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    Entry 4, April 5th, 2008

    by , 06-04-2011 at 02:14 AM (225 Views)
    'm at my old middle school. I'm walking around the stage becuase I feel like i'm either performing or i'm a guitar tech for someone. I think I may have been a tech for Steve Vai (which is pretty cool). The show is starting, but I was too busy jammin before hand. Steve yells at me to get his gear up on stage, so I scramble to grab amps and stack them onstage.

    As i'm doing this, there are two other people playing, one has a white guitar but I don't know who either of them are. The next trip I make backstage, I disappear and am in the mouth of a cave where a troll in the style of World of Warcraft asks me if I have found his ring yet. His name doesn't come to mind but It began with an "H", I know that. I reply "no" and I'll get it for you later. he storms off into the cave. i decide to follow him. I turn a corner to see a tall Aztec pyramid with two hot baths midway up at either side.

    I climb into one bath only to see one of my friends is in the bath opposite myself. We are relaxing and talking when a very Republican person who dislikes me walks in between us and starts calling us liberals. Then the dream ends as I fall out of the tub to fight him.

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