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    April 26th, 2009

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:27 AM (244 Views)
    I'm incredbly late for school. My mom offers to drive me and I accept. We go through an urban setting and she makes a stop down a utility road. She's working on some pipes with some other people. I become very frustraed as a green car pulls up. It has 5 people in it, 4 black chicks and a bald white dude. They offer to drive me to school and my mom trusts them to take me. One of the black girls asks me to drive and she will give directions.

    The car handles very weird and I take many e-brake turns. One of the ladies takes over the car and we end up at this house. It has a green tinge to everything. There were may attempts to find a phone. One lead me to an old women playing a wierd video game on the computer. Finally I find a phone. It's interface is very strange and I can't dial it. The man takes the phone from me. He dials the number and rips a parasite slug out of the phone. I yell at him "YOU KILLED HER!" and he replies "I've HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!" He charges me with a knife but I stab him in the lung. DREAM END.

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