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    1. Super hero flight

      by , 08-30-2019 at 09:48 PM
      It has been a while since i have lucid dreamed and i am ecstatic that i am bath on the path to lucid dreaming regularly.

      I thank i briefly woke up in my room and remembered a DC from a previous dream, reminding my self that if i saw her again i would be in a dream. I quickly began dreaming and noticed her.

      I am in some sort of industrial ruin, there are concrete pillars running down along side a courtyard type area. the DC i noticed is standing looking at me about to attack me. I realize i am dreaming a perform a RC and then rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. Excited that i am in a dream i decide to fight the DC and try to conjure twin swords. unfortunately all i am able to create is a small pocket knife. we begin fighting and i feel the impact of her kicks on my legs. i am not doing so well in the fight so i decide to ask her how to fly instead. she says like this and superhero flys through the top of a building almost as if she was jumping like the hulk. i pick up on the fact that in order to fly i need to have a point to fly toward. i decide to fly toward the clouds and quickly jump into the sky. the dream starts to get foggy and in between the clouds credit scenes like from a movie. At some point i attempt to land but instead fall at super speeds and when i crash into a city i wake up.
    2. Summer Lucid Comp aug 10

      by , 08-10-2016 at 07:07 PM
      Woke up from a dream in dream. Did nose RC/ and hand RC. Faded a few time but maintained the dream.

      I remember super strength task and smash into the wall in my room. The effect isn't as impressive and I thought.I give up on that and go out side and try to fly. But un fortunately I cant do it too well, only jumping a few hundred feet up. Eventually I get the hang of it and I was flying all over the place (flying).
      Im In in a car going to down the road with AZ (friend), he is upset about something. I switch from the car to a apartment complex and start doing parkour better then real life. I find a little building with a note to LDers (forget what it says tho...
      I'm at church and Meg (Ex) is there with her brother, avoiding me. The singers suck and my mom starts singing with them, but I tell her to stop. This guy insults AZ and I through him across the room and he breaks the door behind him (super strength).
      I find my self on a train/movie scene where I am fighting someone martial arts style. I am able to fly and super strength with ease, but I start to have less controls over what I do, i eventually am woken up by my alarm.