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    8 Days, no Video Games

    by , 08-03-2010 at 09:27 PM (534 Views)
    These dreams took place during a trip to norway with my family for 8 days. Turns out that 8 days with no video gaming affects my mind a bit. Another point to mention was that at the time, I was really looking forward to getting an Xbox 360 to get Grand Theft Auto IV and Skate, but mostly GTA IV. In fact, I was obsessed with the idea of the Euphoria engine, I would get extremely restless just thinking about the physics, I felt like I NEEDED to try it out.
    And as an added spice, on a trip like this, being surrounded by family at all times, made it impossible to, err, relieve sexual tension - Which also, it turns out, affects my mind a bit.
    I was 15 years old at the time.

    Also, the following list of games appear in my dreams.
    Team Fortress 2
    Metal Gear Solid
    Splinter Cell
    Crash Bandicoot
    World of Warcraft
    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
    (Madness Combat)

    One last note is that this is actually an old thread that I posted on 07-19-2008, and I've only slightly edited it.

    [B]First Day![/B]
    Extremely interesting!
    I had trouble sleeping, so I didn't remember a thing when I woke up. Intense!

    [B]Second Day! #5[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]So, I'm in [B]Team Fortress 2[/B], I'm a spy, I think I'm on the blue team. I remember backstabbing loads of people, and sapping alot of enemy machines. Then I get into a small dark room. There is a little corner in the end, and alot of windows leading out to darkness.
    Now there are spies in all those windows, but not Team Fortress spies, these are the spies from [B]Splinter Cell[/B] with 3 green glowing goggles. I can see a laser aim coming from their guns, and the only place I can be without them tazing me is in that little corner in the end.
    In the end I backstab them all one by one, can't remember how.[/COLOR]

    At this point, I wake up, in the middle of the night. This is before I got the paper to me, and I didn't want to wake anybody up. So I began making up keywords, such as "Team Fortress 2, Splinter Cell, Spies" to remember it. I have no idea how much I lost.
    Then I fell asleep again;

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a laboratory, but only for a very short time, I head out of a door, and there is a road leading over to a small temple. Sort of Aztec-like temple.
    Theres something about a jeep around the road here. In the temple there is a sliding, metallic door. I go in.
    The temple is apperantly completely hollow, and it is dark in there, a big round light is brightening the middle of the room up. There is a white, old looking car in the middle, and a lady standing besides it.
    I know that I have to go over to her, she wants to have an interview with me. But no, I am actually spying on her, and I fear that something bad may happen if I do. So I walk up some stairs to my right instead. It's a spiral staircase. I get into a bright room with a ventilation system.
    I think I'm [B]Solid Snake[/B] now, because I crawl under a table to get into the ventilation, so I can spy on the lady from the top, but a guy in white/grey camouflage with an AK-47 points at me.
    I decide that I can't do anything, so I just load last saved game and head inside the main door again.
    This time I take the interview, and I am partly successful, however, I think I was also supposed to get a ring or something from her.
    I go back to the spiral staircase, but I head down. Down there, I see a fat guy walking across or towards me, he has a wobbly stomach. (I think much like the guy in [B]Pirates of the Carribean 3[/B])
    I walk up again. I open a door and see a guard, he is a character from [B]Oblivion[/B]. He wears an expensive green shirt and black pants.[/COLOR]
    NOTE: This combination of clothing is what I used for my character.
    (Green Brocade Doublet and Black Wide Pants)
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]This guy was a human race though, while mine was a Khajiit (Cat/human race)
    He also has a huge glowing sword, I think it is the Dawn/Duskfang. He is walking towards me.
    I hide behind the door, I don't want to fight him.
    However, he sees me again. I even see an in combat symbol.
    I kill him, weak memory though.
    Then I head to the top of the temple, on the roof. Now there are two temples, two identical temples with a bridge leading to the other.
    Suddenly, I am using [B]telekinesis[/B] to throw guards away. I remember that I had to put my hand up infront of me, and make it look like I was pinching their body to grab them, then I just had to point with my finger where I wanted them, and if I poked into the air, they would be thrown away.
    I see three [B]anime-like girls[/B] sliding around. They are standing in a row, sliding around like in games when the character's animation is missing.
    One has green hair, and another has purple, I forgot what the last one looked like. I want to see who the purple-haired is, so I want to throw the others away.
    I pick one up and throw her away. Damnit, I accidentaly threw the purple haired one away.
    I load last saved again. Now I am standing at the bottom of a hill, and the temples are on the top, on the hill, theres a girrafe. I think, in the dream that this was probably one of those mods I downloaded which werent working right, because there werent supposed to be girrafes here.
    It's also standing in a wierd way, like it isn't supposed to be standing on a hill because of it's animation. Only it's front legs touch the ground, the back legs are hovering because the ground is not flat beneath it.
    So I pick it up and throw it away, it lands in a lake. I am impressed by the graphics when it suddenly made dynamic waves in the water. I pick it up again, and splash it around a bit, then I throw it away untill it's finally out of sight.
    There are two girrafes, so I pick the other one up aswell and throw it out of sight.
    Then I go up again to the top, I don't remember throwing the 2 girls away, but I remember meeting the purple haired one.
    On the top, her hair is completely purple, and at the ends it gets pink. There is a slight bit of glitter in it. Her facial expression reminds me alot of [URL="http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/3128/shinku27kt.png"]Shinku[/URL] from [B]Rozen Maiden[/B] (Anime)[/COLOR]

    I looked up on [url=http://www.dreammoods.com/]An Online Guide To Dream Interpretation[/url] and looked up her hair color.
    Keep in mind that I didn't even know that colors were symbols for anything in dreams before someone linked to Dreammoods, yet I thought, when I read it on that site, that both purple and pink were fitting to what I felt and how I felt about the girl.

    Pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection, kindness. Being in love or healing through love is also implied with this color.

    Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity. [/B]

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Anyways, so I do something to her hair, it seems like I don't like how it looks, so I smash it up and makes it look all wild, almost punk-like. ([I]I've no idea, I don't like that wild punk style, infact, I think the hair she had before was pretty :C[/I])
    Now I've even managed to take the hair off, and I'm painting it with paint, I mess up big time, since I end up painting the hole where the head fits, so now it's just a ball with a few small holes and hair. I've also managed to paint it so it looks partly like a football. She is sort of angry, and I'm embarrased.[/COLOR]

    [B]Third Day![/B]
    I don't remember anything again.

    [B]Fourth Day! #6[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]So I'm in [B]Team Fortress 2[/B] again, everyone on red is playing Sniper, and I'm playing Spy again. The map is sort of like [URL="http://image.www.gametracker.com/images/maps/160x120/tf2/ctf_2fort.jpg"]ctf_2fort[/URL] but instead of one straight bridge leading over water to the other teams base, it's a bridge that goes to the left and ends in a little hut, and then a bridge going to the right, meeting up with another bridge heading straight to the other base. I'm at the end of it, and there are snipers standing everywhere on it. I backstab one in the hut, but I'm having trouble killing the one on the bridge. He is my nemesis, he keeps killing me, and I'm trying to get revenge. His name was exactly "CorrytE". [/COLOR]([I]Likely to be Korrite from here, DreamViews because of that flaming that happened in the Beyond Dreaming section xD Strange, methinks. I didn't even join the arguing, I just read the threads.[/I])
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]This is also an early dream, so it might have alot missing.[/COLOR]

    [B]Fifth Day! #7[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm watching [B]Pirates of the Carribean[/B], I see Jack Sparrow get up on the deck from the water.
    In the dream, I had forgotten the ending.
    Very unclear and weak memory[/COLOR]

    [B]Sixth Day! #8[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I've taken a train, however I find out it's heading the wrong way. It's heading somewhere called "Mayans". Infront of me theres a young boy. I am sitting in the right side. On the left side, and one seat back, a girl begins to sing [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPw4zyQQi84"]This Broken Soul[/URL]
    I remember hearing the song very clearly.
    I begin singing along without sound, but then she begins to tease me about not knowing the lyrics to the song, however, she calls the song something completely different.[/COLOR]
    [I]Something I just noticed, it fits pretty well to the situation aswell :P [/I]([I][b]I've lost my way[/b] your voice is silent, I need you here, to remind me. [b]Show me now, how to find my home[/b][/I])
    [I]Since I took the wrong train...[/I]
    Suddenly, I am at a hangar, or well, something ship and industrial related. Me, my father and my littlebrother falls into the water. We attempt to crawl up a ladder, my littlebrother falls in again, and my father rescues him. We head into a dark room with a train in the middle.
    I crawl up on the train, there is some plastic bags with bullets in. Suddenly, Madness Combat people come rushing out of the doors. I shoot them with the gun, but there are too many of them. One of them has a katana and is running around to train to get me. The sheriff is there aswell.
    I jump down, now the katana guy is heading directly towards me. I am out of bullets. I run around the train, hit a few people, run abit and then there is the Sheriff, he has a sumbrero on and he has a katana too. I take it from him and cut a few people up.[/COLOR]
    I don't remember if I kill the sheriff or not.

    [B]Seventh Day! #9[/B]
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm playing [B]World of Warcraft[/B] now, I make an Alliance Rogue, because I've gotten the new expansion pack, [B]Wrath of the Lich King[/B]. In my dream, after you have hit level 70 with one character, you can create a level 70 character of the same class as many time as you like, so that's what I did.[/COLOR]
    ([I]In reality, after you beat a quest after level 70, you are able to make a level ~55 Death Knight, that's probably what I confused things with[/I])[B]EDIT:[/B]([I]<- Actually, no, this comment shows that I had the dream before Wrath of the Lich King came out, as I was also grossly mistaken out of dream. Now, however, I know that you can make a Death Knight at any time you want, but you have to sacrifice your old character, and the Death Knight will be at the same level as the old character... <.<...)[/I][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]
    The graphics are extremely improved. There are nice shadows and lightening. I get a free flying mount to get around the city. It's a dark city, and there are Blood Elf guards all over, even though I am alliance. There are also alot of Blood Elf flags. I can't find my way around, so I delete that character again. I make an Undead Rogue instead. He has white hair hanging down infront of one eye. His face, nose and below is hidden by a piece of cloth, it is transperant and has a very bright red color. There are two long pieces of cloth hanging down behind, they are ragdoll when you run.
    He has Gladiator Set 1 (Dark green) On his back there is a big orange-glowing spear. He has another big orange-glowing spear in his hands. I'm impressed that he can hold a 2hand weapon!

    Now I'm in [B]Spyro[/B], in a very bright level with a cream/red/white color theme, I think it's in the sky, since there are clouds below the map. Theres a huge [i] table [/i]([I]I know, what the hell[/I]) looking at me, the sides are made of glass and there are animals inside it. I destroy it, now the animals are just standing in a net.

    Now I'm in [B]Splinter Cell[/B], I'm with someone else, there are two towers close to the Mercenaries base, with data we need to hack ontop. He begins to hack before I do, and then I begin, he's pretty close to getting done while I'm only halfway. I look at the map, the mercenaries have respawned.
    I hope they go to my mate so we can both hack. They do. He gets done hacking before they reach him, and now they are too far away to get to me. Then we go down and fight them.
    Theres one of them who has alot of armor and a mask on. We think it is Metal Gear armor he has on. And we decide that the next 10 bosses are going to have similar masks aswell. I remember the wierd sound that flying mask from [B]Crash Bandicoot[/B] used to say when you got invincibilty gold mask thing. Hoogabookaba![/COLOR]

    [B]Eighth Day! #10[/B]
    The day we are going home
    Alot of details slipped out of this one. This one made no sense at all to me, it seems like my brain decided to make up a huge adventure story.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Anyways, there's a masculine Trailer-to-a-movie-like voice saying something, while I see a little boy getting ready to get on a bus. He looks sad, the weather is grey and rainy. The bus runs over the boy, but the boy ends up in a hollow space underneath the bus. No sense at all. Voice says something like 'everything was normal and sad, every day – untill something happened'
    The view pans around a statue of two tall but fat buildings with a long bridge between them.
    It looks like there's an explosion under it, making it deform, the bridge almost snaps, and the buildings move away from each other. Ther's a large crack in the ground under the statue.
    There are lots of people around it.
    Now we're in a mans home. There's a lady from another world, she's sort of fairy-like, or maybe angel-like. There's something about doors. I can't remember what it is, but it's something only she can do, with doors, and it limits her somehow.
    I think the man is the boy from the beginning.
    Now the man is in a dark building, fighting some shadow.
    He his drawing power from his successful company's energy source. He is the leader of some energy producing company, and the company owns a huge energy producing tower. He uses the energy to beat the shadow.
    Now doors have been locked to the lady, she is angry that she has many restrictions, she thinks she's being used.
    Something now happens that deletes all worlds, sending the lady to the first world ever created, it's also apperantly a backup world. It's pitch black. There's a tree with a face with a slight blue glow around it. Some glowing rocks are floating around the tree. It starts to talk "Let me introduce you to the worlds first and most vulnerable thing; Portals!" a blue portal is formed in front of the tree.[/COLOR]

    That was it, that's a whole crazy lot of Video Game related dreams.
    Even though I said I am video game 'addicted' I don't think it's as bad as it could be, infact I don't even think it's enough to be called 'bad'. Which is why I find it interesting that it has a so big influence on my dreams when I go without them...
    And keep in mind, I was 15 at the time. I don't even play these games any more. All I play now is Touhou and WoW.

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