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    1. Super hero flight

      by , 08-30-2019 at 09:48 PM
      It has been a while since i have lucid dreamed and i am ecstatic that i am bath on the path to lucid dreaming regularly.

      I thank i briefly woke up in my room and remembered a DC from a previous dream, reminding my self that if i saw her again i would be in a dream. I quickly began dreaming and noticed her.

      I am in some sort of industrial ruin, there are concrete pillars running down along side a courtyard type area. the DC i noticed is standing looking at me about to attack me. I realize i am dreaming a perform a RC and then rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. Excited that i am in a dream i decide to fight the DC and try to conjure twin swords. unfortunately all i am able to create is a small pocket knife. we begin fighting and i feel the impact of her kicks on my legs. i am not doing so well in the fight so i decide to ask her how to fly instead. she says like this and superhero flys through the top of a building almost as if she was jumping like the hulk. i pick up on the fact that in order to fly i need to have a point to fly toward. i decide to fly toward the clouds and quickly jump into the sky. the dream starts to get foggy and in between the clouds credit scenes like from a movie. At some point i attempt to land but instead fall at super speeds and when i crash into a city i wake up.
    2. Summer Lucid Comp aug 10

      by , 08-10-2016 at 07:07 PM
      Woke up from a dream in dream. Did nose RC/ and hand RC. Faded a few time but maintained the dream.

      I remember super strength task and smash into the wall in my room. The effect isn't as impressive and I thought.I give up on that and go out side and try to fly. But un fortunately I cant do it too well, only jumping a few hundred feet up. Eventually I get the hang of it and I was flying all over the place (flying).
      Im In in a car going to down the road with AZ (friend), he is upset about something. I switch from the car to a apartment complex and start doing parkour better then real life. I find a little building with a note to LDers (forget what it says tho...
      I'm at church and Meg (Ex) is there with her brother, avoiding me. The singers suck and my mom starts singing with them, but I tell her to stop. This guy insults AZ and I through him across the room and he breaks the door behind him (super strength).
      I find my self on a train/movie scene where I am fighting someone martial arts style. I am able to fly and super strength with ease, but I start to have less controls over what I do, i eventually am woken up by my alarm.
    3. MOON Sex!

      by , 07-24-2016 at 11:05 PM
      I woke up at 3am for a WBTB but had significant trouble falling back to sleep. My iphone app (pillow) shows me awake from 3-7am.

      I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, 300mg b6, and 900mg of st. John's Wort

      Very long lucid dream, tho a little less vivid. My dream faded in and out since I was able to stabilize it a few times from ending. Occasionally I would feel myself in bed but was able to visualize my dream and reenter (DEILD??).

      It started with 3-5 short LDs, all starting in my bed, where I couldn't get my sleep mask off and had limited control of my bodyŚCouldn't open my left eye or move my legs.

      I ended up in my house and lucid. The house I am in isn't my real house, it's just a random house (possibly a combo of all the places I have lived?) though it started as my room. I walk though the house and everyone is trying to talk to me. I know that if I get distracted I will loose lucidity, so I make up an excuse and go outside. I run and try to fly but again I have issues at first. I feel my body and start to focus on the world around me and how real it is.

      I am in a town walking down the street. I pull my phone out and open it. Inside the phone is a photo with a picture of me. I close the photo and it results in another photo of me. I get to a photo with Joey, David, and me. I try to look closely at their faces to see if it is actually them. It looks like it is. I realize that the part of town I am going into has a bunch of cool stuff. I run my hand through a water fountain and think that it would be nice if there was a place where I could swim. I walk around the corner and there is a beach! There are street venders up and down the beach. I remember that I want to eat in a dream so I look for food. I don't have any money so I can't buy any food. I think about taking it but decide not to since I don't want to make the DCs hostile. I look to the ocean and see large waves. I run out to the water and see a DC dive into the water I follow suit but it is just sand now and I land painfully on my head. I start to jump into the water and remember I should be able to breath underwater. I swim under water deep while breathing and then let a wave bring me back. As I get out of the water I imagine a beautiful bikini model behind me and turn around. There she is! I start to make out with her but my dream fades so I stabilize it.

      I am at my house's back yard. I try to fly but it doesn't work. I try climbing to the top of a building and falling off yet it still doesn't work and I slam into the ground. Eventually I try flying Backward and it works well.I am soaring above the ground! I see a girl and she starts to fly with me and we fly up, up, up and land on the moon where we start to have sex . My dream begins to destabilize.

      I am now on the grass with a sex doll...? I get up and go inside the house. Kristen (co-worker) and Gen (sister) are there and I think "I wonder if Kristen has ever been kissed." I kiss her and for some reason it feels like I am kissing a chair. She is shocked when I stop and says "I'm sure you can get some, if you try". I leave and go outside looking at the flowers. They are very vibrant and realistic but my dream has started to destabilize. I sit down and pull the grass between my fingers to stabilize. It works!

      I go inside and walk to the fridge, still remembering to eat while in a dream, I look inside and ask my dad for snacks. He says, "here!" And points to plain yogurt. There is also strawberry sour cream. I grab one of the yogurts but my mom stops me and says, "no! You can't have that!". I put it back and hurry to find something else to eat before I wake up! The dream is getting unstable! I grab a yogurt stick and open it even tho my mom is warning me of something... It explodes in my face and I wake up.

      Longest LD yet and came after extreme inability to sleep.

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    4. First DJ post: Getting punched in the balls

      by , 07-24-2016 at 10:32 PM
      This is my first DJ post and I am planning on only storing my lucid dreams on here, since I have so many non lucids/dream fragments.

      Before this dream I attempted a WBTB WILD unsuccessfully.


      I have a false awakening. I walk over to my computer and turn off music which is playing and lay back down in bed. I begin to visualize a wall and I jump through the wall and all of a sudden I felt my body and my dream body disconnect. I pull my dream body painfully out of my sleeping body. My body feels weird (heavy and slow) at first but it gets progressively easier.

      I look at my phone screen and it actually turns on which it normally doesn't. I walk out of my room and have an idea, I go back to my room and see myself sleeping. This is very bizarre and I decide to leave before I become to excited/freaked out and wake up. I walk to my living room and Maria (my sisters friend) is there. She tries to talk to me but i ignore her because I want to attempt flying! I go outside and levitate a bit but realize that I have a backpack on and that having a backpack is pointless in a LD. I go inside to drop the stuff off (I know Im an idiot lol)

      Maria follows me outside but I continue to ignore her, starting to run I vault over my moms silver van. I start running super speed. Everything slows down as I begin to pass buildings extremely fast. I try flying again, but it doesn't work (I cant stay in the air) I turn around backward and begin to float. Maria says something like "your flying, aren't you happy now?". I ignore her. I start to be able to move my arms and adjust my flight. I get excited. I look over and Ashly F (a girl I made out with at a party once) is floating beside me. I laugh and tell her to come here. She floats over and wraps her legs around me. We are flying fast together now, but I can't see where I am going, since I am on my back. She says look out! But we crash into the ocean. It hurts a bit feels kinda like a stinging sensation... but we start laughing.

      We start to make out and but her BF appears and says "so your the one who stole her away". I say yes and grab her back. He starts to fight with me over her and I am periodically pushed under the water while still making out with her(?). He pushes me off and knees me in the crotch. I am in tons of pain and float there under the water. Nick (close friend) is over me now asking if I am alright. I realize that I am now in my room. I attempt to renter my dream, but It doesn't work. I open my eyes.

      I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, b6 (not sure how much) and 450mg of st. John's Wort,

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