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    Friday, April 17th 2009

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:15 AM (230 Views)
    I work for this weird electronics store. It's a lot like Best Buy, but it just isn't Best Buy. I think I'm a new employee at this store because I always seem to be following someone around and asking them questions. There's a guy who works with me, his name is Mike. Mike seems to be my best friend at the store but he has sporadic outbursts of him just being mean to me. This goes on for the next two days I work there.

    So we close shop now.Instead of closing shop at 11p.m., we close at 1 because Mike says that's when we close NOW. I agree with him and go to my bed in this arcade in the store.

    I wake up and it's a new night. It's already past 11, so me and Mike pal around a bit, running around, throwing things, things of that nature. I'm swinging around on some bars and Mike's talking with another man who looks like a customer. I yell for him but he snaps back at me, meanly. I then just go back to my bed. There's this black girl who I mistake for a girl at my school but it turns out that she's her sister. I ask her to leave so I can sleep and she does.

    Now it's the Third day. We are again closing down shop. I'm walking around the store, doing something. Mike closes at 2a.m and I'm pissed. I confront him and this time, he really goes off on me! I walk out of the store then, strangely though it is Twilight outside, not the bitter darkness of early morning.

    I'm just off store property and I am stopped by a woman running out from the store. She hands me a tupperware container filled with Salvia and money. She reminds me to visit Kate Rhode at her college dorm. I heartily agree and jump in a car that has just pulled up. We drive around town in Bel Air and then we were in the Swiss Alps. We took a cable car towards a building in between two mountains and we got to the college campus. I noticed on the bulletin board a paper called "Runaway Students" and there was one student named Candice and one student named Rhodes. I thought it was funny and moved on towards Kate's room. I got there and knocked on the door. No one came, so I knocked again. Getting mad, i went inside and no one was home. I then woke up.

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