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    Dreams of the Maeniac

    3 old, half remembered dreams.

    by , 08-03-2010 at 08:27 PM (382 Views)
    [B]1. Undated, quite old.[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in some park-like place. An open spot with grass and trees around it. I grab a branch from a tree. With the branch, I am able to swing up and grab hold of another, higher up branch. At the end, I have a branch that swings me around as if I was wearing a pilotable parachute. My old teacher tells me I shouldn't do it, it's too dangerous.
    [B]2. Undated, quite old[/B]; after watching The Dark Knight, I was really fascinated by the Joker, so that's the cause of the Jokerfication of my dreams.
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a big store, they sell DVDs, there's a whole bunch of posters with the Joker on them. People are dressed up as the Joker, too. Want to buy The Dark Knight.
    A little girl aged around 2 to 4 in a pink [URL="http://www.ifocus.dk/nyheder/04-10-07/Reima-T-Pige-flyverdragt-m.jpg"][missing word][/URL] pokes me on the shoulder (How she does this, you ask?) She says, roughly translated "You may" / "You can" / "You're allowed to", something like that. ([I]Du må godt.[/I])
    She points to the exit, she ants me to go somewhere. I follow her to some trees and bushes. There's an army of cats, she wants me to read some little piece of paper on the ground where the cats were. It says something stupid, something starting with G but making no sense.
    I take the girl up on my shoulders and carry her back. Walk the wrong way at first... "Y'know, this is really weird... Because... (Exhausted) I don't... Usually do this"
    Walk back around and find the right way. Meet K on the way, I put the girl down when I get into the store. Felt weird but made me feel sort of proud...
    [B]3. Undated[/B]; again with the Joker...
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a place that looks like a bank from a movie. The color themes are something like dark wood and gold everywhere. First I fistfight some guards or whatever, then I get a shotgun and have an epic shootout "scene" where I kill a few of them. I hide behind a counter while fighting another guy with a shotgun.
    I'm fighting a guy and a lady with katanas. We move up on a table and fight there. The whole thing is very movie-like, and I'm the villain. I cut the lady and grab her from behind, using her as a shield from the guy. The two are lovers. I tell the guy he has to choose between me killing the lady, or him killing us both. He tries to kill us both, but I move out of the way just in time and then we fight on. We move out to the streets, I severely injure him. I try to make him give up by giving him the [URL="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheReasonYouSuckSpeech"]The Reason You Suck[/URL]-speech. At the peak of hopelessness, he turns the situation around by saying something epic that I have forgot, but it seemed to hint that both he and his lover would survive. I laugh it off while laying on a sidewalk, wet ([I]We had jumped into some water below a bridge at one point aswell.[/I]) I tell him I do hope he meets his lover again, I actually have nothing against him. He walks off. I do that weird thing the Joker does with his mouth in The Dark Knight and then I let myself fall asleep on the sidewalk.[/COLOR]

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