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    construction project; poor neighborhoods; shaving instructions

    by , 04-06-2011 at 11:40 AM (373 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was walking through some park with my mother. It was daytime, and the sunlight was kind of pale. My mom and I were walking along some kind of concrete walkway and up a slight slope. At the top of the slope and off a little to the left, my old friend D sat on a concrete staircase.

    My friend D wore a brown, button-up shirt, not tucked in, and light brown, casual pants. His hair was a little long and paler than usual. D looked depressed. When I first saw him, I wondered how I might be able to avoid him. But when I saw how depressed he looked, I figured I should talk to him.

    D told us that he knew I hadn't wanted to talk to him. He was only here at the same time as I out of coincidence. He was actually with some group of people working on some kind of volunteer project. D was actually on a break at the moment.

    D took me to where the volunteers were. The project was all about pouring concrete for something I may have thought of as an ice skating rink. D showed me that first, people lay down wooden shipping pallettes, so that the slats of each pallette made some kind of checkerboard pattern. Then concrete was poured over the pallettes. The pallettes were supposed to hold the concrete in place.

    But I realized that the concrete was supposed to go much higher than that. I asked D how the rest of the concrete was supposed to stay in place. D said that other pallettes were added to the first layer of pallettes, stacked one on the other. But the checkerboard pattern was alternated.

    At some point, D may have tried to illustrated what he'd meant. But he may have been required to "go outside" with us, as if the construction project had been inside the whole time. He may have taken me and my mom outside. Then he may have asked more personal questions about our friendship, which I felt bad about.

    Dream #2

    Some kind of documentary about poor neighborhoods. The neighborhoods looked really torn down and destroyed. For some reason I felt bad about not living in these ruined neighborhoods myself.

    I was now flying through some neighborhood that looked like the neighborhood where my family had lived while I was in high school. It felt empty and desolate. It was daytime, and it may have been winter. I feel like there was snow everywhere.

    I flew over a lot of backyards. All the backyards were strewn with junk. I finally came to my family's old backyard. I landed on the top of a wooden fence and looked into the yard. This backyard was filled with somethink that looked like old cloths or tarps. The tarps appeared to have been frozen by the cold.

    Dream #3

    I had bought a new razor. There had been a lot of talk about my razor with a few friends of mine who work in the deli in my office building. I kept shaving and looking at my razor and the other razors I could have bought, as if the bathroom I was shaving in was somehow mixed with the store I'd bought the razors from.

    At some point, one of the deli workers slapped me on the back in a friendly way and told me to shave in an upward direction. He then said something about how I was going to have a good shave. That was apparently the same thing as saying I was a good guy.

    I was apparently shaving off my mustache. I wondered if that was a good idea.

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