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    cutting blanket; king tut statues; frog river

    by , 01-04-2012 at 12:54 PM (607 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in a big, empty room. The room had a grey, concrete floor. There was natural light coming in through a window somewhere.

    A brown blanket lay in the center of the room, on the floor. The blanket was made up of small squares. For some reason, I was now cutting the lower squares off the blanket. But I was leaving a couple of the central squares in one of the lower rows attached to the upper rows. So now the blanket looked like a square with a bit of a lip at the bottom.

    As this was going on, a movie was playing against the back wall. It was black and white. The film was old and scratchy. There were also four or five straight lines that ran vertically, up through the center of the frame.

    The movie looked like an Abbott and Costello movie. But Costello was a kind of serious character, and the other guy was a young, kind of bright, but shy guy.

    The Costello character was telling the man something like, "I don't think your idea for using the edges of the film-frame and putting sound on them is such a great idea. I don't think people will like it. It's too bothersome."

    I now realized that the lines running up the center of the frame were the soundtrack lines that Costello was referring too. I thought that they were bothersome -- if they had to be right in the center of the frame like that!

    But then I realized that those were the lines for this film. The film the man had made had the lines on the outside of the frame, where they weren't visible.

    I understood that Costello's criticism of the man's use of a soundtrack in his films wasn't valid. But I somehow knew that Costello knew this as well. In fact, I knew, Costello even thought the use of soundtracks in film was a good idea.

    But Costello didn't want to let the young man know he thought it was a good idea. He didn't want to support the young man's development. Costello felt that the young man was smart enough as it was, and that the young man would be so successful eventually, that he shouldn't have to support him in his efforts.

    I thought that this was a terrible sentiment on Costello's part, and that the young man was probably in dire need of help.

    Dream #2

    I lay in bed, on my back, in an otherwise almost empty room. It was almost completely dark in the room. The bed was set next to a wall, which was to my right. The bed itself was rather narrow.

    I looked out to my left, across the room. On the wall at the head of my bed was a window. It was pretty heavily curtained, but it let in, at the far end, a tiny corner of orange streetlamp light.

    I noticed, in the corner of the room that was dimly lit by the streetlamp light, three statues. The statues were all Egyptian busts. They were all set on square pedestals, but they were arranged in a really haphazard way.

    I knew somehow -- maybe from some narration in my head? -- that the busts were all supposed to be of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen. But all the busts were wearing the ubiquitous headdress of Nefertiti. And one of the busts, the lowest one, facing me most directly, was of a really chubby boy or man!

    Dream #3

    I was out on a beach. It was a nice, sunny day. There were a decent amount of people out on the beach, but not too many.

    For some reason, I suddenly felt like I had to leave. I turned to my right and began heading away.

    But as I left the beach, people began giving me troubles. I'm not sure what these troubles were now. But I think people just constantly kept getting in my way, even though there weren't a whole lot of people on the beach.

    I may finally have thought I'd counter the problem by flying. I may have started flying a couple meters above the ground.

    Now I was moving through an area of the beach with orange sand. Two enormous, black guys now came charging down the beach. It looked like they were just trying to start trouble. They had huge, long dredds and black, Oakley-style sunglasses, with silver rims on the tops.

    I may possibly have stopped flying. I may possibly have thought if these guys saw me flying, they'd just pull me down and pummel me. But once these guys passed me, I knew that I had to get out of here once and for all. Soon there wouldn't be anything here but trouble.

    I may possibly have gotten onto a bike like the bike I rode in junior high school. Or I may still just have been walking.

    I ended up on a concrete path in a park. I took this park to be a park from my high school years IWL. It was kind of like a trail on a small greenbelt running through a suburban residential area. It seemed like the path descended from here and went under a bridge.

    Either on foot or on bike, I descended under the bridge. Once I got beyond the bridge, I was in a much more forest-like, tree covered area. The path may now have been dirt, rather than concrete. There was a river on my right side. Trees also seemed to be growing up out of the river.

    I suddenly noticed a gigantic bullfrog sitting on the stump of one of the river trees. The bullfrog must have been 60cm tall! It looked pretty intelligent, too. It seemed to register my presence and be a bit worried about whether I wanted to hurt it.

    I acted calm and walked forward, trying not to regard the frog at all, so it would feel less worried. But now, up the way only twenty or thirty more meters, I saw another one of these huge frogs!

    I decided to get off this trail. I think I was afraid of the frogs. But I also think that I thought that if I kept having to act like I didn't see or care about every frog that worried as I passed it, I'd get bored as hell pretty quick.

    But also -- the trail itself may also simply have just ended: being cut off by the merging of a small creek on my left with the river on my right.

    I saw that if I jumped across the small creek on my left, I could land on the opposite bank. The bank was steep, but short, dry, and grassy. I could easily climb up it and out of this park altogether.

    But as I turned left to face the opposite bank, I noticed another huge frog! This one was also kind of worried about me. I was now in between two huge frogs that were all shifty and nervous. And I was afraid that if I jumped, my motions would be so fast and scary to them that they'd have heart attacks!

    I wondered how I could jump without scaring the frogs. The only thing I could think to do was close my eyes and jump. This way, the frogs would see that I wasn't looking at anything at all, and so I couldn't be jumping because I was trying to attack them.

    I closed my eyes. But I couldn't remember what the bank looked like. I didn't want to hit something bad. I tried to open my eyes again to get a good memory of the bank. But when I opened them, they were all groggy and grainy. It was really hard for me to focus on anything.

    Finally, the frog off to my right said, in something like a female voice, "There's actually a good patch right up around here."

    I looked up to the frog. I went to where the frog directed me. I jumped across the little creek and landed on the bank. I started climbing up the bank.

    All this time, the frog was still talking to me, in that kind of female voice. She was kind of friendly, like a really smart scientist, or a librarian. But I had the idea that the frogs really weren't comfortable with my presence here.

    At the top of the bank, I turned around to look back down at the river. The river wasn't there anymore. I was just facing a red brick building, which seemed to be set a meter or so down into a sandy trench. I was out on a road, it seemed, on the outskirts of a very small town in the desert.

    But this didn't even register with me. Down at the base of the building I saw a rectangular slat of an opening in the wall. Two sets of female eyes looked back out at me. I knew these two women were the frogs I had just jumped past on the river.

    I felt bad for not having spoken to them. So I did want to say something to them. But I also felt a little shy, like somehow these frogs were of a higher station than I was, and would thus be put off by my acting too familiar with them. So I wanted to keep whatever I said short.

    I said, "Yeah, I'm sure I'll come back here. So if I do, I'll talk to you guys again. I used to ride my bike up through this park all the time when I was a kid."
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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      You have a very analytical mind and I LOVE the part about the frogs... from them speaking to you, you speaking to them, the fact they had a higher status than you, and also how you felt like you were making them feel uncomfortable. How funny to see those traits in frogs. What were you thinking though? Did you realize any of it was strange during or after the dream? I would've been like, "HOLY CRAP! THIS FROG CIVILIZATION IS SO AWESOME, HOW DID I NOT VISIT THIS PLACE SOONER?!"
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    2. maboroshi's Avatar
      Thanks for the nice comments, Kaomea!

      I faintly remember remembering some really big bullfrogs I'd seen in my childhood. So I think that's how I justified the huge frogs.

      I also think I watched too much Disney as a kid. So if an animal talks to me, it seems perfectly normal. Or -- I also keep getting a picture of the Budweiser frogs in my head whenever I think of the frogs in my dream.

      I love the fact that you personally have so much control over your dreams that, if you wanted to go back to the frog river, you probably could!

      I think the status thing had to do with issues from my own life. There are definitely people I think of in my life right now as big, fat, bloated frogs -- who are blocking my path, or forcing me off of it altogether. But blah, blah, blah. Nobody wants to hear the violins.
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    3. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      I <3 those budweiser frogs and I might have decent control over some things in dreams but I swear to god, finding Auron or any of my other guides on-demand is near impossible. So guess it's a give and take.

      As far as the status thing goes, you'd be surprised. Auron is going through something similar. In fact, he was trying to get to a beach (whereas you were at one) and he was held back by people as he tried to leave (as were you). That's funny about knowing big, fat, bloated frogs in waking life.

      I have just one thing to say on the topic of people holding other people back (OH! Random thought, black crab syndrome!):

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    4. maboroshi's Avatar
      Truly fabulous.
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