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    sketching notes; stretching girl; sharing book

    by , 11-02-2011 at 02:03 PM (374 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was sketching out notes on a piece of notebook paper for some blog entry I was getting ready to write. I had a few odd lines scribbled out, and some scratched out lines. I either wrote down or had already written down the letter "W," and put a circle around it.

    Dream #2

    I was out on some concrete walkway in front of a building like a college dorm. It was daytime. A girl who I probably looked up to and had a crush on was in front of me, doing some stretching exercises.

    The girl had dyed-auburn hair and slightly tan, really smooth skin. She was fit, but not skinny, with full, smooth arms. She wore a pink and blue exercise shirt and grey, tight exercise pants.

    The girl went into a low lunge, with her left leg stretched way back behind her and her right knee tucked under her chest. But then she did some weird kind of twisting motion with her torso so that her left (?) arm was stretched out forward and flat on the ground, and her head was twisted so that the right side of her face rested on her left arm.

    As the girl was doing this, she was telling me how she was thinking of quitting the pilates lessons she was either giving or taking. She was giving me some reasons for this. It may have had to do with money. She was telling me all this as if I were kind of a little kid.

    Dream #3

    I was in an apartment. All the lights were off, except in the bathroom. The bathroom light shone into the otherwise dark living room, where I was sitting.

    I must have walked into the bathroom. There was a woman in there who was somebody like a fast food worker. I was going to ask her for some kind of help. But an Asian guy butted in front of me and started asking for stuff.

    I pushed past the Asian guy, trying to knock him over to let him know I was mad at him just butting in front of me. In the living room there was now a counter, like for a coffee shop. I knew the woman would eventually come back to the counter. So I just sat on the counter, waiting to be helped.

    I was then sitting in something like an elementary school desk. There may have been a book and backpack on the desk. I appeared to be studying.

    The Asian guy walked up to the desk. He took a look at the book I had on the desk. It was some kind of paperback of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. The cover art was of a dragon, with a red and a blue wizard on either side of the dragon, probably in a forest.

    I told the Asian guy that the book was by Arthur C. Clarke, and that the guy could read the book if he wanted. The guy looked a little shocked at my kindness. I told him that he could read any of the books I had. My bookshelf was right in the living room.

    But as I said this, the guy just grunted at me like I was an idiot and walked back into the bathroom.

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