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    contact lenses and bike; mugged in an aqueduct; girlfriend in diaper

    by , 10-22-2011 at 03:52 PM (691 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in an eye doctor's office, probably with my mom. The office kind of looked like a house. We were in a front room, and I was right on the threshold to a back room.

    The eye doctor, an older, kind of pretty woman wearing a white labcoat and eyeglasses, was telling me about contact lenses. I told the woman that I've always been afraid of contacts. My body is always so sensitive to contact with stuff that I've always thought that if I wore contacts, my eyes would get all infected.

    The eye doctor told me these contacts were new. They were disposable. So sensitive skin was far less likely to be infected by them.

    I looked down at a paper on the counter. The paper advertised the contact lenses. The paper actually reminded me of the Heimlich maneuver posters seen in restaurants. I wasn't very assured by it.

    I was now riding down the street on a bike. I was heading back home. It was a really sunny, clear day, and I was riding on an open road, with open fields on either side of me. It was really easy for me to bike -- I was just coating along, but going really fast.

    Eventually I came to more populated parts of town. I was riding alongside some cars. I stopped with the cars at an intersection stoplight. I thought I must almost be home by now. I was surprised. I was almost home. I had never taken this way home before. But it was really quick. I'd have to take it from now on.

    At the intersection, a maroon-colored van with "my family" in it pulled up to my right. A dad, kind of fat, with shaggy, curly, dark hair and a bit of shadow of stubble was driving. Somehow I was now "inside" the van -- even though I was still outside, on my bike. But now that I was "inside" the van, the van would control where I went.

    I was disappointed. I really didn't like this father and I really didn't want to be in the van with him. Besides, I'd been going my own way and doing well. Why did I suddenly need this father to control where I was going?

    Dream #2

    I was out walking along the street in something like a residential neighborhood. It was a clear, sunny day. I was walking on the right side of the street. To my right was probably an open field. The street, on my left, was pretty wide.

    There were blocks of houses on the other side of the street. The block forked off a bit farther up, so that one of the streets wound off and drifted off to the left, while another of the streets went kind of straight and up a slope.

    There were two people walking along the street parallel with me. There were another two people walking down the slope, coming in the opposite direction from me. I needed to cross the street.

    I began to cross the street. But when I saw the two people walking parallel with me, I thought they looked a little weird. I was about to cross back over to the right side. But I just decided I'd cross all the way over to the left side, figuring I didn't want the two people to think I was afraid of them.

    The two people were a man and a woman. The man was tall, pale white, slightly muscly, with a mustache and pale, blue eyes. He may have been wearing a pale, yellow hoodie. The woman was shorter than me, pale, with brownish hair. She wore a black, leather jacket, a white shirt, and blue jeans.

    The guy, as I passed him, said, "Hey! Hey, you!" as if he needed my help with something. I looked over at him. But then he looked up ahead and saw the other two guys approaching. He told me, "Oh, nevermind."

    I kept walking, and the two guys passed me. They were both probably black. One wore a brown hoodie and brown pants. The hoodie may have had some orange lettering on it.

    The sloped street was now something like an aqueduct -- a little concrete channel like an empty, man-made river -- instead of a street. Some of its sides may have been grafitti'd. It was already walking up it.

    I could hear the man and the woman hurrying up at me now. I thought I should turn around and go a different way, so I wouldn't be walking up the aqueduct with these two people following me. But I didn't.

    Right as I got into the part of the aqueduct that sloped up and a bit to the left, the man pushed me down to the ground. He had me pressed with my back to the ground. I don't know if he was kneeling on me, but he wasn't bent down very much. He wasn't holding me down very hard, but I didn't struggle, becaused I couldn't tell if he had a weapon.

    The woman darted her hand into my right pocket and pulled out my wallet. She stood back up. She began going through my wallet, saying, "I got your wallet from you faster than an illegal immigrant going through customs."

    I didn't know why the woman would make her remark. I figured she was trying to insult me, as if I were somehow an illegal immigrant.

    I really didn't want the woman to go through my wallet. I didn't have much money as it was, and if she managed to screw around with my cards, I wouldn't have anything.

    The guy wasn't holding me down that hard at all. So I figured I'd struggle to break free. Then I'd head at the woman. If I had to fight the man after I broke free of him, that would be fine.

    Dream #3

    I was walking out onto a beach from some kind of residential neighborhood. A lot of people were out on the beach, all looking out at the ocean, as if some kind of special event were going on. But the beach wasn't really crowded, and everybody was pretty evenly spaced.

    Near the back of the crowd was a woman on a bike. She half-stood and half-sat on her bike, with probably only her right foot touching the sand. She wore a red and white helmet and a blue one-piece shorts and blouse outfit, the leggings of which looked a little too short.

    The woman was attractive, and I was looking at her bottom. But I noticed her bottom had a weird kind of puffed out shape to it instead of a panty line, like she was wearing a diaper. So I walked up to her and touched her bottom. She was wearing a diaper.

    For some reason this really turned me on. So I whispered in the woman's ear, "I could tell you're wearing a diaper. I love girls who wear diapers. And I love wearing diapers, too. Take me home, and we can wear diapers together."

    The girl got turned on by me, and we went back to her house. The girl had two or three female roommates. Time seemed to pass, at least a night, but maybe a few days.

    The roommates were all talking to somebody, another girl, they'd brought to the house. They said, "Yeah, it was just really lucky for her. He just walked up to her and said he liked girls like her. And they've been together ever since."

    The woman and I now had to go out somewhere. We were probably going to be gone for a couple days. We were getting ready to go. We were about to head out, when I told the girl, "Wait. Shouldn't we bring diapers?"

    The woman was now lying on the bed. I threw a diaper onto her stomach. I may also have set a whole pack of Pampers diapers on some counter somewhere.

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