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    First DJ post: Getting punched in the balls

    by , 07-24-2016 at 10:32 PM (223 Views)
    This is my first DJ post and I am planning on only storing my lucid dreams on here, since I have so many non lucids/dream fragments.

    Before this dream I attempted a WBTB WILD unsuccessfully.


    I have a false awakening. I walk over to my computer and turn off music which is playing and lay back down in bed. I begin to visualize a wall and I jump through the wall and all of a sudden I felt my body and my dream body disconnect. I pull my dream body painfully out of my sleeping body. My body feels weird (heavy and slow) at first but it gets progressively easier.

    I look at my phone screen and it actually turns on which it normally doesn't. I walk out of my room and have an idea, I go back to my room and see myself sleeping. This is very bizarre and I decide to leave before I become to excited/freaked out and wake up. I walk to my living room and Maria (my sisters friend) is there. She tries to talk to me but i ignore her because I want to attempt flying! I go outside and levitate a bit but realize that I have a backpack on and that having a backpack is pointless in a LD. I go inside to drop the stuff off (I know Im an idiot lol)

    Maria follows me outside but I continue to ignore her, starting to run I vault over my moms silver van. I start running super speed. Everything slows down as I begin to pass buildings extremely fast. I try flying again, but it doesn't work (I cant stay in the air) I turn around backward and begin to float. Maria says something like "your flying, aren't you happy now?". I ignore her. I start to be able to move my arms and adjust my flight. I get excited. I look over and Ashly F (a girl I made out with at a party once) is floating beside me. I laugh and tell her to come here. She floats over and wraps her legs around me. We are flying fast together now, but I can't see where I am going, since I am on my back. She says look out! But we crash into the ocean. It hurts a bit feels kinda like a stinging sensation... but we start laughing.

    We start to make out and but her BF appears and says "so your the one who stole her away". I say yes and grab her back. He starts to fight with me over her and I am periodically pushed under the water while still making out with her(?). He pushes me off and knees me in the crotch. I am in tons of pain and float there under the water. Nick (close friend) is over me now asking if I am alright. I realize that I am now in my room. I attempt to renter my dream, but It doesn't work. I open my eyes.

    I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, b6 (not sure how much) and 450mg of st. John's Wort,

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