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    April 3rd, 2009

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:19 AM (272 Views)
    I'm in a computer store located in Times Square. I'm wearing a light blue flannel and jeans and no shoes. My friend Zach is in the store with me. He's wearing Black Rasta print shoes. I'm trying to get the shoes but whenever I put them on, they disappear so I can't wear them. I walk out of the store wearing slippers.

    Now I'm in front of a light brown cave system with a bunch of people I know. There's large, rodent-like creatures living in the cave. We storm through the cave, killing the creatures in the cave. It's now nightfall and we are outside of another cave. This time armed with torches too, we do the same thing killing them all. After a short victory celebration, we demobilize. There are still few in small camps with torches still burning and people chatting and discussing the cause and why we do what we do. There is also an acrobatics course set up there.

    The sun is rising now. It's early morning and me, Cody s. and Logan w. are walking through a tree tops like suburb. We are talking about something important. Cody splits off the group and me and Logan keep talking. We both split up and I'm walking back to my house. It's a tall, 3 story Victorian. As soon as I get up to the door, someone pulled me in. I'm rushed up to the 3rd floor and learn that there is a zombie-flu spreading about.

    And just like that, the dream changes. I'm looking down at a 9X9 farm square that looks like it's besieged by the zombies. This scene is short lived so I'm going to continue the paragraph onwards. It turns peaceful with many green rolling hills. It turns back into the Victorian again as me and many others are arguing as to if we should plant dynamite in the caves to make a base camp for ourselves so the Zombies wont get in. I vaguely remember us planting charges on the mouth of the caves.

    Next thing I know, I'm in a strange police station. The ceilings are very tall with sloped, quarter pipe like edges. I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for something. I get up abruptly and go into the back. There's one hallway. A way to the left and a way to the right. There's a conference room a little down the left and an exit maybe 100 feet down to the right. I walk 3/4 of the way right and walk into a room. I think it was my friend Brenden in there. I go back out into the reception room. More waiting...waiting...waiting. Finally I go back and he still isn't ready. This time I walk down to the circular conference room. I do a wall run an jump about 20 feet in the air but mess up the landing.

    I walk all the way down to the right. I walk out of the EXIT sign and I'm in a parking lot. I see a convoy of a drug mob driving down and they're going to assault my friend Jordan's house. They take up fortifications as I'm jumping a fence into his yard. I do a mega-jump on his roof and grab a grenade launcher. They fire at me and almost hit me but I fire off two or three shells while jumping off of the roof. they flee and the dream ends.

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