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    1. lucidity

      by , 05-30-2018 at 07:09 PM
      last night i dreamnt i had moved into a house out in the country. i was walking along a dirt road looking at cow fields. i started running down to the end of the dirt road and it veered off to the left into the woods behind a house. so i went into the woods and i saw big stone stairs. i walked up them and found giant windchimes up there. i looked over and there was a huge pink stucco house in the woods. i heard people there so i started to run off fearing that i was on private property. as i was running i realized i was dreaming. i started marvelling at the realistic beauty of the dream. all the beautiful vibrant flowers and then i saw a mountainscape ahead of me. the dream started fading out but my conscious awareness remained. i tried to stay in conscious awareness in the blackness of my mind. i then lost it and dont remember anything else.
    2. 2/7/2018 becoming lucid and getting an empowerment from Padmasambhava

      by , 02-07-2018 at 04:44 PM
      the first dream i remember is one in which i became lucid. i dont remember how i became lucid and i dont remember the dream before i became lucid. i was wandering through a parking lot trying to figure out what i should do now that i was lucid.
      i decided to try to meet the buddha Padmasambhava. i started chanting his mantra (om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum) and asking for him to appear. a truck soon pulled up in front of me and stopped. an old man was driving the truck, he didnt look anything like depictions i had seen of padmasambhava but i asked if he was and he said yes. he let me in the truck and we started driving down a highway. we talked a lot. i cant remember a lot of what we talked about. i remember something about him saying that energy come up through the right nostril into the brain and down the spine, while energy comes in the left nostril and goes directly down before it come up to the brain or something. i asked him for a dzogchen empowerment and he put his hand on my head and i went into a state of nonconceptual bliss. he was saying stuff as this went on but i couldnt make out his words. when it was over i asked him what the empowerment granted me (as in what practices i could do now because of it) and he said it was a beginning dzogchen empowerment. after this i just remember getting of the highway and us driving around back alleys in neighborhoods. i remember waking up in the night and being excited about this dream.

      the other dreams i remember were not lucid.

      i remember i went to my local library where there was an old refurbished subway car on display from an old subway system my city tried to start years ago (which was all made up my city never tried to do that). i was looking at the subway car and i went inside. a security guard came up and i asked him where in the city the subway had intended to go to and from, but he said he didnt know. there were little holes in the front that said somthing about north korea on them? i remember telling the security gaurd that years ago my friends brother discovered an abandoned subay station under our city. ( i think this was a rumor i actually heard when i was a little kid) i went to the second level of the library and there was a display of a bunch of canoes of all different colors set up on a fake grass stage thing. a little black dog was running around in them so i got the dogs attention and petted him and looked at his collar. it had a name and phone number on it. i saw a girl walking around the display so i went up to her to ask to use her phone to call the owner but it tunrs out she was the owner. she told me her name was ashlyd or somthing weird like that, and she worked at honda. i went back downstairs and it was a grocery store. me and my wife were now shopping for groceries. i remember looking for coffee, and seeing it one minute but upon closer inspection i could never find bags of coffee. end of dream

      the next dream i remember me, my wife and some other friends were pulling up to a house in one of my friends van. we went inside and i saw a cool painting of a palm tree, but it had a psychedelic style to it with little dots in the background. i said it was cool and one friend goes, yea paige painted that. theres more in heree we can see if she will show them to us.
      all i rmember next was my wife playing with the little kid in the house and me and my friend shane lounging on the couch. and one of my friends forgot ther jacket in the van so she went out to get it.

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