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    8/18/16 - Fixing My Wings

    by , 08-18-2016 at 11:41 PM (384 Views)
    I'm standing in a large hotel room. It must be a suite because there's multiple rooms. I'm in the center of the sitting room, maybe. I'm wearing jeans, but I'm not wearing a shirt or bra and I'm not ashamed or trying to cover myself up in any way. A man is standing behind me, touching and examining my back. He asks me what I want to be done about it. I tell him that if there's anything he thinks he can do, to please do it. I then start telling him about how I got my tattoo. And I tell him about how it looks nothing like the art I originally wanted, that my dad completely fucked up and did a horrible job. He hummed in agreement and said that he was sure he could fix it. He then walked to stand in front of me and said that we should get started. I smiled and nodded happily. The man smiled back.

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    1. melissajuice's Avatar
      That sounds weirdly ominous but comforting.
      Sorry about your tattoo though lol
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