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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Fight - 1

      by , 07-30-2014 at 01:00 PM
      Fight - 1


      It looks like I am kind of an agent/spy, a very well trained one. I am on a mission of protection some Persian Sheik's son.
      I have to bring him somewhere. We go through the backdoor of a shop but as were about to leave the shop something explodes and I get thrown out of the shop by the force of the explosion. The whole store is on fire and there is no way the kid survived.
      Years later I am eating in a restaurant when the windows bursts and someone starts shooting at the people in the restaurant.
      I find myself hiding in the kitchen together with Justing Long (actor from Die Hard 4), but he tells me he can't do this, start running but instantly gets shot. I follow him and look through the shattered store front. I see the shabby street, gray and full with trash. On the other side I can spot a balkony, connected to the street with a ladder. I wanna look away but I see a person climbing down that ladder, obviously in a hurry. Thats my guy I think and start chasing him. He has his back to me and doesn't seem to be running away. As I am following me he starts talking. He tells me the name of the man he just shot and everything else. Then he goes on telling me about a 15 year old, left in the flames, scared and without hope. I realize he must be talking about the persian boy in the explosion and as soon I finish that thought he turns arround. He looks normal with a scruffy beard and short hair. But on his neck he has some metal attachements I don't understand. Also his ears are covered in with a metal ball. He takes them off and reveales some earphones. But not the metal creeps me out, but when I look at his bare chest I see stripes of skin missing forming the word Fight, Far or Flare. The "camera" zooms in and I see a short video sequence with smoke and the title Fight - 1. It looks like an intro to a wrestling match. I look at his face again and see he also has 3 missing stripes of skin on his cheeks.

      (The dream jumps to another scene which repeats itself randomly a couple of times in the course of the dream)
      I am at a playground where a little boy plays in the sand. He yells mommy, but I just know that his mom isn't alive anymore. He shouts mommy again. I look to my right when a centrifugal begins to turn. I hear a little girl screaming from the top off her lungs: "She's my mommy!", in the creepiest voice I've ever heard! The centrifugal keeps spinning and reveals the little girls face. I look at her and see a gruesome dolls face with a mad grin and blood-shot eyes staring at me. She repeats, It is my mommy and the scene jumps to the story with the boy again.
      I find myself in a little shed together with Olivia Wilde. It seems we have to pass some sort of trial without water or food. It is insanely hot and soon the persian now man comes in with wraps and coke but doesn't give any to us.
      The persepective switches into 3rd person and I can now see where we are. It is definitely a jungle but it is completely artificial. The river is tiled and the water looks more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. The persian boy must have used his wealth to create his own paradise and now needs to trained agents to do something for him.
      I am at the playground again and everything happens exactly like the first time, besides I am closer to the doll now. As she turns all I want to attack and leap at her. I expect to tackle her, but just jump right through her
      and wake up..
    2. Karate and Kate from Lost

      by , 07-21-2014 at 06:23 PM
      Karate and Kate from Lost


      There is a Karate Tournament going on. I fight 2 times and win. I mess with a guy but nothing happens. I talk to my trainer about something. We also talk about my ex jujutsu trainers.
      The scene changes and I am at a party. A lot of girls are there and also a lot of my friends. One girls start giving me a lapdance. She goes away after a while and winks at me while she leaves the room. Were suddenly at a different house from some guy. Kate from Lost is there and I kiss her. She asks me why that took so long and we go upstairs. I go to the bathroom. When I leave the bathroom Bruce Lee is standing there and wants to beat me up. I tell myself that hes actually nice and he vanishes. I go back into the room but its not Evang. Lilly anymore but Scarlett Johansson. We start doing it.
      After were done I see E.L outside in a witch costume. She tells me to come downstairs. I open the door but some girl stands there blocking my way. I tell E.L she should call me but the girl says no. I leave and drive away through the woods.
      Tags: karate, kate, lost, party
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Vacation

      by , 07-21-2014 at 03:31 PM


      I am going on a surfing trip with my mom. We take a boat to the island we are planning to go to. We enter it in a little bay and start driving. On the right I see a lot of big, expensive houses. From time to time the water colour changes from almost white to a nice blue where it gets a little deeper. A whale jumps out of the water and makes a huge jump. We arrive to a little island with a beach. I take my board and surf to the man whos supposed to show us everything. I dont wanna touch the ground because I am scared of animals trying to hurt me.There are 3 other people, two women and another guy. All look very surfer like.
      It gets later and theres a party going on. A guy is handing out pills. I take five. I start freaking out and try talking to a friend but I cant. When I am sober again I tell my friend how weird that was and he tells me it was just sugar in the pills.
    4. An old man

      by , 07-03-2014 at 01:57 PM
      An old man


      I meet a really nice old man. I find out he is being chased by soldiers. He tells me they killed his wife in the garage. Since that he is even more scared. I decide to help him with his stuff. One day I find that even his neighbours are evil when I have to run back into the house a hail of bullets. I grab some baskets on my way inside. They are filled with handgrenades und explosive stuff. There is a hole pile of grenades but its too much to grab. I cant find the old man. I panic and go to his room upstairs. The drawn curtains are blue and cast blue light onto the bed where I can spot the mens outline under the blankets. I touch the blankets to see if he is okay. But the moment I touch them the blankets collapse.