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    1. The Eyeball

      by , 08-18-2014 at 08:59 AM
      The Eyeball
      Lucid #36


      I attempt WILD (It might have been a FA because I think my curtains weren't there)
      After the HI settles I find myself in my room. I do a RC and I am certain I am dreaming. I keep laying on my bed to stabilize the dream. I yell "Stability" and "Clarity" and my voice sounds like I am speaking in a slow motion video. Although the dream quality doesn't change. I look at a poster of a soccer-player I have in my dream-room and the dream calms and gets really vivid. I decide it is time for me to stand up so I start with sitting on my bed and slowly get up. The dream vividness fades a little when I move but I ignore that..
      I remember the eyeball task and stare straight ahead. I take my right hand and move it to my right eye. I take all my five fingers and push it arround the eyeball and it comes out with slight discomfort but no pain. It makes a squishy sound and I have an eyeball in my palm. It looks pretty realistic and I get a little freaked out, although I keep looking at it. It is white with green-brown eyes
      (I have really dark brown eyes in WL). I can make out some little blood-vessels and the optic nerve is still attached it and fans out in litlle sub nerve endings leaving it looking like a red fern . I also notice some liquid in my palm but then quickly decide to throw that thing away . It hits the wall and I decide to wake myself up to journal (Worst decicision ever)...
      Tags: eyeball, gross, totm
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    2. Sensei's Competition night #12

      by , 08-08-2014 at 07:57 PM
      Sensei's Competition night #12


      I find myself in a room, it is pretty dark but there's not much to see anyways. I can make out an old table with a wooden chair next to it. I don't know where I am and do a nose RC. I become lucid..
      I look arround and try to stabilize by running my hands together, I take a few steps but the dream abruptly ends and I wake up.

      The next scene is in a forest. The light shines through the leaves and everything is dimly lit. I am calm
      and walk arround. It seems like I have a destination but I don't remember where I wanted to go. I remember I was just doing SSILD and do a nose RC. Again dreaming.

      I instantly remember my master plan but get too excited and wake up.
      (I thought I was past that phase)

      I am on walking through some
      streets where I live. Again not knowing where I was planning to go.
      I decide to walk on the street and notice the lack of cars. I do a nose RC and become lucid..

      I remember to ground myself and drop on the floor, I scrub over the ground with my hands, and demand
      clarity. The world turns from
      kinda sharp to super HD and I am baffled by how realistic everything looks
      (that was by the far the most realistic dream experience ever!).
      II look arround and everything looks like it's supposed to look. I notice that not only my vision is really clear, but also I really feel my body in the dream and feel the wind blowing past me. (I think I woke up then, but I might also have lost lucidity or even lost my memory of what happened then. I think I remember reaching behind me to summon Cobb but that could be a false memory)
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    3. FryingMan's silky hand

      by , 07-24-2014 at 10:04 AM
      FryingMan's silky hand
      Lucid #28


      I am hiking through a beautiful forest and suddenly hear a barking. I look to my left where I heard the noise coming from and see a steep slope. Nevetheless the dog doesn't seem to care and comes at me. I fall to the ground and he bites me in my arm and I realize I am dreaming..
      I find myself in my house. I stabilize and do the 5-senses technique and also try to remeber my waking life my goals and what it means to be dreaming. Well the first thing I remembered is summoning FryingMan. I shout FryingMan and grab behind my back. I dont know what kind of hand I should exept, but then I feel a hand probably wearing a glove made out of silk. (Thats how I pictured him before in WL, because of him saying he would look like Santa, and Santa certainly has gloves) It feels very warm but kinda just lays there in my hand without really holding on to. I turn arround but I get too exited, also due to the extremely realistic dream and wake up..

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      Tags: dog, fryingman, hand, house
    4. Exploring my house

      by , 07-23-2014 at 10:04 PM
      Exploring my house
      Lucid #8


      I am at the beach and see a huge tsunami, I get lucid.
      I find myself in my room and stabilize a littlebit. I really doubt dreaming first because of the realness of my room. I touch the cold wall and it feels really amazing. I decide to go downstair but instead of taking the stairs I jump down a floor. I glide through the air slowly and like through gel. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror but nothing seems off. I go downstairs but the dream gets hard to keep stable so I decide to attempt a DEILD and ly down on the floor, ready to wake up.
    5. Drifting

      by , 07-23-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Lucid #7


      I am in a big field. I have a lot of brothers who all have big beards. We are all driving in our cars, old trucks. It seems to be snowing. Suddenly I drive my moms a-series but cant seem to get up the hill. A little boy keeps running infront of my car and I get mad.
      I am on a journey with Gandalf and have to crawl through a small pipe.
      I get lucid and I am back on the field in a shed. My dad is cooking something and I try to stabilize by touching the ceiling and looking at it, but as soon as I let go I wake up..
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    6. Ports and my DG

      by , 07-22-2014 at 09:53 PM
      Ports and my DG
      Lucid #6


      I find myself in a beautiful setting. I am at a port at sunset. Everything is covered in an orange glow. I have the feeling of being chased but forget about it. I get lucid. I meet a mexican looking man, not like a real mexican but the stereotypical mexican dude. He tells me that he is my DG. I tell him to inform me everytime I am dreaming in order to get me lucid. I ask him if we are in my subconcious and he answer We are at a place!. I ask him if everything is safe and he tells me that there are dangerous thing who could watch us, but everything I get worried about is that they are gonna watch me have sex in my lucids
      Tags: dream guide, port
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    7. Washingmachine

      by , 07-21-2014 at 07:02 PM
      Lucid #5


      I am in a washing room with my friend. We talk with his dad and brother using a radio. We try to dream. I fall asleep in my dream and get lucid. Were still inside the room but I am scared and wake myself up by jumping through the ground.
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    8. Witchhunters

      by , 07-17-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Lucid #4


      I am at my school where a little boy approaches me and asks for a home and a meal. In addition to that he wants me to read him a story. I google horror storys and my phone and choose a story with a witch.
      I am in a big truck with to ghosthunters. I find out were on our way to the witch. We arrive and go inside. Everything is old, spooky and made out of wood. I have to duck my head. We go downstairs to the basement and meet the witch. She seems very nice and offers us to stay the night. I tell her if the hunters want to stay then I will too. She shows us our beds which are only 2 wooden planks. She lies down and starts telling us weird sex storys. She undresses and stands up. She asks me to join her and I do . The hunters turn into women too and well, no further explanation needed. I hear a narrator telling us about lucid dreaming and do a nose-RC.
      I get lucid. My nose is really big and deformed. I take a look around in the basement and wake up..
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    9. Sportscars and Lady's

      by , 07-03-2014 at 12:48 PM
      Sportscars and Lady's
      Lucid #3


      I lam in a car with two very good looking ladys. It is a black, very expensive sportscar as I notice soon. I am in the front seat and one of the girls is sitting in the backseat. I ask them if I can drive and they let me. I have some doubts because at that point I didnt have my license yet, but I do it anyways. We drive arround a littlebit until I see a military barrack infront of me.
      They seem to be training and I fear they might see me and take me to jail.
      I am in my school, in class and try to sneak out. I check out at the front office and go outside, just to see my teacher waiting for me. The next thing I know is that I am on the roof of a driving van singing some song.
      I become lucid and try to jump but I wake up soon..
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    10. Bike-Tour

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:22 AM
      Lucid #2


      I am partying with a bunch of my friends. Suddenly I am on a basketball court and play basketball. A friend comes by. Next to us we see a group of kids. I cant dunk the ball when they look at me. Now it looks like I am in my school. I go watch a movie with my brother. We decide to watch Wolverine. Suddenly I am back at the party and worry about him being alone in the movie-theatre. I take a bike and start driving there to get him. I do a nose-RC and become lucid. I see a lake and everything is really bright. I feel the air on my face, but wake up..
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    11. Highway to Lucidity

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:13 AM
      Highway to Lucidity
      Lucid #1


      I am on a highway. I realize I am on the wrong side and I see cars coming my way. I notice I am dreaming and lift up the cars. I telepport in the nearest car, an orange sports-car. I wake up..
    12. Train Station

      by , 07-02-2014 at 02:48 PM
      Train Station (SSILD)
      Lucid #16


      I am a t train station with a friend. We follow the platform, which is made out of wood planks. As we go we see people jumping from different spots. I realize everything arround the station is a big playground. We get to the end. In front of me I see some bars. I squeeze myself through them and climb down in something what looks like a pit. Its dark and Im a littlebit scared. I dont know the location but I realize the train station is build on poles, like a pier.
      I climb back up to see an old man and some old ladys waiting for me. Apparently I colored the wood-planks while climbing down the bars. I look and my tshirt is indeed stained with white paint. The old ladys seem to be on my side, the old man on the other hands threatens me with calling the police. He seems like loosing interest in the situation and I climb back down. Now I really dont like the location and climb back up. My friend grabs a crossbow and shoots an empty bootle standing somewhere at the playground. Knowing there will be glass where the kids play I panic and start running away.
      I find myself chewing on something, I spit something out and see a tooth in my hand.
      I get lucid, look at the tooth in my hand and try stabilizing but I wake up..

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    13. Bad Grades

      by , 06-22-2014 at 08:10 PM
      Bad Grades
      Lucid #14


      Im in my teachers room, together with my friend. For some reason he has artificial limbs. I listen to them talk and he finds out hes getting bad grades. They both start a fight and my teachers takes his legs and throws him out of the window. I take something formed like a clubb and hit him with it. He drops to the ground and i run to my friend to see if hes ok. I throw his legs and his phone through the open window. I try to jump out to but i dont seem to fit. I go into the hallway and as i walk towards the main entrance everybody looks like me as im a celebrity. I get nervous and walk faster. I meet him outside and help him up. We start running but suddenly i stop and realize that i just messed up my life by hitting a teacher. I freak out but then i do a nose RC due to a suspicion and voil im lucid.
      I take time to stabilize by using all 5 senses. I look up into the sky and it looks beautiful. I try to walk but i only manage to float and dont realla get far. I try taking off and flying i feel the air in my face, everything gets really bright and i wake up.

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