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    by , 05-30-2018 at 07:09 PM (109 Views)
    last night i dreamnt i had moved into a house out in the country. i was walking along a dirt road looking at cow fields. i started running down to the end of the dirt road and it veered off to the left into the woods behind a house. so i went into the woods and i saw big stone stairs. i walked up them and found giant windchimes up there. i looked over and there was a huge pink stucco house in the woods. i heard people there so i started to run off fearing that i was on private property. as i was running i realized i was dreaming. i started marvelling at the realistic beauty of the dream. all the beautiful vibrant flowers and then i saw a mountainscape ahead of me. the dream started fading out but my conscious awareness remained. i tried to stay in conscious awareness in the blackness of my mind. i then lost it and dont remember anything else.

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