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    3/6/16 - Uncle's Hotel with Mark

    by , 03-06-2016 at 08:39 PM (282 Views)
    I'm in Uncle's old house. I'm upstairs. The hallway is exactly the same but much bigger. It has a rich, hotel type of feeling to it. The bedrooms are set up like hotel rooms and I'm staying at the end of the hall, the bedroom to the right. I start making my way down the hall, headed to my room. Someone grabs me from behind and turns me around to face them. It's Mark. I feel a bit shocked, like his presence is really unexpected, but he just smiles at me. He turns me a bit and pushes me gently against a wall. I ask him if something is wrong. He shakes his head and moves in closer to me. He makes it so that our faces our barely an inch or two apart. I feel like I should be more nervous about this situations but I'm not. It's weirdly easy for me to keep eye contact with him and to be that close. After a few moments he smiles again and kisses me. It's only a soft touch of lips at first. He pulls back a bit to look at me, to see my reaction. I look at him and smile for the first time. I raise my left hand and place it gently on his face. My hand slowly slides down to his neck. I then hold the back of his neck and pull him back to me, kissing him again. I watch him close his eyes and I follow after. He turns his head slightly to the right and our kiss deepens. After a minute or so we pull apart and stare at each other. We both smile and he grabs my left hand, entwining our fingers. He leads me down the hall to my room and opens the door. I follow him in.

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