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    fried chicken; love audition; amusement park persecution; malts by another name

    by , 12-01-2011 at 01:32 PM (400 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    Something about fried chicken.

    Dream #2

    I was in a huge room like a gymnasium. The gym was unlit, and the only light that came into it seemed to be from a fluorescent light in some other room. The gym was full of either mattresses, or just blankets, lying on the ground. Young men, and possibly young women, may have been sleeping on the mattresses.

    In a room just off to the left of the gym was a small, kind of narrow room, like a room for an art exhibition. A woman was somewhere in that room. She was like a talent scout. She was going to audition everybody in the room for some kind of show she was putting on.

    We all had to lie down and wait to be called for our audition. Eventually I knew I had been called. So I stood up.

    I was naked. I had apparently masturbated and ejaculated all over the blanket. There were pools and pools of the stuff all over. It looked like some kind of meat grease, too, with an orange tint to it.

    I was terribly embarrassed by the condition I was going to have to leave my space in. It was disgusting that everybody would see what I'd done.

    But, then again, I considered that maybe everybody here was required to masturbate. Maybe it was a part of the whole process. I also thought that if any girls walked by my bed they'd be impressed by how much I could make.

    I walked into the narrow room. There were three video monitors embedded in the floor, in the center of the room. The monitors were about the size of a big HDTV. But they were old, conventional boxes, not flat screens.

    The monitors were showing some kind of colorful scenes in a video-style. But, other than the light of the screens, the room was totally dark. The edges of the room were very dark.

    The woman lurked in a corner of the room, off to my right. She may have stepped forth at one point. I kept watching the monitors, though, as if this were a part of my assignment.

    Dream #3

    I was inside a structure like a nice house. But I was at the end of a hallway, and just around a corner from me was an amusement park.

    I could see one of the rides: a rotating column with hydraulic poles coming off of it. At the ends of the hydraulic poles were airplanes. As the airplanes went around in the circle, the people could use hand controls to move the airplanes up or down, out or in.

    This amusement park ride was in some Middle Eastern country which was predominantly muslim. And for some reason, amusement parks were looked upon here as sinful. I saw three girls together, wearing head coverings. I knew they were in deep trouble for being here at all.

    I walked back down the hallway and into the living room of the house. As I did I came to understand that the amusement park would eventually prevail. People in the country would eventually come to accept amusement parks. And the amusement park would eventually grow. But until then, people, especially women, would probably be persecuted for going to the amusement park.

    Dream #4

    It may have been a cold and drizzly night. I had just walked into some diner -- more like a chain restaurant in the "diner" style, like a Denny's or a Perkin's. I walked past a booth-style counter and then past a few rows of booths.

    I walked past a group of late-night diners, men and women, maybe in their early thirties, all kind of beautiful and boisterous. I turned left and sat in a kind of big alcove of tables that had booth-seats on one end and regular seats on the other. I notice two big, empty rooms of booth-tables off behind me and to my right.

    I sat down and opened the menu. The group of late-night diners were maybe five meters off to my left, and I could still hear them talking and joking with each other. I kind of hoped they wouldn't notice me and start trying to annoy me.

    I looked at the menu. Apparently it was only a dessert menu. I got to a page of what looked like malted milkshakes. But instead of being called "shakes" or "malts," they were called something else. There was a picture of a few malted milkshakes surrounded by pies.

    A waitress came up to take my order. But she may also have been talking to me a bit about the desserts. The desserts I'd thought were malted milkshakes were actually something else -- very much like a milkshake, but not quite.

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