than usual.

      she used to be my better eye - until my dad told me, back in 96 or 97, [by transe-atlantic phone call] he wa about to be operated to replace his eye lens with artificial one.
      i felt my own eye got hurt, though physically nothing hapened to it. . my other eye got in charge, stoped being "lazy", up to this day. shortly after my partner's eye was severely hurt. but recovered later.

      end history. now, reading your dream, i was a bit shocked - felt your throwing your eye to the wall as causing a pain in my eye. feeling as physical trauma, as if i have a black eye.
      but it's recovering ever since.

      should i yell at you? thank you? you can always claim you have no clue who i am, and what do i want from you?
    2. charlila's Avatar
      and why worse decision ever?